Sqribble Review



Sqribble Review

Hey friend, are you looking for a simpler way to create ebooks and lead magnets? You can generate more leads for your business and came across scribble, but hey this exciting episode. We’re gonna. Do a scribble review and demo P.

Alright, I’m gonna look through the benefits and beaches of this thing put into the back office and do a demo creating ebook for you look at the pros and cons. I hope you decide if this tool can help you make more money in your business, alright, so hey! My name is Chris with Chris and gia calm, and this channel is all about empowering you, the whole business entrepreneur.

The mindset and the online skill sets to get results, make money and drive breakthroughs all right. If you like content, like that, reviews like this and hey, definitely get the video right. Consider subscribing to the channel and smash that Bell too, because we’ve been notified whenever I drop new videos just pretty much almost daily right now, I suppose get into this thing.

This is the scribble review and demo. It is a Clickbank product. Alright, so can it get? Is it this ebook legit? Is the ebook creator the real deal alright, so the creators of this thing & # 39. S are two gentleman by the name of a deal Charlie and I leach Highbury all right.

They’re. Both digital marketers have been in the game for 10, 15 plus years. I’ve created a lot of software tools, and this was one of them. They decided to create, because I felt like hey. It was kind of getting annoying to try to create an e-book and hire freelancers to write for you and that other, so they created this entire system all right.

So what is script? Who is scribble for well? This is anyone who wants to make money online from home if your home business entrepreneur, your affiliate marketing, internet marketer at all, blog or freelancer consultant anyone that uses content this will be may be of benefit feed alright.

So what exactly is scribble essentially what it is is a cloud based software tool. Alright, now that lets, you create ebooks, pretty much on demand, my five minutes or less requiring no design and no writing skills on your part whatsoever.

The very interesting stuff right alright, so the prices on this thing is pretty interesting, is one-time fee up six, seven bucks and you get access to this entire suite of ebook creation tools and platform right.

There are a few upsells as well. They have the squirrel passional. 2019, which gives you an additional amount of what do you call it templates and gives you more content that you can utilize? It gives you more options to create your ebooks, and then you have upsell number two, just scribble fantasia 3d, that’s.

Seventy four bucks: it allows you to create 3d models of your ebook, so if you’ve ever created one, you know that’s, important right, because that’s. Part of your capture, page people like to see that 3d version of your ebook.

It just increases conversions and they have that tool available. I’m still number three: it’s, a squirrel prime and membership, which is just a membership that you can get involved where for a whole year, every month they & # 39.

Ll. Give you an additional number of templates that you can use to create morning.he books with more designs, more content, writing content. They give you and then upsell. Number four is the auto job finder that’s, one hundred ninety seven bucks where they show you step-by-step how to find jobs like freelancing, gigs that let that, where people looking for e-books, that you can utilize and make good money with alright.

So here’s, a sales page right here for scribble, where they’re. Talking about yes, you can write amazing, ebooks and reports in five minutes, so it’s, pretty cool, because the ebooks are on demand. You get a bunch of templates, a lot of a whole lot of style layouts.

You can make unlimited pages as you want it’s, easy to use multiple niches. There’s, an auto content writer, which is pretty cool and you can get like a commercial license to read, license it alright.

So, like I said, you get a lot of designs, a lot of easy to create, which was a big deal, and I’m gonna show it to you. We’re gonna do a demo beginning. You can use this as an agency website. They give you.

So if you want to do an e-book agency, where you’re, helping other people as a freelancer, you can do that and then you can instantly create content. Even if you don’t like writing and you don’t know how to write, and so it’s, pretty cool, so this was a video that they gave and once again this is just some of the benefits here.

Ie books on demand stunning templates niche category, its automated content, unlimited customization, client, managing dashboard, one click feedback engine which means like if you create an e-book for a customer, and you can send it to them with this.

One click link they can edit it and give you feedback, which is pretty awesome, just kind of streamlining that whole process with your with your client and give them and make the changes to get looking for it.

So I like the idea of what they created this to like help. You have to not worry about finding a designer to design your ebook, and then you know all back-and-forth with them to make it look good. The way you want it and make it present spending money to do get it done, and you just have to wait all this time for it, and I remember having to do that.

So this tool looks really really awesome and that all you have to do step. One pick a template step 2 is add the content and then step 3 customize and publish that’s, pretty cool, and then we’re gonna look through it, but there’s.

A lot of pretty good templates here that you can use and make your stuff look, really really professional right, and then that means you can sell it for a lot more money and you can take content that’s kind of boring looking and make It really fashionable like really awesome stuff, like they got some pretty good templates here.

I’m kind of surprised and you can automate your content to just, I think, is this guy’s thing by the way, and then you can actually pull content from like any URL that has content. You can pull it into your lead magnet and it will do that automatically.

So she’s, not like blog post. You can do that, which is what our demo is going to be about in a few short moments, but I feel like that’s, just one aspect of it that it makes it so genius. You can make unlimited pages and yeah, like I said, just the same template the same benefits that you’re getting and creating just ebooks in minutes.

I think the other thing I thought was interesting was how you have a lot of a lot of flexibility on the tool it’s almost like creating capture pages. You could just like really use. Clickfunnels is just a lot of options and things that you can make customize your fonts and colors, and things like that and you get like this feedback engine like we’re talking about here, and it was just another thing you yes, so they show You how you can use this to like get jobs.

You know if a freelancing job lined up work and freelancer, which i think is a big deal where you can make up $ 30 50 bucks, 180 bucks for a job for did think when things people are looking for using this tool, you can get it done In a fraction of the time, so here is the back office of scribble right here, alright, so I just wanted to kind of show you what it looks like here, and so when you first get in you know, this is where you’re at.

I didn’t, go with the professional or the monthly or any that’s, that’s. Why it’s X, but I do have the basic one scruple here. They give you a welcome area. If you look up here there’s, all these different things you can do.

I think probably the first place you might want to go to is a training area right here, so you go to trainings. They give you a bunch of videos on how to like just familiarize yourself and use the the tool which i think is really awesome.

So there’s, got parking one in the training here, part two training class, and then you got the tutorial prime tutorial. The 3d coverage tutorial flipbooks as well client dashboard how that works. The master class with an auto job finder that’s, pretty cool ebook strategies and how to use that to create lead magnets and generate leads for your business and make sales and then, finally, how do you create ebooks feed? If you want to do an Amazon business, which i think is also brilliant stuff as well, then if you want to do projects that you just come here to create a project, if you want to look at some of the templates, you can look at them, and Here they are and, like I said, I kind of look through them and they’re, like pretty cool.

Looking hey, you know, this is pretty good. You get about 60 of them here, different ones. You know like, if I just wanted to do this – you know make money online right here. I could just take a view at it to see what it looks like and you can kind of scroll through the whole thing and see how it & # 39.

S set up, you know, and I mean it looks pretty good I kind of like it. You know I like it and if you want to use it, you can just use it here. So let’s, see if you wan na make money blog. Hey I’m just looking at one that we’re gonna use for our demo, real quick.

You might just use that one see SEO optimization. You might use this one. I like this one. We might use that one alright, so and if you wanted, prime prime gives you more templates and stuff, so we don’t have access to this, but you can see some of the different ones here.

3D covers if you wanted to turn them into 3d images. This is a big like, I said. I think it’s worth looking at, because this will increase the conversions on your capture pages when you put your ebooks and then, if you want to create flip books, those are also available here too.

So this is pretty cool. If you want to kind of like give people the image of what it looks like, so I think that’s, something you can check out and then here’s the autumn job finder that helps you look for jobs on freelancer.

You know upward 99designs, those freelancing websites, so you’d, have to get access to that tool and it would help you do that. So I think that’s, pretty cool great way to take the tool and actually use it to make money, because the tool in them itself will not make you money as you’re using the tool right.

So let’s, go to projects actually and let’s create a real, quick project. Probably what I’m planning to do is basically take one of my blog posts and create that is an e-book as an example. Right. So you’re going to get started.

You come right here. Click here to get started and then the first thing they’re gonna ask. You is pick a template right. So let’s, go ahead and pick the seed kind of like coming online. Maybe we’ll just use the one we saw here.

Yes, my SEO website optimization alright, so we’ll, go ahead and use that one and then it’s. Gon na ask you to name your project. I’m gonna call it blog post traffic, alright, and then I’m gonna use the legacy editor using the same scribble energy.

We’re using it pretty previously. I guess you can use the freehand editor, create your project using the newly released scribble freehand, editor 2.0 recommended we’re. Just gonna go with the legacy and go from there.

Sqribble Review

Alright select then select one of the options you can create. Your even stuck write and create these beautiful ebook or you can grab from a URL, provide a website URL and automatically got to grab the content, which i think is awesome.

You can copy and paste it manually. You can upload a word file if you wanted, or you can start from an article collection. If you don’t have anything. All of these are pretty awesome. We’re gonna grab from a URL, because, basically, we’re, going to take this blog post that I created here about three basic ways proven ways to get more traffic to your website I created and we’re Gon na use that so I’m gonna copy the link to that come back here.

We’re gonna say next enter the link into the system say finish, and then we’re gonna sit back and wait for it to do its magic. I’m. Pretty curious me interested to see if this works, because man, it would be pretty interesting, so exciting loading, your contact right, generating your article, let’s, see alright, so learn SEO excited number one rankings, our third name.

Okay, so getting your content, it may take a while creating the pages for your content generating table of contents, which it gets does for you automatically and let’s, see all right. Wow! Look at that, so it did pull.

It ha ha three basic. Yet proven ways to get more traffic to your website all right, so we’re gonna. Do this probably take off the Chris’s G apart and may see if we could probably take this part off it’s.

Almost kind of like it’s, almost very similar to like clickfunnels. In a way you’ve ever used to click funnels it’s very similar. I want to make this black. I could probably do that, so they can see it more.

So I’m. I say three basically get proven way to eat more trapped, more traffic to your website and I just take take that out of right there yeah. So we do that yeah. Why see will let you do anything answer? You can obviously edit the color background, the link and all of that stuff.

You want to do even more elements. You can do things like this. Like, for example, I’m thinking of changing the text. Alignment is Center, so maybe I want to do to the right or leave in the center look at it, just a font size.

I think that will do that. You can do that. Okay, and I feel like there that’s. What I’m, looking for ya to kind of space it out, you know yeah, so that looks pretty good, all right cool. So then I think I might just take this part out altogether.

Yes, I’m sure all right, and then I can put my name down here. If I wanted obviously alright and then highlight make it bold, color darker, I’ll increase the font size and you right here and just increase the font size a little bit more yeah all right.

So yeah it’s, pretty good right and then look at that table of contents. It’s kind of already filled in what is traffic to your website me content is came with. Distribution is clean. How to get more traffic to my website direct traffic advantages of direct traffic disadvantage of direct traffic paid traffic advantages of paid.

This advantage organic advantages, disadvantages, and this was kind of the PS line that was in there. So you just get rid of that and get rid of the whole thing all together and then man, so that would be the table of contents.

This page, you can probably just get rid of this page all together. Yes, I’m sure and then man look at that want to know how to get more traffic to your website and this post and video. I will show you how three different way to do it, and then I mean wow.

It’s, pretty cool, pretty cool right. This is pretty cool. This was part that wasn’t thinking things. I could keep that if I wanted to Scott already had some pictures and yeah, so I think one thing about it is that it doesn’t have that whole flare so because I’m, pulling it from my blog post.

So that’s, one thing to kind of keep in mind, but, as you can tell, though it still looks really really awesome right, I mean, to be honest, it looks really really good and I could keep it like this. If I wanted, I can change some stuff around and new to it, and then you know this is my thank-you page, so I could probably get rid of all of this and then just kind of say you know and just say thank you get rid of that And then this would be my thank-you page right here.

Put that stuff here and so I’m and then once you’re done, basically, you could just say, publish it. If you wanted you to add new content, if you want colorizer different elements and pages and publish it, save save and exit, so I probably would just I could save it again.

I could say if I wan na you could just go ahead and publish the whole thing. We’re all together and then select client to publish select pages to publish, I could say all pages a client to publish. I don’t.

Have a client and then just say, publish, I guess you do so. I’ll. Just put my name and I can add a new client because you have to add a client all right. So let’s. Do that so a new client just put my name here and and then we’ll, say Save Changes I clients created, so we can go back here and they say: publish choose my name all pages.

They publish these mark check at least one page and try to again to publish we said to all pages didn’t. We alright. So let’s. Try that again, I here we go not would be to go. We said this is a live demo for you, I & # 39, ve done little mistakes and everything, so this looks pretty good, just kind of just wait to see for it.

To finish up. This is copy the URL. This is it right here. So if we wanted to check it out and see what it look like just put that right there and boom that’s, it right here. So if you wanted to send it to someone the client for them to look at, this would be what they would look at and they could basically click on.

It add comments, and you know tell you what they like about it, what they don’t like, and I mean this is a really just really good nice-looking – lead magnet right all from Polk Polk blog post you created already.

So this is pretty cool stuff, pretty pretty cool stuff, so that is that for the demo right there, my friends, so I hope that was helpful, alright, so internally, some of the things I like about scribble, like I said it’s, a simple professional Way to create content or need magnets for any niche you saw there was a bunch of different niches, a lot of different designs that you can choose from, and I mean you could create you books straight right, right straight from blog posts really fast right, which i Think is super brilliant.

They give a lot of pre-written article and then show you all that, but there are some articles available pre-written that you can get. You saw that option actually, when we are looking to see which one, how we wanted to create our ebook, the editing and feedback option that you can get from your clients, just by sending them the link, which I think it’s.

Super streamlined and awesome and you can use it to create an e-book freelancing business, which i think is one of the best ways to start making money online as a beginner just start creating start becoming up freelancer.

You can go to upward and find plenty of jobs that people are searching for that like they need help trying to get the people created. They will give you the content. They just need you to design it. Could you not design something really awesome with scribble Wow and make fifty to a hundred eighty two hundred bucks per job and even three hundred depending on your job and pretty cool, and I like the fact that you have control to edit anytime, you want, which is One of the big issues and challenges I’ve had sending the e-book and then maybe something needs to be changed, got to reach out to them.

The change links out and things like that, and they’ll call it charge you sometimes with that freelancer. So I don’t really like that. So much. This gives you the option to be able to do that on your own.

It’s, a one-time cost at the very minimum, six seven bucks, which i think is a great deal, and then you get a cookbook, my clickbank money back guarantee. You ask me just a few things I don’t like it’s number one.

There are free options, you can consider right. I mean yeah the other day you could do things like camera and camera is a great tool to creating ebooks and, among other things, thumbnails on other graphic designs, so that’s.

Something to consider camera has more flexibility than things that you can do with it, while scribble is merely just an e-book creator, but ebooks. It does, in my opinion, probably a little bit better than canva more simplified, just something to consider and then ideally you may still have to write content yourself, because you know you can grab content from blog posts and things like that.

But hey you got ta, be careful doing that right! You don’t want to like be copied company, cutting writing infringing or basically what’s. The word I’m looking for we just basically copying people’s, content and not you know rearranging it putting it in your own words.

Plagiarism is the one I’m. Looking for so, you got ta be careful with that, and then you may not want to use all the pre-medical, because if you’re using it other people might be using it too. You just want to kind of rewrite the content, use them as ideas as inspiration.

You create your own content and I think you don’t, think you will be a winner with that and then. Lastly, just always remember that things like this, my scribble is just a tool. They’re just tools. I hope you get results alright.

So if you don’t, if you don & # 39, t use the tool it won’t pay you the tool hit up itself, will not make you money. You have to use the tool and use it to like. Take the next steps towards making money or business whether you’re freelancer, whether you’re using it to generate leads and your business and then make sales from there.

Remember it’s, a tool and don’t, get caught up too much on all the nicely niceties of the tool right, but ultimately, at the end of the day, you’re, my rating, I do think of the nice Four stars: I think it’s in and of itself as a tool with a simple way to create professional-looking ebooks on these magnets to sell or do whatever you want.

They had used lots of flexibility, a lot of designs for the beginning marketer, so I really kind of like that. So hopefully this was helpful for you all right, hopefully hope you get an idea of how what you can do with scribble helped.

You understand its capabilities and things like that. Okay, if you enjoyed it, definitely get the video like sort of subscribing to the channel up here. If you want to check out scribble and get your chance to try it out right, I’ll, leave a link in the description below, so you can check out this ebook creative for yourself all right.

If you want to check out more videos on this channel how to make money online, I think you’ll like this one right here. So until the next exciting episode be blessed, stay hungry, see on the next one.


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