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Hi everyone and welcome to named hero calm today, I’m going to demonstrate how to set up a reseller cloud account with us here. This is mostly used for those of you that want to start your own web hosting business, or maybe you own, a web development agency, and you want to offer your customers web hosting.

You can do that through name here. Oh and you can completely white label the service, so it looks like you’re, providing it you can bill your customers as much as you wish, and the cool thing about this is you can get started with this for as low as nine ninety-five? A month, okay, so to get started.

We’re, going to click here on the main page and then we’re, going to go here to the main, recycle, add web posting page and we’re, going to make our decision on what account we want to Start off with now the cool thing about being on the cloud here at named hero is, you can start out with our nine ninety-five a month plan and, as you grow your business, you can start to increase more space, more bandwidth, okay, so it’S, you know it’s up to you, whichever one you want to start with.

But if you’re, a brand new start up, business just got the start up and, as you use your 50 gigabytes of space and your 500 gigabytes of bandwidth, then you can start to move on up now. The cool thing here about us here at name hero is we let you over, sell your space and bandwidth, meaning that you can offer your customers a lot more space than 50 gigabytes.

Now you only pay for what you actually use so once you use that 50 gigabytes, then you need to buy more, but you don’t have to actually pay for prepay for what you don’t use, okay, so to get started. Risk and click here and get started here.

Okay, the first thing we do is we need to tell a system. Do we want to register a new domain, or do we want to transfer our name in or do we want to use our existing domain? Okay? So I’ve already got the domain set up here.

It’s called resale hero, a resale hero, dot-com and sorry. I said up here at name hero, so we’re going to use it feel free to raise your new one. This is basically your won’t, be the domain for your website.

The website your customers go to to purchase our services, or maybe you already have a site set up to where they do that, so that’s. What you would use for this okay, so the next thing is, you need to choose the billing cycle.

Now, to get the SPECIAL 995 a month, you actually have to purchase the 12-month price. Now, if you, if you want to go month-to-month and you’re, going to pay more for that package, so to get the discount, I definitely recommend going up to 12-month priced well worth it next.

You have an option to get a dedicated IP address. This isn’t as popular as it used to be. Nowadays, we see more more websites that use reverse DNS proxies such as CloudFlare, so the dedicate IP address is really not not necessary, as it used to be so that’s up to you.

If you don & # 39, t know whether you need it or not, then don’t worry about it. You can add it on later, but we’re, not going to add it this because it’s really not needed. Okay, so just takes a second here to to load up, and we’re going to see our order.

Summary here, so I’m, going to go ahead and place. My order and I’ll pause the video. While I do that, and then we’ll continue from the control panel. Okay, after you purchase your centos screen like this, just shows your order number and that’s.

Just for your reference, you can get an email with all the information, so we’re just going to continue to the client area. Okay, now you’re going to see this is a client area of name hero com. This is where you’re, going to manage your account and in your domains and tickets, if you need so as well as your invoices and all your are you cool billing info, so what you can do is you can click on cloud web hosting Here – and you can see the start up account – we just ordered is right here, okay, so this dashboard here is going to begin to populate now right now, it’s, a zero out of unlimited and zero out of unlimited.

That’s because you haven’t used anything yet now, as it’s, going to update each night now here’s that dedicated IP address we talked about. If you want to add that later on, you can add it right here, but again it’s, not really not going to be needed, but the first thing we need to do when setting up a reseller account is a setup.

Our private name servers, and so you can see the system tells us here what their what they need to be, but there’s, one more step that you need to do. Okay, so the first thing you need to do is you need to go to your domains.

Go to right here and you can see. We have resell hero comm now, if your name is not registered with us here at name, hero comm, you’re, either going to have to transfer it to us or you’re, going to have to go to where the name is Registered and register your name servers.

So if you & # 39, ve registered your name at a at competing registrar’s such as GoDaddy. You need to actually go to GoDaddy and register your name servers and you have to work with their support because we’re, not really sure how every system works.

We can only demonstrate on how ours works. So any questions to that be feel free to let us know, but it’s. Going to be right in here is where we are going to get to registry in these name servers. So we’re going to click private name servers.

Ok and so we’re going to type in NS 1, and we can go back here for reference and you can see his IP address right here. We’re just going to copy it and we’re going to paste it right here. Save the changes.

Ok and you can see the name service successfully registered. We’ll, go back and we’re, going to grab the IP address for NS to dot name here, o net. So now we’re, going go to NS. We’re, going to paste the IP address of that in there and we & # 39.

Re click, Save ok that’s. All there is to registering your name servers very simple, but it is a very important step. So now you can give your customers these name servers. So once you add them to the server they’re on the server, but you give them these name servers and it’s private.

So they’re, not using a name here. Oh they, don’t, know anything about name hero. They’re, just able to add your name servers to their domains and connect the web hosting. Ok. So the next step you want to do is you want to go into your web host manager? So if you look here on the actions tab, you’re, going to see you & # 39.

Ve got a cPanel link and web post manager link, webmail change. Your password request, cancellation of green downgrade, so we’re going to log into web host manager, yeah web post manager. This is where you may enjoy your clients.

So when you start to add accounts, you’re going to do it from here. Ok, so you’re, going to create a new account, and you would do it from right here now there’s. One thing that you’re going to say is when you – and this is so when you’re setting up a new customer, you would set them up right here.

You’re, just got a new account. Most of these other settings in here you’re, not going to need to mess with, but you would definitely need to know how to create a customer to your account, so you can host them.

So here’s, where you would enter their domain username password and all that good stuff. So there’s. One more thing you need to do, though, is you actually have to set up a package, a hosting package, since there’s, not one set up it’s not going to.

Let you create this, so we actually do that right here. We add a package, and so we just call this say our basic and we would say how much bandwidth we want to add the customer to have our disk base bandwidth all that good stuff.

So for an example: here let’s just say one to let them have ten gigabytes, so that would be ten thousand megabytes all right. We rock a little bit their bandwidth. So let’s put unlimited and we’ll sleeve the rest unlimited for this demo max Park and add-on domains.

We’re going to leave this as zero. If you want to allow the customer to have more than one domain hosted with us, we could add that number here, but this for this basic package, really let the customer host one domain with us.

So we’re going to leave that at zero. Okay, you can leave the rest of stuff default, especially if you don’t know what it means. Shell access is going to be disabled by default and that’s good, because you don’t want to enable that, for security reasons, go ahead and leave CGI its default.

This is a cPanel theme I like just to keep it the default paper. Lantern feature list. This is just use a default. You can actually add edit this and the feature manager. But if you don’t, if you don & # 39, t want to edit it if you don & # 39, t need to, you, can just leave it default.

Okay. So now we’ve set up the package. You can see it’s success, so we will click list accounts and you can see. Reso. Hero coms are a set up so to access the cPanel for resale hero. We would just click here and this will actually take us in the cPanel.

So each account you create, creates its own cPanel inside of cPanel is where your customer will manage all their stuff. This is where they can manage their files. This is where they can set up databases.

This is where they can set up. Email addresses. This is where they can scroll down and they can set up WordPress. They can even set up CloudFlare and all that stuff. Now let’s go back here and let me just show you how to set up a site similar to resew hero.

So if we go here, we’re, going to go to create it means type and create, and let’s. Just for example, do name hero org and you can see it makes us a user name risk and call it in org, and then I like to use the password generator because it makes it strong.

So this is the password – and this is a user name, that you would give your customer. This is how they actually would access their cpanel without accessing your entire account. So we’d, select that package that we just created – okay and it’s in this action.

Nok allows users because we set our limit is unlimited for the bandwidth, so we have to go back in and just change that for this. For the basic starter package, so we just have to give it a limit. Now we can set this really really high if you want to offer it unlimited, but you do have to actually set a limits on the bandwidth.

I mean same for discs. You want it. If you want really high, you can, but that is important to note. So we go back here now we’re, going to go name, hero, dot, org and it’s caught in org and that password that strong that we saved this is where you would add the email address to your client.

Now we can select that package and you can see we’re all set here. You can just leave this DNS default. This is what you know. We talked about reg Finny’s, name servers. You would actually give this to your client and have them change your name servers to this okay and then keep the local mail exchange and you can click create and you can see it.

Doesn’t, take very long to actually generate and set all this up and you can see everything has been created. You can read through that to see all the details, but if you go back to lists accounts now you’re going to see name here.

Org is right here so now you can give the client of yours the link to their cPanel, which would be you can give them this link right here. You can just click, right, click and copy link or command weird.

This link right here, you could give it to them and it takes right there now, some of you that are willing to white label. What you would do is you would type in branding and click here, and this here is where you would input input to all your information about your hosting company.

So people don’t know its name here. Oh so you can upload your own company. Well, first, you do you start the company name, you put the name of your company. I’m, help, link the link to your help desk or your knowledge base, and that’s.

What go here you can see named heroes would be flash knowledge knowledge base. You can sit him to our knowledge base if you don’t mind to not white-label but feel a white label put it to your own. This is where you upload a logo.

You just click browse and find the logo on your computer to your company. You can see, for example, the name Heroes is right here, so you would replace name hero with your own logo, and you would do that right here.

On the branding I’m, saying with the web mil you could add your logo to that in a favicon, a favicon. This right here see up here this, the superhero that would be. You could replace that with your own company as well, and then you just click Save when you’re finished with that now, if you want to, you can play around these other settings in here now I don’t recommend editing this Stuff, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing, but you could go look.

You know these are the name servers you registered there’s, the contact information. Now this is the this is the legacy meaning it’s not used in the new interfaces, but there is a way for customers to use old cPanel theme as a transition to the new one.

So you could enter enter this stuff in here. You can go through each of these about the additional languages you can add. You can see the languages that are already in here for cPanel, which is pretty cool, especially for those of you that you know don’t, speak English, remote access key.

This is how you would actually, if you want to use a CRM, a billing system such as WH TMS. This is the information you would need to actually connect it. To that I mean that will do a tutorial on that all together, but this is that information that you would use to connect that and back to the accounts.

We are a listed, the accounts Park, domains and subdomains any accounts have been suspended. If you want to view the bandwidth usage, see any accounts that are using bandwidth, you can see no magician anything right now, because we just set it up and of course you have to create account stuff.

You can change the clients password, you can say they forget their password or lose it. You can reset it for them. Here you can manage the suspended page or you can actually manage this. Who you suspend here, say the client doesn & # 39.

T pay. You you can suspend their account here in the next thing here. You can actually modify how that system into pay looks maybe customize it with your company, logo and stuff. Like that, or maybe a reason you know, you need to pay your bill or you need to log into our Customer Center, I mean you can do any of that right here.

If you nd to do multiple account stuff say you want to maybe change the package of multiple counts. You could do that here. You could terminate multiple accounts here and then you can also change your web post manager theme.

You see we only have X installed. So if you installed another one, you could do that here here’s, where we added our package for basic. We’d, add whatever hosting package here. We can delete a package edits a package.

The feature list we talked about. We could add that here here’s, where we can do our DNS stuff now this is automatically me set up for you. So if you don & # 39, t know what you’re, doing don’t. Do it, but if you need to edit in your DNS records they’re all going to be in here.

I’m saying for the MX for the mail. Then you got to email section. It show your reports. If you start having problems of emails, all that will be in here, okay, then we get down cPanel the branding we covered that already.

Reseller Hosting

This is for the SSL Certificates. If you need to install an SSL certificate for yourself or for a customer, you could do it here. Customers can also do this in cPanel, but sometimes you may find it easier to send up for them in here, and then you have the cPanel development forum and that X link actually goes to their forum.

A lot of your questions could be answered here. I recommend. Jumping down here and actually reading through some of this has some really good stuff. These are really good forums to be a BnB participate in then they have their SDK.

I like their developer kit, which is all in here. If you don & # 39, t know what you’re doing with that, and you don’t have to mess with that. Then we got our firewall. You don & # 39. T have to worry about that.

We handle that on our end, this is Fantastico which we can also handle that on our end and it’s, a soft delicious. This is important stuff. We have it all set up for you. It comes free with our accounts, so you really don’t have to do much there, so that’s kind of a brief tutorial on how to set up your reseller account named Hiro how to register your name servers how to access Your web post manager and how to start adding customer counts now some of you may want to automate this process and that’s when you want to get a billing system, such as wh-wh TMS.

If that’s, something that you want to do, we actually offer a one-click install of that that you can do through your cpanel. So if we click list, we could go to the cPanel for our resale hero com, our main website – and we could scroll down here and down here.

We can find it right here. Whmcs and this base scale does is automate the entire customer account creation process. So you just click here to install it now this is not free. You would actually have to purchase a license, so you have to go through and read up about that.

If that’s, something that you want to do, but again it’s all here you can go to their support, site and stuff and read about that, but I know we get that all the time and our help desk. You know: hey, I won’t want to create my accounts manually.

How do I create them automatically and use the billing systems such as WHMCS, so that concludes today’s tutorial. If you any questions, feel free to reach out. Let us know, but other than that you can see it’s very simple, to get started very simple, to become a reseller here at name hero.

We want to help you make more money with your business. Rather your primary business to just web hosting or if you are a web developer, trying to offer your customer space or maybe you’re, an advertising agency and you actually offer your clients web hosting as part of your services.

Any of that do you need to help with feel free to. Let us know thanks so much for watching we’d, greatly look forward to working with you,

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