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Sqribble PRIME


Guys guys guys, I’ve got something really really really really good for you today. This is scribble. It’s been coming for a long time Ally one of the brothers one of the Chaudhary brothers, who I know personally has been posting.

This in Facebook, for what seems like a year now and the day is finally come November. The fifth remember remember the 5th November. I think that’s. The way the saying goes, you are not going to be disappointed.

Scribble is everything that you’ve, been waiting for now before I go into anything, let me just get a few things out of the way. This is not a make money, get-rich-quick kind of thing. This is a powerful tool that produces incredible results, and actually you can make money from it.

I would say you probably want this for your own stuff. You know if you run my list, you follow me. You want this for your own stuff, but there is the the the ability to make money with this. Is it’s? Very, very easy.

All right! This is producing incredible results. I’ve, just been playing with it. I knew it’s, gonna be good, but I didn’t know it’s. Gon na, be I don’t think I knew it could be as good as it is. It really is.

It really is, if I could beat now, I’d, say really. Is it fantastic all right and I’m gonna show you inside in a minute I’m gonna show you I’ve just gone in and I’ve started. Creating I’ve, not looked at any training.

I don’t think you really need any training. But in my bonus I’m, giving you a walkthrough, and I’m, giving you training on how you can make this your own. How you can stand out from the crowd right? How I’m going to use scribble and how the the products that you can create with this are going to be completely different to everybody else, because you’re following my training and how you can make money out of this etc, Etc now my bonuses will be in a separate video, but this you know this is my review video, so the link to the bonus video will be even if you’re on the page at me.

The video will be on this page. Maybe here here or down here or up there, whether and if you’re watching on youtube, then the link will be somewhere underneath the the video so yeah scribble very, very exciting.

What is it well in a nutshell, you know, I said to sexuality a little while ago, so in a nutshell, it’s like an e-book, creating right, and I think that it doesn’t. Do it justice to do the whole in a nutshell, thing, because the what you get is like this is so slick.

As you were about to see, you can create ebooks right, so you can create ebooks. You can copy post content in there. You can create. Eight covers you can create automatic, flip books. You can find clients that needs the work.

You know there’s, a whole raft of things that you can do with this. That is just unbelievable. So let me take you. I’m, going to show you the sales page quickly. I don & # 39. T spend a lot of time on there as you know, but I’ll show you the sales page, so you can get a good idea for what it’s all about so here we are on the sales page.

It says instantly create number one bestseller, ebooks and reports in minutes. Without writing a single word now. Sorry, one second guys now. This is something that you can use for so many different things like, for example, can I show you a picture of I’ve just created, you know for my spore, you, bonuses right, so I just created a spore.

You bonus cover one. Second, this is my spore. You bonus kind of ebook thing right. I just thought I’d, create now. If I go over to my sorry, if I just go flavor and exit, I’m gonna show you the cover that I just made as well umm this you know you can use this for, like your own bonuses, for putting to give you A bonus bundle you can use this for your lead, magnet.

You can use this for giving away selling. I mean there’s, so many things so many things, but if you chose to take a look at this alright, so if I go over to here click on this one, in fact I published it.

So let me see if I don’t find that yeah. This is what I was looking for, so you can see. I mean this is a lovely-looking Ecover, and this is the sort of thing that you probably know. I do all the time and I currently use a piece of software called pixel studio FX.

Now. The incredible thing is that I didn’t realize the ideal and Ally Chowdhury it was. It was them who brought us pixel, studio, FX, alright, and that was like a million dollar launch or something because it’s, an awesome product.

So you know that you’re gonna get the kind of quality that you you &. # 39 re only gonna get from people like this, when, when you’re looking at this product because pixel studio FX is something I use on a daily basis, whereas now we have scribble.

So let me get back to the sales page anyway and I’ll. Show you inside the product in a minute, so ebooks on demand. Fifty hot templates, three hundred style, layouts, unlimited pages, sell to clients, you get the commercial license as well.

Alright, so usually you have to pay for the commercial license, but that’s included with this easy to use 15 niche categories. Auto content, writer, commercial license agency website there’s. Actually, it enables you to produce the the e-book and then get a shareable link that is completely unbranded, so nobody would ever know you’re using scribble and allow your client to cut comments in.

I’m, going to show you all those it’s, brilliant, it really is brilliant. I knew I liked I knew is gonna be good, but this good, who knows right so incredible, scribble benefits guys. It says here let’s.

Take a look easy to use. Yes, it is. I’ll show you that stunning designs? Yes, they are 60. Second creation, yes, instant content; yes, commercial license! Yes, agency website: yes, alright, there’s a demo there.

You know you can come through this sales page and take a look at everything’s on here, but that’s, probably not much more to say about the the sales where we have puffy looks what’s, the business, But I mean these guys have spent a lot of money and a lot of time putting this together.

So I’m, not surprised. So let me take you inside scribble and show you what all the fuss is about. If I go to home, welcome to scribble, this is a deal and a deal gives you a little intro there and then, if I go to projects then you can see here.

This is a project that I did now. So I’m, going to just click on create a new product and I’ll. Show you how to project I & # 39. Ll. Show you how easy this is. Okay, so here you can see the templates right now I’ve got a template upgrade here.

I must tell you that, and that’s. One of the OTO is. I do strongly recommend that you go for that. This is gonna. Give you a lot more to choose from sorry one. Second, just got rid of Facebook for you, so it doesn’t, keep pinging up hope.

So you’re gonna get 50 templates with the basic front-end, okay, which is a great start. But if you go for the templates gallery, as you can see here, I’ve got 210 and then you & # 39. Ve got prime, which is a monthly subscription and prime gets you new templates every month.

Now, if you’re gonna look to earn money from this, then monthly and is let me just go and check that price actually yeah, the prime monthly. The good thing about this, which is this, is why you need to get in during the launch, because this is gonna, be a massive Savin for you and when you come to make money out of this gonna put you ahead of the field of everybody Else that’s in this, because only a small amount of people are gonna, say yeah I’ll go for the prime.

The prime monthly is a one-off cost right. Forty seven dollars one-off, but you get monthly updates. That gives you a huge advantage, because you can get your money back on that forty seven dollar upgrade and get the money back with the first order.

You know, and then you & # 39. Ve got new new, fresh designs coming through every every month. Now the thing to say about this as well is a lot of these can be used, as you know, as templates right so templates.

In other words, you know if this says guardians of the galaxy and it’s, got this image. Doesn’t have to be that you might like the look of the inside alright, and you can change everything you can change all of these.

Sqribble PRIME

These are just obviously that Gardens our galaxy. No, it’s. Gon na be a place. So you’re, going to use that, so you can change all of these, but what you’re. Getting is the overall design alright, so you’ve got the you know the the the typography and the the coloring and all this kind of stuff.

So it really does give you an advantage, alright, just to say that, but here here you can see across the top. This is where it gets so exciting. I mean it is fantastic. You’ve got you & # 39, ve got the templates.

You & # 39. Ve got prime, that’s. The monthly that you paid one-off, you’ve got the 3d covers that creates. The 3d covers that I showed you there and you & # 39. Ve got flip books, which is like an automated flip.

Animated, really really impressive thing. Then you & # 39. Ve got the auto job finder. Now these are all your upgrades. I’m, going to go through those in a separate OTO video, but I will cover them briefly in here as well.

I do strong strongly recommend that you go for them, because this puts the whole thing into its owner. If you just go use this for your own, your own purposes and by all means just go for the front end.

If you & # 39, re gonna make money out of this, and you can very easily – and I’ve made money out of selling the e-book design, but that what is this is much more than that, because it’s. Not just the e-book cover that you can sell, you can sell the whole ebook.

You know you can say to a client. Just give me your text and I’ll, make it look sexy and you just drop it in here and it’s, going to look incredible alright, so I would recommend you go for this and it’s.

Just go back over to the home and we’ll. We’ll, create we & # 39, ll, create a new project, so projects create new project and it can be any niches, work guys any nation. So you can go out there and you can find people do you know I mean if you take a look at money, make money online.

Then we & # 39. Ve got weight loss, we & # 39, ve got the kitchen Bible, health and fitness. You & # 39, ve, got betting Bitcoin home to be a parent, you & # 39, ve got religion and staff and languages, and you know it just goes on and on and on.

So if you wanted to find a business, for example, let’s, see what we’ve got on here. In fact, if we go back up to the top and go for the categories say sports, so they are a boxing. So golf athletics soccer, let’s, go for education, employment and jobs.

As you can see. All of these just look, you know they all look fantastic, so you can choose any one of these and if you’re gonna sell this. To someone I mean this first day elementary school, for example, take a look at this go in I mean it just looks the business right, so you could go and you could find out all of those little daycare places all right.

You know the ones and you could you could choose that as your nation, you could just approach other they don’t say how would you like a fantastic-looking ebook that you can use to promote your daycare all right? So you could go in here and let’s say we decided to use this one.

So all I need to do is just I’m gonna move this, so you can see how easy this is. It says, use all right. So we go say: trev’s, trev’s, daycare all right! Click on next, I’m gonna go start from scratch.

Now you can you got graph and you re also. We will automatically grab useful content from there and paste it in you & # 39. Ve got start from articles collection, so you know if you wanted to put down, but I would suggest you know to get them the real beautiful, yeah.

Perfect thing you go start from scratch because it’s, not really scratch, and she were about to see so. I click on the button. There. It’s, got this lovely little animation loading, the content, in fact, in fact, it’s really fast, and what I like about this is the fact that it’s so fast on launch day, I’m.

Recording this on launch day and ordinarily, the servers would be overwhelmed and this is a very popular launch. So I’m very impressed with the way this is performing. So let’s say here: we’ve got um, trev’s, trev’s special and then we go day care school day care center hardener.

You know some like that, all right and all for name. You know this could be the author, name could be whoever it is, you know, but let’s say Trevor carp, but so you’re doing this for a client all right.

This is where it gets really good. So you can, you could go to a website, you could take content and you could paste it in here. You can actually go to the website of the person that owns the daycare.

You know entirely content, you can show them all this, and you can say I don’t, engage in activities, see how easy is for me to make this right. You come in here and just go. We take care of your little bundle of joy.

You know I’m, not gonna. Do the whole thing alright and you go through it now. If you wanted to change these images, you can change the images you can change. Anything you want. All of this is all editable and there’s.

A thank you at the end, lovely page. At the end, you know all that’s good, so we then go publish right now, publish you can add a new client, so you could select a client. I’ve got max on here. So I’m gonna say, publish that to max I’m gonna go all pages, and I’m gonna publish it right there.

It goes whirring away now, bear in mind that anything like this normally takes. I have to go away and come back. You know when I’m doing stuff like this up, go away and come back this you don’t, so visit URL.

Look at this is fantastic here, so it would say right. I’ve major ebook, you know all I want you to do now is go through see what you think of it alright, and once you’ve, you know once you’ve taken a look at it, go on there And leave any comments, you might say, change this picture in this picture, for example, and they post coming all right that’s.

How easy it is to get feedback now, the actual URL. What appear is publishing design full slash, blah blah blah? So, as I said, unbranded, you know very, very powerful stuff, so come back over here. If I go generate a book, I’m actually going to create the e-book now and, as I said, I’m doing this live.

I don’t know if it’s ready, I’ve. Not I’ve, not done for any of the Turanian. I’ve, just literally gone in and done it alright. So I can open in a new tab. I can take a look at this online there. It is loading up now trove special day care center, and here you can see that we take care of your bundle of joy.

What this is done. You know this is fantastic, not only that, though, if you get the upgrades alright, so if you get the upgrades get rid of this, if I go now save and exit, so I & # 39. Ve now got a new ebook in my my library right and the e-book looks lovely and it’s.

It’s, all what I like about it as well as it when it’s finished. It looks the same as the thing that you were working on. You know, which is important and not always the case. It was some software, but if I go here now so, if I say right, I’ve got this and I wan na make it 3d cover very much.

You do need to upgrade for 3d covers, but the 3d covers and the flip books come together. I’m, going to show you that as separate video, but so I go right. I’m gonna choose what it’s. Not there. So whole 3d cover sorry, create new, create new 3d cover and it says start from existing project right.

So I go yep Oh make it give a name so trebs day day care 3d. Okay, save changes go through there. We go and go use right. Then I just choose the template that I want and what I love about. This is like you & # 39.

Ve only had to do it once you know, I do the design in the e-book and then I’ve got my 3d cover design. So let’s change any of this I can so. I can you know, add something in here for money too. We take care of your little.

You know all that yeah little bundles of joy Center that all right and I’m gonna go generate 3d cover. I say it right what 101? Okay? I won this one. Let’s generate the 3d cover. As I said, this is a life its launch day.

The service should be inundated, but they’re not, and there you go 3d cover done, okay, fantastic, so it’s as simple as a click on download. You got your 3d cover. It’s, a PNG, which means it’s, got a transparent background, all ready to go click away from that to get rid of that click away from that I’m gonna go, save and then I’m gonna go save an exit.

I could have gone, save an exit any way, but you know all right. Then I’m gonna go right on a flipbook. So what’s? A flipbook? You’re about to see, and I’m gonna create a new flip book, and lo and behold I can choose one that’s, ready to go.

You know it’s. I’ve. Already created it, so there’s, no more work. No, no more works is fantastic and I’m. Gon na go for can have ballon classic. Let’s. Go for Greenland. This is the background. Alright, so I go use and trev’s day.

Care flip finish this word away now this. If this works as quickly as everything else, then you should by now be thinking yeah. Alright, this is good. You know which he did, and this is good. Alright, so I’m saying guys seriously.

You know if you think you could not sell this stuff, then you need to think again. So this is the background. Remember that green line that we talked about and I just move this down. Then I fire when I just zoom out, so you can see a little bit more.

They up yeah. Okay, so you can see that now click on this and look at this look at this I mean come on guys. How awesome is that, and obviously you can add as many pages as you want, you can change the images, etc, etc, etc.

This is powerful stuff. So do you know think about this right? You can do all of this yourself. You can do this for your own stuff, but you can find a client you can say to the client. Okay, I can create you.

An e-book write, a sales report, a sales PDF, a customer, sucking report, all right – and you say to him, but I can also produce you that as a PDF and if you want you know for $ 100, 150 200. Whatever I’ll turn that into a flip book, where you can just provide a link for your potential customers and they can go and flip through the animated flip book.

You can say I can give you a 3d cover as well for an extra $ 30 extra $ 50. Whatever you, you know, do science charge, I can give you three different options or I can give you ten different options of e covers for an extra $ 100.

You know I mean they license to print money, it really is, and it’s. The I can’t fall this software. I really can’t. As I said, I knew it’d, be good, but I guess I guess I just knew it’d, be good, so there you have it guys.

You know really really powerful stuff, lovely piece of software, very, very professional, very slick, the it just it. Just doesn’t fall down at all. You know you can you can use this. You can put this to the test, but, more importantly, you can come in and you can run with it straight away.

You know you can literally get started with this immediately and and you can monetize this right there. In my bonus training, you’re gonna see my ideas for monetizing this, how I’m, going to monetize it and how you can as well.

This is something that I mean there’s, no end of opportunities here. Knowing there’s no way on earth literally is impossible to get saturated with this, because you know, if you think about all the different professions that could use this to sell their business.

This could be a sales brochure or it could be a sales brochure for any business in the world. You know it’s it and and for your own stuff as well for your own stuff. If you’re, if you’re in the make money online niche like me, then for creating products for creating it, creating product II covers for creating product PDFs that you, you know as a product yourself that you can launch.

How good is it going to look when it & # 39? S finished like this. You know and it’s. So so simple to do really is you could take Pilar and pimp it? You could say the content from the Pilar just drop it into here to make these into a fantastic looking ebooks, you know, really it’s, just just get it just seriously, just go and get it because this is gonna be for you.

This is gonna, be one of the best investments that you make. I ball pixel studio FX several years ago now, and I use that every single week right. This is very similar to that in as much as that you can create covers, but the e covers are not the big thing here.

The big thing here is the ability to create these these stunning ebooks. Now I did actually buy a product back in the day that created ebooks, but it it was limited in as much as the the end products wasn’t anywhere near what it was looking like when I was working on it, whereas with this, when I’m working on it that’s.

What I get when I could create a PDF from this, I get what I saw. You know it’s. There are no disappointments, which is what makes is powerful. Obviously you can put links in here, you can put you know you can just put you, can you can do so many things you know so many things it’s, it’s, gonna be going up at the end of the Launch the price is going to be at least doubling, if not more so get in as soon as you can and get one of my bonus bundles, because I’m gonna show you how to take this and make it your own.

For example, this here is not a template that you’re gonna find inside all right. I created this. I’m, going to show you how I did that all right so make sure you get it free my link, so you get my bonus bundle.

You will not regret this guy’s. The price might be a little bit more than you’d, normally pay for maybe you know a cheap front end info product, but you’re, not getting a cheap front end the info product, you’re, getting high quality, Hosted software that you don’t have to install that you can get running with straightaway and you can create some stunning looking ebooks and reports and sales reports, and you know the whole thing so go and grab it now.

Guys and our speeches so take care all the best of Trevor.

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