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Hey, how’s it going with David Sean Sanchez here? If you planned about this video, it’s, because you’re, looking for more information about the service known as backlinks indexer. So what are backlinks backlinks are simply an incoming hyperlink from one web page to another website, okay, so to keep it in simple terms.

If, if I were to post a URL on my Facebook page and and that directed my audience, that’s, what led to a Twitter post or it’s. Well, you know just like my website, for instance, that’s. A backlink, okay, I hope you guys get that now.

What do back when do for you backlinks, allow you to rank on the search engines, a lot faster, okay and quicker. So if you want to rank on page one of Google for a certain keyword, then you know you need backlinks and it’s.

The same thing for YouTube: videos, okay and it keep in mind that it’s, a lot easier to rank a YouTube video on the first page for that keyword than it is to actually rank a website or a blog post. So keep that in mind for those of you that you know plan on doing that sort of thing.

Now let’s, go ahead and get into it. I’m gonna go ahead and uh before we actually get started. I wanted to show you something so here’s, an example. You see I’m signed out of my Google look. My google gmail account because um you’re, not going to get accurate results.

If I was signed in so I signed out – and you can see here – that I’ve – ranked number 1 for this keyword – elite Marketing Pro – which is a fully a program that I’m – a number of okay. So you see here boom right under the beat this ad okay, I don’t have to pay for ads, because you know I’m able to rank number one by creating backlinks and other methods.

So let me go ahead and scroll down here. I’ve also recently created another video which I’m. Currently one book page, one, okay – and this is this – is gonna continue to move up. So with that in mind, think about how much traffic – and you know how many eyes you can eyeball, so you’re getting on your opportunity.

Okay, when it comes to um driving for free traffic and building your list generating leads – and you know sending people to your web page of your blog post, alright great treating the call to action that’s.

Gon na get people engaged, and you know when it comes to branding. This is one of the best ways to do so. Okay, now let me go ahead and visit backlinks indexer calm, because that’s. Why you’re here? Okay and I’m gonna show you exactly how this works and what it can do for you.

So you visit this site and you’re gonna is gonna. Take you to a page that looks exactly like this. As you can see, I’m already signed in okay, David Sanchez. They also come with a free wordpress plugin, which is awesome, so make your backlinks 100 times more powerful and rank higher in Google, which we just discuss.

Okay, so we rank on page 1 for all of our tracking keywords, because we are indexed and boosted okay, and that makes your backlinks 100 percent your times more powerful. Now you want your backlinks to be good to get indexed, otherwise they’re.

Pretty much worthless and I’m going to go too much into this. Is gonna show you exactly how this works and why you should get it so you and you can see that I’ve, been they’ve, been able to rank on page one for uh for a few keywords now backlinks indexer Is a cloud-based system which allows you to still be unsure in your URLs for the most powerful indexing and boosting available, so, for example, if I want me to rank this video, let me go ahead and YouTube and give me a keyword here.

Let me see: let’s, go type in myleadsystempro, okay, my lead system pro and, for example, let’s say I just created this video here’s, Michelle festival cielito. If let’s say she just created this video, and I wanted to get it ranked number one for this keyword myleadsystempro.

She would need backlinks. So after creating her video, she would simply go ahead. Upload her YouTube video and immediately grab this URL head over to a backlink indexer, where she can simply put this URL into the software and it’s.

Gon na create thousands and thousands of backlinks for her, and you can see here that the UH one of the ways they do this is by you know, boosting your URL to tweeting your you are. You are out on Twitter, which is one of the most powerful ways to get your videos ranked okay, social media backlinks are the most powerful backlinks out there right now.

Okay, what are you doing? Is it’s, telling Google and YouTube that you know people are interacting with your with your content and that it’s relevant, so they’re gonna boost it up there, because that’s. Advanced Plan

What people want to see alright, so that pretty much explains that I’m gonna go ahead and login or head over to the dashboard, so you guys can see exactly how this works. Okay, so you can see here this month’s.

Report multiprocessing. I’m able to process seventy-five 7500 winks okay in a month, so here’s, the daily processing, so I can grab 250 links right now. You know for your YouTube videos and just simply and go ahead and copy that into here.

Look out. Look how easy easy! This is so add your links, one per line: it’s that simple. If you had more, you can just simply press ENTER, and you know put that in one more time it’s like that alright and submit boom, and you’re done that’s.

How easy it is! How simple is that? Okay, and there is another software which I would highly recommend you get that in some integrates with backwards indexer. So you have everything under one platform.

So when you create a video, you’re gonna be able to send it up some multiple social media sites, and then it also creates multiple variations of that URL. So it says this is the same video, but it’s. A different URL, which is also gonna help, you increase your rankings, so I I’m, pretty sure I & # 39.

Ve lost you at this point, but if you want more information about how you can boost and rank your your blog post, your website’s. Your YouTube videos – I’m gonna leave a link to another YouTube video, which I just created, that’s.

Gon na explain everything in more detail and how you can get access to that information. Okay, if you guys got value out of this video, please go ahead and like comment and subscribe, it & # 39. Ll mean the world to me, and I will see you guys in the next one.

Okay, take care,

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