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Hi there this is Paul from the chatter pal team. By now you’ve, seen the true power of chatter pal and you’ve, also seen its amazing groundbreaking features. What I’m gonna do now is I’ll? Show you how you can quickly get set up with chatter pal within 60 seconds and then start getting results? You see 90 % of businesses don’t, have a chat agent on their website, so selling just one chatter pal can more than pay for your entire membership, and I’ll even show you where you can get hundreds of big-ticket clients Right in this video, I have my trusty countdown timer here.

So let me begin and let’s, create a brand new chatter pal campaign, with a fully built 3d avatar and with logo mapping for an e-commerce website, so that that e-commerce website can offer coupons and discounts to get more conversions.

And this again it’s. Gon na take us just 60 seconds. Let’s start this right now. First thing that you need to do is choose one of the avatars. I’m gonna scroll down and go to the next page, and I’m, going to choose kami and once I choose her, I just have to go up click Next now.

Let me show you something here. Let me pause the clock for a second and show you something cool here. You have some built in scripts that you can immediately use – and in this case, since it’s, an ecommerce website.

I’m just gonna change over and I can put any name everyone. I can choose the voice. I’m gonna put Sally as the voice and then you can edit any of this text. You can copy/paste it from anywhere. You choose as well.

Okay, now that we’ve chosen everything. You also have the option to record audio from your own computer right away within the app or upload a professional voice over or something like that here and it’s.

All gonna get lip-sync by the character automatically. Now, since I’m using text-to-speech, that is built-in. All I have to do is click import speech and then play the audio hello. My name is kami, so we tested it out.

It’s, pretty good, so all you have to do is go next and then let’s play it and then so we & # 39. Ve had about 55 seconds left or so far. So here we can do some customizations. As you can see, in my account on timer right here about 50 to 51 seconds left right now, so if I go here, we have avatars name.

You can update that. We can also update the color scheme, so I can change it over to this. Based on what team you want to go for now here’s, where we do the revolutionary logo mapping. All you have to do is just click.

This choose button to your right and then any logo that you put will automatically be resized and put over into these objects like bags or in that avatar itself. And you have a variety of options like a notepad bags, the avatars t-shirt hat and that’s, the thing and that’s beautiful because the customizations are available here and I’m just gonna leave it here.

I just chose the actual logo alrighty, we have another cool feature which is the mirror avatar its effect like this automatically it’s, gonna change, the avatar over to the other direction, meaning that bag, which was on the left hand, is now on The right hand, as you can see it’s, super intuitive.

You just check a few boxes and it’s, ready to go, and the next step is. We just go to number 4 of 6, which is the chat dialogue section here’s where it gets excited. You can add any element here. Any kind of customization I we have ready-made chat templates in a variety of different purposes.

For example, appointment booking you want to generate more leads more sales or just improve customer satisfaction and customer support. You can do that same thing here. In this case, I’m gonna choose the offer.

Coupon code already made a template right which, because it’s, an e-commerce website, we wan na generate more sales. So, if you see here this whole chat flow can be modified. You can just bring it up, bring it down and bring it to the side and you’ll say I want to change this where it says hi.

My name is avatar. Okay. I’m gonna change that over to hi my name’s, kami and so on, and here you can even add emoticons right. For example, I can add a smiling emoticon and so forth, and I just have to go down and click Save and by the way you have more flexibility, like you, can add a call-to-action, an image here or a video or even a button where you can send Them over to an older former, just a signup form and so on.

If you wish, I’m just gonna click Save and let’s go to the very next step here. You have more flexibility like, for example, play once per visit or blackout mode or show mute button or hide avatar after a deduction or start minimized, and also you have the attention, grabber, animation options and a few more flexibilities.

Here. I’m just going to with as-is I’m just gonna go next here. I’m gonna choose a name when I name it ecommerce campaign and you can also put an exit message if you will and finally we just go and click on the create campaign option here and boom.

You are done and ready to go that’s, all it took, and if I pull up my countdown timer, I just am going into zero seconds. So, as you can see even with explanations, it did not take me very long, even if we assume it’s gonna.

ChatterPal Agency

Take you triple the amount of time it took me that’s. Gon na still take you three to four minutes, which is not a long time to create a campaign like this one. Now, how do you actually get results with the chatter pal app? How can you actually monetize it? How do you get a revenue out of it and how can you really grow and scale your business with it, whether it’s, your own business or as a consultant or an agency? There are many ways.

One way to do. It is to use app for calm the biggest freelancer network out there. It’s, a publicly traded company, as you can see just for chat bot development itself. There’s, so many freelancers out here, making tens of thousands of dollars, and here, as you can see, $ 40 an hour for this one right here.

It goes all the way up to, as you can see here $ 70 an hour as well. Now the beauty is with this with chatter pal, you’re lightyears ahead of this competition, since you have unlimited text to speech automatic language translations in on top of that, you can create multiple chatter pal campaigns for the price of one.

While these folks are actually just building one chatter pal, you can build unlimited chatter, pals, maybe even five, ten of them and just charge the same price as these folks are charging because it’s faster for you to do, and as it is not Just some simple chat bot development, but a lot more than that for chatter pal, you’re, giving your clients an irresistible offer that they cannot find anywhere at any price.

It’s, a true irresistible offer for them. Another way to do it is to start charging your clients a monthly recurring fee for creating campaigns for them, and since you can create unlimited chatter, pala campaigns, the possibilities are endless.

For example, one of the top chat bot marketplaces, which does not have 3d avatars text-to-speech language, translation and so on, cost $ 600 a month just for their agency license and it’s limited to only 5 templates per month, as you can see here.

So you are again offering great value to your clients, but that is cheaper, easier and better than any other solution out there. The third way is for you to actually create any type of chatter pal, whether it’s, an e-commerce chatter pal, whether it’s, a local business, chatter, Paulo or lead generation, chatter, pal and so on, and you can actually list it For sale on this amazing new chat, bot marketplace called bot list so and bot list.

If you see it right here, there are many chat, BOTS and chat automation that is simple, not as advanced as chatter pal, getting hundreds and thousands of visitors who are interested in using these and buying them.

What’s? This, for example, you have hundred to thousand visitors for this one. You have one hundred thousand nine hundred here and this one is hundred thousand seven hundred. You got ninety three thousand four hundred here and then, if you scroll down slightly, you’re.

Looking at tens of thousands of customers, as well as visitors, who will be checking your chatter pal and your chat, automations and chat box that you’re building and buy from you. This is the easiest way to get free traffic and tens of thousands of them by just putting out your creative chatter pals out there in the marketplace under their web BOTS section.

And finally, if you go to google and type in something like Manhattan dentist, as you can see here, it cost six dollars. Fifty eight cents for every click on average that these folks or advertising on Google are actually paying to acquire one visitor meaning if they have to get one hundred visitors, that’s.

Six hundred fifty eight dollars. If I can go to London dentist, it’s, the same process again it’s, five dollars and sixty cents, every single click, and if I even go to Toronto dentist, as you can see here, I’m.

Looking at seven dollars and seventy one cents for every click, so imagine if you built 50 chatter. Pal campaigns – all you need is one single sale or appointment, or even a lead for these businesses, and they will happily pay you hundreds of dollars for it and they’re already, spending $ 7 or more perv.

Every single wizard that lands on their website and our whole team will help you every step of the way. So you are never stuck so now that you’ve. Seen the true power of chatter pal, I look forward to seeing you on the inside

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