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Hey: hey: hey: what’s up? This is jonas. In this video i’m, going to be reviewing doodle maker. So what you can expect from this video is an in-depth review of doodle mega. We’ll. Have a look at the pre-made templates that you can use for local businesses if you want to sell as an agency to local businesses, i & # 39.

Ll also show you example of the instant voice, overs that comes with google maker, because that is a huge selling point. Many doodle mega apps don’t. Have this, so we & # 39. Ll have a look at it. We’ll.

Also compare to dudley the number one as of right now: dual creation software, how it compares to doodle mega i’ll, show you detailed informations on the upgrades we & # 39. Ll have a look at the pros and cons and if you do decide to get doodle mega for yourself, i’ll have over 21 huge bonuses.

You can get completely free. If i find any discount codes, i will leave them on this page and you can check out everything you need to know, including the informations on the upgrades, the pros and cons, the conclusion and everything you need to know.

The link will be in the video description. So let’s, get into the app, and let me show you how to create a doodle video, so i played around with it a little bit um. What you see here is the dashboard it’s, not a software.

It’s, a cloud-based app, which means that you don’t need to install anything, and that can be good. That could be bad. You know, depending on what you prefer, so what you have once you log in is you have your home? You have your project, you have your white label option if you upgrade it to this tuned.

Video is another upgrade client engine is another upgrade there’s. Also, some training right here to show you how to use the software if you need to, but from my experience with playing around with it, it has been quite easy and and intuitive to use.

So you most likely don’t need the training. So if you want to create a new video, you just click here on create project and there’s. Three ways to create a video: you can use the ready-made template. This is mostly if you are selling videos to local businesses.

As an agency, you can also start from scratch, or you can use this ai video translation engine. Now this ai video translation engine to me it’s, not really that exciting, because all it does is that it just takes your audio from a video transcribes it and translate it into any language that you want.

It works, but it’s, not that exciting to me. So what i want to show you is just the ready-made templates and starting from scratch. So let’s just first of all. Click on this one with the ready-made templates.

This is is, if you are an agency, if you have clients, if you want to sell these videos, because you do get a commercial license when you get the front end of door omega. So that means you can sell videos like this to companies like alarm, installation, bakery bankruptcy, lawyers, car dealers, business services and all the templates that you see here are specifically made for local businesses to switch things up.

Um, just so you know, you know there’s. Other options out there. Dooley is the most popular one and um the price, for this is 69 a month, and i say this is more advanced. This has been uh in the market for over one year, so it has more premium features such as camera panning.

You know you can import your own images and have them sketch out really professionally. So the dudley one looks really good, but it also is really expensive. 69, a month plus that that’s just with the whiteboard videos, and if you want color and if you want additional assets, then you’ll have to pay more for that.

So mega is perfect if you just want to start out making dual videos and if you don & # 39, t want to spend too much money because you can get started with doodle mega for as low as just 47 or 67 dollars.

One time, depending on the plan that you choose so yes, you can choose any template here. Let me just preview one of them: let’s, go with maybe the construction contractor. So there’s, a female voice and there’s, a male voice, let’s; click on the male voice.

Doodle Maker Enterprise

What’s? The preview? Do you have a large construction project and need to hire a construction contractor? If so, you’ve come to the right place, so basically, these templates have a professionally done voice over already ready to use and that’s good.

If you want to sell videos for a specific niche, then all you would have to do is just click on choose, and all you need to do is just go here to the last slide and you change the phone number to your client.

If the client have a logo, you put the logo here that’s. What you call a watermark, you drop your file here and the logo will appear on all the slides of this project. Of course, if you want to change the font, if you want to add something you can do that very easily here, so hope that makes sense that’s, how you simply get a client and then customize these ready-made templates to fit your client.

So you can sell it really easily, so that’s, a super easy way to make money as an agency i don’t need to explain more of this because it’s very self-explanatory. What i want to show you here is starting from scratch, because maybe you want to build a youtube channel, maybe you want to make very customizable videos for whatever you want to do.

Maybe you are a marketer. You want to sell a product. You want to use. Doodle, videos – and maybe you want to create a sales page whatever it is. This is going to be the meat and the potatoes of this product.

So in this video i want to test it. I want to show you how i use it. I want you with me: i want you to see how we can create this and let’s, see if we can break it. Let’s, see if we can find any box okay.

So i’m, creating a new project. Now let’s, call it doodle mega review and when you create a new project, if you already have a script, that’s perfect, you can simply type in your script and you can add slides and for every slide.

You can add a little bit of text, not too much so for this one. Let’s, say um. So what can doodle maker do? Okay and then text to speech to make voice was very simple and affordable. Let’s. Add another slide and say: choose between whiteboard blackboard and glass board: videos, okay, so this is obviously just for demonstration purposes.

Whenever you start a new project, you can choose. If you want a whiteboard video, a blackboard, a glass custom, color or whatever it is, let’s, go with the whiteboard icon type, meaning the color of the video.

Let’s. Just choose black, and here you can choose a hand. So let me pick this one, then i’m, going to click on save and let’s just see what we got here right off the bat. So what doodle mega does is that it looks at your text so for this one.

What can doodle mega do? It looks at your text and it sees if there’s, any relevant icons that matches this text. Okay. So for the first text there’s, no relevant icons. Here, let’s. Click on number. Two okay, so for this one, as you can see, text voice and affordable matches these uh text animations.

Now you don’t have to use these. This is just something they do automatically to make it easy for you to get something done and number three there’s, a shoes and videos. Okay, obviously you would have to change a little bit, but just right off the gate.

What you have is you have a voice here by default it chooses a uk english female, but there’s. Many voices to choose from that’s, the text-to-speech that’s, the text-to-speech voices here and then there’s, also premium voices.

Here. Let me choose this one and let’s, click on save and let’s. Click on preview. So what can doodle maker do? So? What can doodlemaker do right? Because that’s? What we typed in here now, if you want some text to support the voiceover, you can click here on text and then you can simply type in so what does doodle maker? Do you can change your font now? A con is that you can’t really preview, the font it’s.

Just you know you’ll have to know which one to choose so that’s, not so good. It’s, not bad either. Once you know, which font looks good, you’ll know, but of course i would prefer if they had previews to easily look through text.

You know what i mean um, but now i just chose this one. Let me click preview. Let’s, see what we got now. So what did doodlemaker do? Okay, so what can do mega do that’s? What i wrote here, what can do to make a do? Okay, so what does doodle mega? Do? I can edit the text here what so, what can doodle make it do so now this matches with the voiceover.

If i want the voiceover to be different, i just click here and i can change this. So what do will make a do? Save text so now, once i click save, the voiceover will also change. So what does doodlemaker do as you can see, and if we click preview, it’s going to be different this time.

So what does doodlemaker do so, as you can see it’s, quite simple, easy and intuitive. If you ask me if you want to add any like um doodle, maybe we want a pen like this, then we do it like this and then click preview.

So what does doodlemaker do easy right now there’s, many voices you can choose from. You can also have this one, which is like a child voice. So what does doodlemaker do right quite simple, so there’s, no timeline with doodle maker.

What you have here is you have slides slide one two, three and all your slides will be presented here here you can add any type of image asset or whatever you want to be drawn here’s, the text, the hands is simply just uh.

The hands that you want to draw in the text so that’s self-explanatory. You can also add soundtracks backgrounds. I wouldn’t use this too much. You know that’s, just if you want to change it to a background uh.

You know a blackboard glass board white board custom color. Maybe you want it to be yellow, for example, so it’s, nice that you can change the style of the video uh, while you edit, so you don’t have to know beforehand which style you want right, quite nice.

Let me just go back to the white one now. What i want to say is that for the blackboard right it’s, just a black, solid black color. I would not call this a blackboard video. What i would like is that i would like an image of a blackboard like this blackboard.

Now i’m going to pixabay, and you see this is more like a blackboard right. So let me just download this one download. Okay. Now i downloaded it. So what i can do here is, i can go to backgrounds and click on image and i can drop the blackboard image right here and i think that would be better.

You see what i mean, let’s, click on preview. So what does doodlemaker? Do see now it’s, a real blackboard video before it was not really a real blackboard video, at least not. If you ask me so it’s, not a perfect app, but you can make it work, as i just showed you here.

That just means when you go to slide number two you see now these are black colors. So you would want to change that in order to change it. You just click on the icon. Click on this one right here make it white, of course, if these are the icons that you want, let me preview this text-to-speech to make voiceovers really simply and affordable.

Okay, so that’s, the uk voice like this, you can choose any one. You want there’s. Also indian accent here, let’s. Choose this one text to speech to make voiceovers really simply and affordable right.

That looks. I mean i don’t know about you, but i think it sounds pretty authentic to speech to make voiceovers really simply and important. So not all of them are good. Some of them are good. Let’s. Try this one! Now there is one block here, at least when i try this, as you can see here, the text is, it takes the speeds to make voice, so it’s really simply and affordable um.

Now, if we listen to this, i think it cut off at some point. Let me try again to make voiceovers really so it pretty much cut it off here like to make voiceovers really and then it shut off. So let me click here, record your own voice and then go back here and i think it fixed the problem now and affordable.

So you see sometimes – and this is a new app as i’m – reviewing this it’s sunday. I got early access and it’s launching on tuesday on the september 1st. So right now, as i’m, reviewing it there’s a few bugs, but it’s easily.

You know one! Second, i just click this button and this button and then it works, so i don’t think it’s too bad by the time you’re watching this video. This box will probably be gone, so you don’t have to worry about this, but let me just preview again um before preview.

Let me just click text here: wait go back copy, this click text, copy paste and here’s. Another one i just need to because for some reason it adds double double uh spaces and again usually i re you know, i review a lot of products so usually in the beginning, on the first day second day there may be some bugs, but they always get Fixed a few days after that’s, just how it is so i wouldn & # 39.

T worry too much about this. The point is, can you really make videos that look good and can you make them easily? So let’s. Just try to preview this again text to speech to make voiceovers really simply and affordable.

Oh, i forgot to add: really s really add a new text really simply and affordable, so save always save a lot. Okay preview! Again let’s. See text to speech to make voiceovers really simply and affordable right, not bad.

I mean, i think the sound sounds alright, but whatever voiceover, you prefer there’s, plenty to choose from text-to-speech to make voiceovers really simply and affordable right. So whenever you are ready to export your video, all you have to do is just click on create video.

Then you choose full hd. Of course, click on create. Now the video is being exported. So now you just have to wait a few minutes for this one to render export and then you can download the video. So let me just get back to you once it’s finished so now the video has rendered.

Let’s. Go ahead and click on download and let’s preview. It let’s, see how it looks. So what does doodlemaker do text-to-speech to make voiceovers really simply and affordable choose between whiteboard blackboard and glassboard videos? So obviously, if i want to make any errors, i can do that i can make the animation go quicker faster.

I can make the voices exactly how i want so. Obviously i would want to have the same voice throughout the video, but i hope that makes sense. I hope this video gave you a good idea of how you can use google maker for yourself and your own projects.

Now, if you got the deluxe version, you & # 39. Ll have a looks option here, and here you can see you get some extra stuff. Like premium voices that i showed you before, you also get additional characters and stuff like this.

So if you want all the detailed information on exactly what dual maker can do for you, what the upgrades are, whether or not you need them or not. All the information is here on the full written review.

If you’re watching this from youtube, just click the link below in the video description and it’ll. Take you to this page. If i had a discount code, i’ll put it here. If i find any – and you can see all the pros and cons the conclusion – and if you want to get it for yourself, that would be about 21, maybe more completely free bonuses that you can get here and check them out scroll through the page, see if That’s, anything that you think looks good and you can get it completely free just for getting it through this page.

So if you have any questions, please leave a comment below in this youtube. Video and i’ll, get back to you right away or send me an email. My email is at the bottom of this page. So with that being said, thanks for watching this doodle mega review, i’ll, see you either on the inside or in another video

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