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Hi this is Michael Nesmith from the bite-mark, my team. I hope everyone is very very well today. Today I’m gonna be talking about click and Bank and why we have gone on the direction that we actually have with click and Bank and because click and Bank is a web-based product and we are moving away from everything to do with.

WordPress and I’m, going to tell you all the reasons for that today, we will still obviously support all of the WordPress things that we have done over the years and, of course, we will obviously do that for people and what there & # 39, s have some very, very important reasons why we have moved away and why we have developed click and Bank, and I’m sure that it will be very, very relevant to many people who use WordPress at this moment same who have doubtless had Exactly the same issues that we have had as a business and we feel it’s for the benefit of our customers and because we want to provide the best service that we actually can provide, and so let’s crack into it.

This is clicking Bank, which is a fantastic product. What it does it gives you an affiliate sites fall all of the click and Bank niches, so all 23 niches, you will get a site, you will get bonuses, you will get videos and you will get daily content and all the do with every single niche.

So if you’re under something like health and fitness, you click the health and fitness, and there’ll, be a number of sites already within there and all you have to do what I will show you. It’s. Very very simple and straightforward: we got a fantastic demo today as well, and I will go on the various different design features that this product actually can offer you so click and Bank and 100 % automated completely hosted for you.

So there’s, no hosting costs like you would have with WordPress, and what the fantastic thing was clicking Bank is. You can use your own domain, so this is obviously been a problem for a few people. I’ve.

Had a few emails from people saying: oh, I like that product, but I want to be able to use my own domain and kind of use. My own domain and some products you actually can’t was picking Bank. You can use your own domain, so it’s very, very similar to using air to using WordPress.

In fact, I would suggest people move away from WordPress and use click and Bank because you will at the benefit, would be monetized automatically for you. So you can do all the things that you would do with em WordPress boat clicking Bank is monetized using Clickbank anisha’s and products.

So there’s, no hosting costs for you. It’s completely monetized, all 23 niches. In click and Bank are covered, and this will continue constantly. I’m content, continually putting up information for you there, so you have constant daily content right across all of the niches within that.

So you got websites, video content and de bonuses and it’s, a hundred percent customizable for you. So you can change it. If you don’t like some of the content, you think. Oh, I’ve, got better, say health and fitness content than that one.

I quite like that products, but I & # 39. Ll use my own content. You put that in yourself putting your own images, your own videos, if you want to do that, if you don’t, it’s very simple, and it’s all set and ready to go and for you to rinse And repeat this and make money from it? It’s very, very straightforward and simple to use, so you can stop time doing all of the hard work.

If you’re a newbie to this, you’ve, come along at the right time. This is perfect for any newbies and anyone who isn’t that technical and so don’t waste hours creating and designing websites you don’t have to do that.

This will do this for you and there’s no more to ever, create any content of this will spin content for you as well. There’s, no more appear for ads and traffic from Google, because Google will run this because of the daily content as well.

No more wasting hours and hours of time getting results that you don’t deserve. This will definitely get your results, because Clickbank is one of the best affiliate sites out there on the market and there’s, no need to have any technical, fantastic prowess or any fantastic genius marketing skills.

This will all do it for you, and so there’s, no more struggling trying to get worked out work out, because this will make your money online and there’s. No more heart used software. You know if you have to overload things and it gets very complicated.

Clicking Bank has everything it’s, easy and simple, and it’s a web-based platform. So it’s very simple and easy for you to use, and this is how simple it is. It is so straightforward. You pick a niche, so this is obviously the Clickbank and you click menu of all the different niches.

You pick the niche, but you want that. You like that, want to make money in. You can pick them all if you want, but you can pick a niche, then you stick in your M, your affiliate link and now you can join Clickbank.

If you not worry, remember completely free of charge, there’s no need to be approved, so you can join, stick in your affiliate link and then you click create website, and it will create a website in that niche.

For you, which will have video reviews, content and bonuses linked to that product, so you can make money straight away from this, so that’s, it in a nutshell. Now why did we actually develop this and the reason we have developed? This is because WordPress was becoming more difficult to work with for everyone involved.

It was causing those constant issues, constant problems and causing customers really big problems, and the only solution was for us to go web-based with something that people can customize themselves.

That is already monetized that they are familiar with the look of and that they would want to be able to use. So that is why we developed click and Bank. It’s to help customers and get everything that they need now.

The other main issues that we had and still obviously people will still have with WordPress, is some very, very serious problems in issues that we have and we have people that there’s, lots of bad developers releasing bad plugins out there, which don’t work which give us real real headaches when people download these, because the software that we & # 39, ve sort of someone won’t work with our bad plug-in that has been developed, and this was major issues because people think it’s, our software and it isn’t and it was causing issues and conflicts which we didn’t actually want, and the WordPress updates were causing more problems than they were worth.

They didn’t come early enough, they were taking too long and when they did come, they they weren & # 39. T working lately should different server setups, causing problems, because everyone has a completely different setup.

So it’s. Difficult to know which plugins are gonna work for them and which plugins are actually gonna gonna solve the problems that they have, because we don’t know what people setups are and it’s difficult to keep up to Speed with all the changes every few months that word press would have, and that was causing really really big problems for us and most important.

This is the very big thing and it wasn’t secure and it was getting hacked and we can’t have anything that we do, because we do so much software and we promote so much software and we have so much up Online and we have pea power and various other very sort of revenue systems linked to things we can’t get hacked.

It is a real, real major problem for us, so it’s, a major problem for us. It was going to be a major problem for customers as well, and – and this was this was a huge issue and it’s, something that people really need to be aware of.

I think WordPress only deals with about 30 % of all the websites worldwide and which you know is probably about 75 million or so. But – and you need to be aware that you have to keep up-to-date with things – and this is just a constant – and you know I myself out doing about 160 videos on various products in the last six months, and so it’s.

A massive amount of work to keep on top of so we needed a solution, which is why we developed clickin Bank to move away from what was becoming a real problem for us. We had to put our customers and needs at the forefront of what we do and as a business who you had to make it better for us and better for you as customers.

So that was the main reason why we’re moving away because they’re just constantly becoming too many issues that couldn’t be solved with with WordPress, and so this is kicking bank, and this is what it looks Like you & # 39, ll be very familiar with this, and it’s very, very simple to use and you’ve got embedded videos and you can easy embed videos any any kind of text and images anything you want.

Applause, its monetized with Clickbank and as you can see here, this is the dashboard and if you click create post, it would basically bring up a blog post. You create it click there, but what I will do is I will go in and actually show you.

I think I had this autumn just before if you bear with me one second, I hope this all there we go and you had just been on it, and so this is what I’m. Taking about actually looks like I will still get down and do a demo for you, but this is exactly what it looks like.

So you’ll, be very familiar if you use WordPress, because obviously the dashboards on the side it’s. Very straightforward and this post, so there’s, tons and tons of post like Oh, I think, the traffic.

On the first day we had about a hundred ninety-eight thousand two hundred, fifty thousand actual posts put up there on the first on the first deer. So we did get look at traffic with that, so if we click create post, this is how simple it all.

Actually is you sticking a title sitting the time you want things to go alive? I didn’t, see all the different design features here. So if say, I want to put a video in here and how straightforward would that be if I click embed a video that’s, where you put the URL, so I’m sure I’ve got I’ll, probably just watching something to do with cars.

I would think on a on YouTube cuz. I have a big car, fine, typical guy. Here we go there. Richard Hammond does all round around the world by right, so that’d, be the URL there. So we’re just copy and paste that URL.

So we’ll copy that, and I’ll. Stick this in! In here, and that should say that, so there you go straight away, it’s, so simple to embed a video. If you want to embed an image as well, if I click here and I go into and I’ll have some images within within here here we go.

I’ll, just click that image there, so they have just embedded that image there as well, which is an image that I’m. Using on the presentation I’m doing now, so that’s. How straightforward and simple it is to embed videos and images it’s just so easy to use.

As you can see down the side here, you’ve, got a content, spinning content, sourcing reviews and everything that you would possibly need. Pages layout configuration live, you & # 39, ve, got support, settings, dashboard bonuses and absolutely everything that you possibly you, but I will get down to do a full, in-depth review which will be about 10 minutes long, but it is totally worth watching because this software, I Would say it’s, probably the best piece of software that we affair.

We’ve ever created, and it is really really fantastic. So now, as you’ve, just seen that’s, how straightforward and simple it is to use! It is really really easy, and once you put things up, this is what I’ve, just done.

Products I Have Purchases

If you put something in, then you’ll, actually see you can put the day at the time that you want things to go alive and then the feed sauce. What Dan will show you how to do things like that within the demo as well, and so you can use click and bank just like WordPress, which is great for you, and you create your own post visual editor.

There’s. Lots of themes, lots of, does I mean options and – and you can use your own to me and that’s – a really really important thing. If you, obviously you’ve been using WordPress for a while. You need something you can use.

You on-demand with that, if you want to and of course, its automated monetizable Clickbank reviews and there’s, no hosting costs, if you don & # 39, t want to have them, and that’s great. The other great thing that you can do, which you’ll, get your scarcity in the demo.

Is, you can add, banner ads and opt-in forms wherever you want. So if you want to have a banner ad at the top – and you can have that at the top you have at the bottom and on the sides, you can have an opt-in form.

If you want one to get people to opt-in and fall for what you’re, actually offering there’s, lots and lots of great design features and the great thing about it. Is it’s? Really quick and it’s, really really easy to use and and that’s for newbies in particular.

I do get quite a lot of messages and I get quite a lot of emails from newbies who get a bit lost with various things or kind of do this kind of do that and people. You know, although the training videos are there for people and all that all the trading boards are there, people technical or you know the start watching and they don’t watch.

It watch all the training. The training is really really helpful, but this for newbies is so straightforward and so simple it’s. Probably the easiest thing, but you’ll ever get to use. So there’s, no manual work needed it’s, the simplest software you’ll ever ever use.

If you’re a newbie and it is really really brilliant. It’s been built with people like that in mind, as well as everyone else, and so the other great thing, as I have touched on, is all 23 top performing niches.

You get websites, videos, bonuses and content and tons and tons of content, and it’s all totally customized. Well, as I said you can put in your own content, if you wish – and you can have that spun every single day, and it will work really quickly and really well for you and it will obviously rank because it’s.

All going to be original stuff, like you’re posting constantly. This will help you rank much much higher with Google as well. So let’s. Click and Bank 100 % automated affiliate sites really simple, really easy.

What I’ll do now is, and I’ll, get that to do the demo for you now and then I will go into the gift that we & # 39. Ve got for you for today and and other bonuses that you will get and then I’ll do a quick synopsis, so I get down to do that great demo, for you did make sure you watch this demo.

It is absolutely fantastic: Cheers, hey guys down here and welcome to the full technical demo of Quicken Bank. Now what you’re gonna see here is what will be your actual user experience there’ll, be no BS.

This is exactly what you will see and what experience you will have as soon as you purchase. So the first thing you need to do is you login to the software here you login to click and monk, so we just click the login and then as a brand new user.

The first thing you get is you get the process to set up your website and, of course this is really incredibly simple. Ok, so the first thing I’m going to do – is I’m, going to give my site a name, so I’m, going to call it my example fitness site, and we need to give it a subdomain name.

As well so this is just basically the address that you’re, going to use to access the access the site. You can use your own domain as well. If you want, I & # 39, ll show you how to do that in a sec. But when you’re just first thing at the site, you do the research so the main name, so it’s going to be my example site and we also enter our pick bank ID.

So it would be my bank ID whatever yours is, and then we select the niche and this one’s, a fitness. So we’re going to health and fitness. Then we create the website and that’s, it. That is literally it.

You are now done. As you can see, the site is now being created for you, we & # 39, ve got 49 posts, we & # 39, ve got five reviews now. One of the first things you might want to do is just check out the different content that’s been sourced for you, so you can see what the default content sources are.

So for this niche, the ones that we’ve set by default, for you – are these five different ones related to these to this niche, but delete any of those. So, for example, if I decided I didn’t want this one here.

I could delete that and you can also add your own ones in so you can add literally any any basically any website most websites have an RSS feed, so any website that’s got an RSS feed. You can add it in here as a content source, so you & # 39.

Ve got basically unlimited options, so yeah sure. If you want to get started really quick, you can use our default ones, but if you want to use your own, so you can have this work about any topic in any niche whatsoever.

You can do that. So let’s. Just have a look at the post that it’s created for us, so you can see them all here, so these are post thirds already it’s already posted and these ones are all scheduled. You can see that they’re all relevant to the Miche.

We’ve chosen and you can see that you can go in and edit them at any point. So you can go in. You can see that all of the information about them that this is all fully fully editable and you could change the title.

You can change when it goes live and you can see where it & # 39. S been sourced from if we go back to posts here, you can also, if you want to delete some, so perhaps it didn’t like this one I didn’t want this one to be posted.

I could just select and delete it. Perhaps I didn’t. Maybe I want to delete all of these. I can I can do that. You know how to do I want just like you can also create your own posts. So if you click here, you can create your own one completely with a full visual editor images: videos, whatever you want it’s kind of like having you know, basically, your own completely done-for-you wordpress site.

Something like that. Now, of course, another thing that it does provide for you are reviews, and you can see that this is the review, that’s, been good, speeding generated for us and posted for us already.

You can also see that we & # 39. Ve got four that are scheduled to come up in the future and, as we mentioned as new Clickbank products are added to your me, that is in your niche. We will do new reviews for you and you will see them pop up in here on a regular basis.

So again, these are all completely fully editable. If you want to, you can go in edit any of this. You can change the time it goes live. You can change the title. You can change all of the text. You can just leave it the same.

You can. Maybe you don’t like to look at this one. Maybe you don’t think that a vegan what you don’t have this vegan one. You could delete that so it wouldn’t, be posted again huge, huge, huge amount of control.

We can. You can also add ads and opt-ins here. So, if you want to add some different banner ads or your opt-in form to your site, you can do that with this interface here. So I’ll. Just show you an example of how that would work.

So, for example, if you wanted to add a image link, this is at 1. I’ve already got saved, so we & # 39. Ll. Add this image in here and we’ll. Send it to this. Is the new address the affiliate link for it and we all send it to the sidebar and we’ll save settings and I’ll just make that live so just forgot to do that.

I can also add an opt-in form. If I want so, if I click there, so I’ll, just copy and paste in some code from my autoresponder there, so that’s, all we need to do and we’ll choose where we wanted to be.

I’ll to use it in the sidebar and click. Save Settings. Oh forgot again forgot to make that live just make that live there. So there we go it’s simple, as that you are as many banner ads or as opt-in forms as you want.

You can put them wherever you want on the site, something else I’ll just point out. We can also add different pages to your site, so maybe you wanted to add. I don’t know a contact page contact. We just put a slug in here for that and then you could have all your contact info or whatever you want.

It’s, a completely visual editor, so you can put in images videos whatever you want. You can correct unlimited pages, so yeah you & # 39. Ve, got full game full control over this. You’ll, see, hopefully how this works in a bit once we want to preview the site live and just talking you through all the different things that you can do.

First, something else that you should want to have a look at is all the little design options, so you might, for example, want to add a logo, so we make that really simple for you, so all you need to do.

Is you just enter the URL of your logo so event the dot in there and well tell you what let’s, just save this and have a look, how it looks to begin by default. So if you just have a look, a few life and there we go look at that.

How amazing is that, literally with you? Well, how long have I been on this video and remember this is for me talking through all the different features, given lots of explanations with even just a few seconds I’ve created a full site planner, our opt-in form loads of great content, Clickbank Reviews all these posts all designed and created for me original content.

It’s, really really fantastic. But if I just head back to the site settings here, I just want to give you some sort of idea about how much power you & # 39. Ve got about to redesign this if you want so we & # 39.

Ve got various themes here. So let’s. I’ll. Try that retro we’re on and in perhaps instead of having all these posts one underneath each other I might decide to have I don’t know let’s. Try this one one.

First. First, then two grids. So, okay, let’s, just just change those and have a look at it. I mean there’s, loads and loads and loads of different design options as fonts those colors loads of different things, but just could be show you how quickly you can change things.

So we & # 39, ve changed it just like that, and you can see here that we’ve, got the posts being displayed in a different way and we could go back, maybe just make it one large. Maybe what I wanted to make it look more like a blog, so I could hit this option here to show the entire content I & # 39.

Ll show you what that looks like. Oh, maybe it will change the color as well, and I’ll. Try this color here and maybe maybe this blue. Maybe this one here, okay and I’m – save settings. I mean that’s, probably gonna look awful, but just to give you some sort of idea there we go it’s as quick.

This up. You can literally change your site to have it, looking exactly how you want it. So many powerful options, so many and I mean we haven’t even scratched the surface here. This is just literally showing you just a tiny fraction of the power of click and Bank.

One thing one thing I did mention: that is that I want you, could do your own. You could use your own domain. Yes, you can it’s as simple as copying and pasting one of these two different code, snippets you can choose which one you want to use.

You just paste it in the location. You want, sir, on your domain. Fung, the entire site is well. This this whole thing that you just correct, it will be then be hosted on your own domain, so you can do that too.

I’m, just a man, and finally, just imagine. If I don’t know, say you created this Fitness site and decided that you didn’t want to be in that Missha anymore. They wanted to try something else. How simple? How easy is it to change over and try a different one? I’ll.

Show you it’s, as literally as simple as going in thinking I’ll, try business and investing instead change my site, title change the sub. So we get a different different address to access it, and then we just click, Save Settings and boom.

Just like that, our entire site is gonna, be regenerated with different posts from the business and investing niche, really ultra ultra smart ultra easy to use ultra powerful. That’s. What Clickbank all about – and I just know you & – # 39 re gonna love it so the gift that we’ve got for you today is a great gift.

It’s, a series of videos and it’s. All about Clickbank marketing secrets, I figured with em, obviously click and Bank being a product that is linked directly to all 23 niches building. You everything you’d ever need with Clickbank.

It’s good, to know some of the marketing secrets. So there’s, a series of videos and that you’ll, get in the free gift. The free gift is something we give away every single video that we do every single problem, all that we put up online.

You get a free gift; it will be in the description below if you’re watching this on youtube, so so go to youtube. How about in description below be a URL click that – and this will give you the fantastic gift for today, Cheers so now a synopsis of a click and bank and and why we built it and Clickbank is a fantastic 100 %.

Automated Clickbank affiliate site builder. It’s, absolutely brilliant. It will monetize. Everything like you do. Everything is in there already done for you. If you renew be watching this, it’s. Absolutely fantastic! Plus you got a commercial license with this, so you can make more money.

It gives you the ability to actually make more money with this, and you could use this instead of instead of WordPress, which is why we built it. It’s web-based and you can use your own domain and there’s.

No hosting costs for you, it’s monetized. It uses all 23 niches and gives you websites, videos, content bonuses for all 23 niches within Clickbank. It’s, 100 % customizable start with some time doing.

All the hardware yourself will do absolutely everything for you works in three easy steps and Clickbank is free to join there’s, no being approved or anything and also um WordPress was causing us tons in terms of issues.

Issues for air for customers, issues for all of our clients and issues for ourselves. So we have moved on. We will still support all the WordPress things out with her in the past and and we didn’t want anyone getting hacked.

We didn’t want to get hacked, which does happen quite easily because of all the updates I have you have to keep on top of with with WordPress and so in. The forefront of our mind was doing the best thing for our customers and doing the best things and for our business and it’s very, very simple: to use click and bank.

You basically create posts. You can use all the different design features that are in there and it monetizes everything with Clickbank it’s, absolutely fantastic. There’s. Tons of themes turns in terms of design options.

There’s literally hundreds of videos. That’s literally hundreds of bonuses. There’s, literally hundreds of content for you there it is absolutely fantastic. It is, as we say here in the UK, it’s, the full monty and you can put in banner ads.

You can put in options as you to saw in dance, fantastic demo there and lots and lots of different divine design features. It’s. A simpler software, you’ll, ever come across all 23 niches, all completely covered with websites.

You basically say create websites in the particular niche you know, will create a website in that niche with videos, bonuses, content, everything for you and you got a commercial license to make even more money.

With this click and bank it’s, absolutely fantastic. Thanks again for watching another software review, I really do appreciate it. I will be back very shortly with more for you. I’m sure and please get your free gift, which is in the description below, which is a series of videos all to help.

You with the secret marketing aspects of Clickbank, which would be very, very useful to everyone who uses Clickbank and I will get clicking Bank and this will be a fantastic way for you to make money, absolutely sure um.

So please like subscribe, get notification pal, and I will be back with you very very soon, my unless we’re from bite mark on behalf of dan green and the bite mark and a team. I would like to say thank you very much for watching another video.

Please stay safe out there. Everyone look after themselves and I will be back with you very soon. Thanks again take care bye, bye now,

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