Sqribble Fantasia 3D Review


Sqribble Fantasia 3D Review



Hello again, my friend, please watch this video for an important announcement and do not close this page stay with me for just a few minutes, because I want to tell you about our brand new scribble add-on technology that will take your ebook downloads sales and profits off The charts introducing scribble Fantasia 3d, this offers for an incredible two-in-one software, bundle that you’re, really going to love because it’s going to solve your next problem and help you make more money.

You see after you create your next ebook with scribble, you’ll need to represent it with an e-book cover. Now you already know that design makes a huge difference to your ebook sales and downloads. People judge a book by its cover and if you’ve ever browsed book titles in a store or on Amazon, then you & # 39.

Ll know that the better the cover the more chance people will download it, irrespective of the content inside. But how do you do this without hiring expensive designers or using complicated software? What if you could bring your ebooks and reports to life in minutes with draw dropping and attention-grabbing 3d covers? Well now you can upgrade to scribble Fantasia 3d to unlock a 3d ebook cover maker right inside your scribble dashboard and magically bring your ebooks and reports to life.

Grab more attention and boost sales overnight choose from 10 different 3d models fully customize your 3d ebook cover inside a powerful 3d editing screen click point and drag to change. Your 3d cover edge styles, orders, shadow effects, fonts corner styles, text, positioning, paragraph Styles, columns and so much more then save your 3d cover as an image that can be used in all your marketing.

On your blog landing pages, sales pages, social media and more, you can choose from 10 different 3d cover styles from reports and checklists to books and training guides there’s, a 3d cover to suit any type of project.

You’re working on you also get unlimited George for your 3d covers inside your scribble account, so you can save your designs and come back to them whenever you want, but that’s. Not all we’re. Even more excited to tell you about this: with scribble Fantasia 3d, you’ll, now be able to create your own flip books to flip books or interactive ebooks and PDFs.

In fact, the biggest brands online, like Google, outtie, Amazon, BMW, Intel, Xerox, NASA JPMorgan, McAfee, Groupon and more are using flip books. Flip books make content, attractive, user friendly and easily shareable, presenting a more dynamic experience than a PDF with nothing to download.

Do you want to create an interactive and highly engaging experience for your readers, just like the billion-dollar companies do then upgrade to the scribble fantasia 3d package today and unlock the powerful flip book feature.

Sqribble Fantasia 3D Review

Turn your PDFs into an addictive flip book that keeps people reading from page to page flip books are proven to increase engagement with readers. Why? Because they feel and look like real books. As you turn the pages and consume the content, it’s.

Why? Amazon’s, Kindle readers are so popular, which accounts for more than 80 % of e-book sales online and remember the more engaging your ebook is, the more likely your readers will get value from you and read all the way through to your call to Action, the most amazing feature is you’ll, now be able to insert real links into the pages that users can click on, as they read add links to build your list, sell your offers, affiliate products or to anything else online.

You can even edit the backgrounds, positioning lighting, sound effects, share, URL and embed options with a few simple clicks. In fact, our new revolutionary flipbook technology allows you to showcase any content in this unique way.

Maybe you’re, creating a recipe guide and want to convey your cooking instructions and food images beautifully with impact and make it easily shareable across Facebook groups for more exposure, or maybe you’re, creating a fitness ebook with content, nutritional charts And exercise diagrams and want users to engage in a more fun and interactive way.

A flipbook would be an innovative and creative way to do it and gain more business. Then, when you & # 39, re ready to share your content with the world, simply tap a button to publish your flip book, complete with a shareable URL and watch free traffic, [ __ ] in want to embed your flip book on your website.

No problem just use the flip book widget and place it anywhere. You want your flip book even has a mobile, friendly and responsive layout to maximize readership on any device. So if you want the edge over your competition, a way to stand out from the crowd with stunning lifelike 3-d ebook covers that look like a million dollars and if you want to keep your readers glued to your content with immersive, interactive and user-friendly flip books that Have animated pages which turn like in real life? Then this is for you today you get to supercharge software add-ons with the scribble Fantasia 3d package.

One ebook cover maker 2 flip book creator. These important add-ons plugs straight into your current scribble software, with nothing to download or install and ready to use immediately. However, this is a limited one-time only offer once you leave this page.

There won’t, be another opportunity to get scribble Fantasia 3d. At this incredibly low price, when the special offer ends, we’re, going to raise the price to two hundred and forty seven dollars, and even that is a steal.

Considering bigger companies are paying thousands of dollars for this technology. You also get a full 30 days to test this out and if it’s, not for you just let us know no questions asked plus if you act within the next few minutes, we’re, also going to throw in a commercial License worth 497 dollars, so you can create, covers and flip books for your clients for profit.

Simply click on the button below to add on scribble Fantasia 3d to your software right now before this offer expires, [ Music, ],

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