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Hi it’s, michael elizabeth here from bite marker and the bite marker team. I’d like to say hello and welcome to another review. I hope everyone is very safe and very well today and we & # 39. Ve got an unbelievable amount of wind here today.

Don’t know what it is um, but if you hear anything rattling in the background, then it’s. Just the weather has just took a turn, but in this part of the world, if they say you don’t like the weather, just wait around 20 minutes and the weather will change without the shadow of a doubt.

Um. Now today i have a fantastic offer, especially for anyone new to internet marketing, and now, as you can see, this code here, make 500 a day. The package that we’ve got for you today. This piece of software monster mode is absolutely fantastic.

Um now i do get messages content all the time i get emails and i get messages on um on the youtube channel. If you haven’t joined the youtube channel, join the youtube channel. Now there’s, tons of stuff to help you there and then the messages are often from newbies, saying um.

How do i do this, and how do i do that, and how can i make this amount of money per day and this product monster mode um will definitely definitely put you in a position where you will be amazed at how much money you’Re actually making sometimes um once in a while products, come along like this, that can springboard newbies to a completely different level.

So if you’re, you know if you’re, not making like even as little as a hundred dollars a day, then this can really springboard you towards that before you know it, you’ll, be making about two or Three grand a month when you use systems like this and a product like this, it really is fantastic for newbies to get into the industry and really springboard and learn a great deal and make a great deal of money as well um.

So i’ll, explain what it is. It’s, a series of different uh, fantastic top selling products that are really really going to change the way you do your internet marketing. So there’s. Five different products all together and the first one here is um – is cb money, vine, which is great what cb money vine? Is it’s, a unique one-click software that instantly attaches your affiliate links um into 4 000 plus ready-to-go products with uh zero approval, pending uh all done in about 60 seconds? So if you have an affiliate link, then you get your affiliate link attached to 4 000 products.

Well, the law of averages says that even if one in a thousand sold, you would make four sales a day, so that’s, absolutely fantastic. Four sales a day, even if you’re, only making, say ten dollars a day that doesn’t sound like a lot of money, but this is just one of the five products.

If you’re, making fifty dollars a day from this, that’s phenomenal and you will make about fifteen hundred dollars a month. Just from this one, product, um and being linked to four thousand, is absolutely phenomenal.

The law of averages – and if you even it, was 100, you’d, make great money from this, so that is the first part of monster mode and that is cb money. Vine, okay, the second one, five figure full full throttle.

What a fantastic name that is five figure a day full throttle absolutely amazing. Now, making five figures in a day is a fantastic feeling. I can tell you that personally, once you get over a thousand dollars, you can & # 39.

T believe that you’ve made that amount of money um in a day um. I know we’ve had experiences here where i’ve come in the morning, and while we have been asleep when i click in my open, my computer and we’ve seen wow, we did 1500.

While we were asleep it’s, really quite a fantastic feeling, and i want you to be able to feel exactly the same. I want you to have that experience. It is really fantastic, and what this does it’s, a viral trigger that sends other people’s 97, a day 97 a day commissions and their leads into your account that’s, exactly what it does: 100 legal and 100 on cruise control that’s, five figure a day full throttle um.

Now the third one is siphon reload. Now what this is is in the industry. There’s, various sayings um – and this is an extreme list builder now in the industry. If you’re, a newbie to this, which you possibly are, then there’s.

A saying which is the money is in the list, and i can say from personal experience when you collect people’s, um email addresses and you have a massive email list. It makes a huge, huge difference to your bottom line.

It’s, the bread and butter of your of your business without a shadow of a doubt. So getting a list together is really really one of the pillars of the marketing strategy that you need to make it all work online with your internet marketing and what um siphon reloaded extreme list builder does is exactly that.

It builds you fantastic lists. Um now having a list is so important. It’s, something that you really need to concentrate on. If you are a newbie and every product you sell, you will get people’s details.

You have to have opt-in pages, you have to have the landing pages where people come to look at your product and you collect all of the email addresses and having the right autoresponder to keep. Everything in order is really vital.

So, having an extreme list builder will really really help you in the industry and help you get 100 200, 500, 1, 000, and once you’ve passed a thousand, then you get a 5 000 and 10 000 and you’re on Your way to make your money and that’s.

What siphon reloader will do for you so uh. The fourth offer in this uh monster mode is uh the ig money, trainer ig money, trade is a zero click. Viral income software system and it features unique built-in funnels that produce affiliate commissions fresh, leads and builds you instagram followers.

Now social media is a massive thing nowadays and using likes of facebook, and instagram can really really make a huge difference to your online business um, and this actually promotes all your affiliate products and completely on autopilot to all of these people on instagram and without actually Really promoting them, it just gets things in front of them and what it can do.

It can really really change the way your business moves. You have to pay attention to social media. The likes of tick tock has come along in recent years: um instagram, snapchat and facebook, even the likes of linkedin.

That may be very business oriented, but you can still get sales from them that platform. Social media is really really important and instagram is brilliant. Uh instagram stories and everything that is happening with with their instagram and all the visual aspects of it really will make a difference.

And this will get you into social media and really give you a springboard into using those kind of platforms to make money. Because all of the formulas that you use will work on all of the platforms, so the next one is shop, monopoly 100 commissions collect up to 360 pound purse 360, rather per sale, and now what this is uh shop monopoly is an amazing product um, and it Is virtually an online niche with a valuable tool that is a virtual ecommerce seller and online marketer? For you, it’s, perfect for newbies and pros alike, but shop monopoly offers included, ready-made, done-for-you e-commerce stores for customers, and you can make money almost immediately from this.

It is absolutely fantastic, and so that’s, another great great thing to go in with monster mode. So it’s perfect for newbies, so everyone who is new to this industry, what i’ve done for uh the gift and for the bonuses today is i’ve, put things that will really really help you being a Newbie to in an online marketing now what um monster mode actually does you can set it up in 90 seconds it’s, been beta, tested and proven 24 7 for a 24 7 income and and it’s, free and multita traffic Is built in so what it does for all of these products? If i go back – and i show you all of these products are all five products, what um monster mode actually does it gets traffic to all of these products? For you, which is absolutely fantastic, which is this 100 free multi-tier traffic built in that is the key to this.

You get all of these fantastic um products and you get traffic, sent them by monster mode, and so it’s 100 commissions for you. So you make money yourself from this: it’s, 100 newbie friendly. So there’s, no technical things that would really really freak you out or anything it’s fully hosted it’s all web-based and it’s scalable, and so you can’t just grow And grow and grow and make up 10 grand a month or more than 10 grand a month there’s, nothing stopping you whatsoever, um, and it’s 100 new income system that has never been seen before it’s.

The ultimate work save from home products and give you that internet laptop lifestyle that everyone is searching for, and so it can’t actually do that for you. So don’t, miss out newbies get this today and all of the bonuses and everything as i’ve said um are related to how it can really help.

Newbies, with this, and plus we & # 39, ve got a recommended oto. Now the oto that we recommend is auto number four: it’s, the mms back end commission stuffer. It sends automatic webinars each time you make a sale to make even more profits on total autopilot, so that’s really really helpful to you.

There also the um, the gift and the bonuses for today, and the bonuses for today are uh. Facebook groups unleashed – and this is all in video form, so you get lots of videos all about facebook groups, because there is something that touches on instagram.

But facebook is a really huge platform and you need to take advantage of that with all of these products as well, and the second bonus is ultimate passive income video. So if you’re a bit dubious of how to make a passive income and actually make money, while you’re, not working, then this will actually show you how this can be done.

But you have to go through all the different things to make it happen for yourself and now what i’m going to do. I’m going to get the bonus. I’m, going to show you what the what the sorry i’m, going to get the gift and show you what the gift is cheers.

So this is the gift, for today it’s, affiliate marketing for beginners, and if you’re new to affiliate marketing, this is exactly what you need when everyone starts out in the same position that you could be, and if you’re, a newbie, everyone has been in the position that you’re in, but nowadays we have companies like ourselves and people like me, and other people online, who have gone through all of the things that you’ve gone through.

So this is how we’re able to help you because these people, like us, weren’t around when we started. I sold my first bit of software back in 2004, so that’s a long long time ago, and so this is going to be really really helpful to you.

It’s, affiliate marketing for beginners, and it’s exactly what you need if you are new to affiliate marketing great cheers so now, just a brief synopsis of monster mode and how to make 500. a day um a lot of people Might think that this is completely impossible.

It’s. Not you can’t, make uh 500 or more every single day, um without a shadow of a doubt um. So you & # 39. Ve got five different products here. You’ve got cb money. Vine, you & # 39, ve, got five figure a day, full throttle, and you & # 39.

Ve got siphon reloaded the extreme list builder. You & # 39, ve got ig money tree and you & # 39. Ve got shop, monopoly and um. This will all work perfectly. If you’re on newbie, and if you’re brand new to online marketing or internet marketing, or you’re thinking of getting into it, this is a fantastic springboard to make money for you and otx 90 seconds to Set up it’s fully scalable, so you can sell as many as you want, because you get a hundred percent of all of the commissions and it can give you the laptop lifestyle that you’re looking for.

So if you’re, a newbie don’t, miss out. This could be a great way to get started and get a springboard into internet marketing. We’ve got some great um offers as well, and we & # 39. Ve got some great bonuses.

Monster Mode

We’ve gone uh, we would recommend – or to your number four and today – and we have some great bonuses, which are facebook groups unleashed videos and the ultimate passive income. Videos as the second bonus um, and this could really really really help you without a shadow of a doubt, so that is monster mode um and i think you could make hundreds of dollars a day just taking this on board.

My name is um michael nesbit and the company is bike. Martin, on behalf of dan green, the bike market team, i’d like to say thank you very much for watching another review. Please have a look in the description below and you’ll get the free gift for today it’ll.

Just be there uh your url. We give away a gift with every single review that we do um, so have a look through the other videos there’ll, be some other free gifts there, for you join the youtube channel.

There’s, tons and tons of tutorials to help you with backlinks and keywords all kinds of traffic, and this will be really really helpful, especially if you’re, a newbie click. The notification bell share this on all your social media, and i will be back to speak to you very soon, michael nelson, from bite, modern, the bank monitor team, take care and stay safe out there thanks very much indeed cheers bye, bye now,

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