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ChatterPal Commercial


Port staff, that’s available 24/7 and can interact with your visitors and get their questions answered all while helping you generate more sales. And what if I told you that you can do all that without hiring staff, virtual agents or selling out big bucks for sophisticated platforms? You know like what most fortune 500 companies are doing right now better.

Yet what if I told you that you can have them working on any website, even websites that aren’t yours, so you can get more leads and sales from other sites content, and, on top of all that, what if I told you that you Can do it all and much more using a state-of-the-art app that cost less than a dinner for two at a decent restaurant? Would you be interested hi there? This is Paul Khanna over the next few minutes.

I’m, going to introduce you to our latest cutting edge app that incorporates artificial intelligence, next-generation 3d animation technology and the industry-leading text-to-speech tech, innovation and that have made our top selling apps world famous and the best sellers throughout the world across multiple platforms.

Serving over 50,000 customers in just the last two years alone, then I also show you how you can harness it’s, awesome capabilities to grab your wizardess attention, get their questions, answered and guide them into your sales, funnels, faster and easier than ever before.

But that’s, not all you’ll, also learn how you can dramatically reduce the time you’re spending on customer email, us or even those pesky phone calls or Skype, calls to close more sales handles support issues and A whole lot more completely automated and while boosting engagement, reducing bounce rates getting more leads into your funnel and, more importantly, earning more profit for you and you better hang on, because that’s, just a glimpse of what you’re about To see get ready for chatter pal hi, I’m Laura I’m one of the many lifelike 3d avatars included inside chatter pal.

I’m, going to give you a tour and show you some of the powerful features. Chatter, Pal is your very own, fully interactive, artificial intelligence powered chat agent system. It will communicate with your visitors and walk them through an entire interactive sales process.

From start to finish, chatter Pal incorporates all of the latest and greatest innovations in chat, bot, AI and animation technology, and integrates it with our powerful lifelike text-to-speech that features over 100 voices and accents and an onboard translation engine which now supports over 25 languages.

So you can instantly translate from any language to any other language, with just a click resulting in a full-featured powerhouse that’s super easy to use. Now you can net more leads and sales from your existing traffic without increasing your workload or ad spends.

What’s even more amazing, is that you can utilize chatter pal to get leads and sales from other sites that aren’t even yours by leveraging our exclusive live link. Technology Paul and his team spent the last two years.

Developing chatter pal, so marketers, like you, gain yet another solid edge over the competition. Consider it your latest secret weapon to win the battle against high bounce rates, increasing shopping, cart, abandonment and declining leads and sales.

Look it’s been proven time and time again, the longer you keep visitors on your site, the higher the chances of converting them into qualify. I leads at the very least, and we all know that the old-school ways of keeping visitors engaged just don’t deliver results.

The way they used to the painful reality is that when it comes to getting quality, leads and buyers, it’s tougher than ever these days engagement strategies like autoplay videos, which, by the way, Google Chrome now blocks pop-ups, overlays and other strategies, just don’t do the job on the flip side of that it’s been proven that chat box not only work, but if used properly, they help improve user experience, boost engagement and increase customer satisfaction as well as sales.

So imagine having your own fully branded and personalized a I powered chat, bot avatar like me, interacting with your visitors, then imagine what that can do for your business with a chatter pal agent on the job you’ll, get more leads subscribers and sales Easier than ever before, how, by utilizing our unique a I powered, chat flow technology which takes your visitors from point A to point C of your entire sales or subscription process in a fun and intuitive way.

How it works is based on a simple but powerful premise. If you can get more engagement from your visitors and guide them into taking actions toward your desired ultimate goal, you’ll, get better results; in fact, we guarantee you’ll, get better results, oh and here’s, something else That’s, really cool with our revolutionary new logo, mapping technology a market.

ChatterPal Commercial

First, you can easily brand your chat avatar with your site or company logo like this, giving you another awesome way to establish your brand in your niche. With our super easy to use, dashboard and chat flow editor, you can give your avatar the custom, look and voice that you want a set up only takes a few minutes with no technical skills or knowledge required whatsoever.

Just follow a few easy steps select and customize. The chat flow using one of our pre-written templates or write. It yourself select a few options and you’re good to go now. Let me introduce you to Dave to tell you more thanks, Laura I’ll, be taking over from here.

Chatter, pal can help guide your visitors leads and customers through an entire sales process on any website or e-commerce store. From start to finish, it can also help your visitors get the answers they need and find exactly what they’re.

Looking for on your site quickly and easily – and you can get it all up and running within a matter of minutes, chatter pal runs on Google’s superfast and secure cloud network. You can easily access it from any computer or mobile device on any browser.

It’s, loaded with tons of features and capabilities. Then, until now I & # 39. Ve only been available to companies with big budgets. You get the incredible power of chat, bot, automation, AI, our world-famous 3d avatar tech, as well as our cutting-edge text-to-speech and instant translation technologies and a whole lot more.

All in one easy-to-use app, even better with our game-changing Live Lync technology. You can harness the power of chatter pal to get leads and buyers by simply showcasing content on other high-traffic sites, with no sites or landing pages of your own needed, pretty awesome huh.

Now, once you have your chat, flow and Avatar configured chatter! Pal does the rest? You can change your update. Your avatar and chat flows anytime on-the-fly create your own custom branded avatars. Even animal avatars in a snap chatter pal enables you to guide visitors into your sales funnel or convert them into fully qualified leads for your product or service.

You can even utilize it to help close sales on your econ stores or set appointment for your brick-and-mortar business. The possibilities are endless: entice your visitors with a coupon promo code or special discount to help close a sale or get them on your list by offering a free giveaway that’s, tailored just for them best of all, without even needing an opt-in page.

All your visitors do is reply with their email address via the chat, and you can add them to your list in a snap and hang on, because there’s more coming up. Hey there, I’m Jessica. I’ll, be showing you around a bit more with chatter pal.

You can even use live human actors on green screen to be your chat agents upload. Any green screen spokesperson, video and instantly turn it into your very own. Interactive chat agent with invisible background.

You can also record yourself in any green or white background and turn yourself into a chat agent within minutes. It’s that easy. You can use any of our customizable avatars with either a pre-recorded voice track or our text-to-speech technology, whatever you want set up a chat bot that’s, just right for you and your brand, you get a huge selection of our latest generation.

3D, animated human and animal avatar characters all equipped with our instant lip. Sync technology want to use your own voice or an actor’s voice. It lets you record your own voice or upload an audio track to the editor, and then it trains, your app avatars lip movements to properly sink to it.

So the avatar speech flows, naturally, no other app on the market can do this with our text-to-speech technology. You get total control over the voice, gender language and even accents in a single click.

You can have your avatar speaking in any language. Giving you truly global reach here are just some examples. This is the same: cutting-edge voice, technology that powers, Google, home and Amazon. Alexa chatter pal include el mejor motor de texto, Evo’s del mundo, puedo creer, a gente de chat limit ADO’s en cualquiera yeomen minutos para vendor ma su servicio Sen, todo el mundo, a vegetable vous pouvez avez des amis de Bunda addiction, disease under control, a command, a clear reason, service clientele, a beyond atrocious uncle Ferdinand is a stoat animal.

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We move into mice pelo para su by Shakira 7, esta página with chatter pal. It’s, never been easier to have an attention-getting, a high-powered sales or support agent working on any site. You want even on sites you don’t own with our easy, step-by-step training and pre-written templates.

You’ll. Have it up and running in minutes guaranteed? Oh and probably the coolest thing about chatter pal. Is it’s, an incredible a I powered smart analytics technology? This is our onboard AI powered, analytics engine itself.

Learning one of my fellow avatars will tell you all about it a bit later down this page after this video is done in a few more minutes. Trust me, you, don’t want to miss that and remember you also get a commercial license.

So you’ll, be able to install chatter pal on client websites and build a whole new, recurring revenue stream for your business. We’ll, even show you how you can access your chatter pal, secure, dashboard on any device, including tablets and smartphones.

It doesn’t matter. What kind of browser or device your visitors are using to access your site. Your chatter pal agents will work seamlessly, no matter what it’s, easy to add chatter pal to any existing website, just paste in a small snippet of code and it’s ready to roll.

There are so much more to cover about what chatter pal can do, but we’d, be here all day, so be sure to check out the rest of this page and get all the details. Then click the button to take advantage of the incredible introductory low price back to you.

Paul thanks. You’re, going to want to check out this entire page and don’t miss the odd third video below about our smart analytics. It’s, a game changer and be sure to check out our very own chatter pal agent, along with demos of chatter pal running on different kinds of websites.

Just taking it an idea of how intuitive and versatile it really is understand that chatter pal can do so much more than just boost leads or sales on websites or EECOM stores, hair salons and nail salons can use it to book appointments.

Fit areas can use it to take orders, we are their website, so mobile, apps or doctors or dental offices can use it to generate more leads or to get patients, questions and answered, and so much more. The possibilities are truly endless.

Now, keep in mind that during the special launch period you could unlimited access to chatter pal. That means you can place chatter pals on unlimited sites, and you can also get the commercial license included for a low one-time price.

That means you can install chatter pal on client websites as well for sweet monthly fees, so be sure to take advantage of this right now, while it’s still available during this highly limited offer, don’t, miss old ink bonuses are Throwing in during the special launch Peter, including our special training, with real world case studies of actual businesses running it, the bonuses alone, plus the commercial license, are easily or thousands of dollars, and if you take advantage of this right now, they’re.

Yours for free and as always, there’s, zero risk on your part whatsoever to give chatter pal a full test drive because your back bar, I don’t glad no questions asked 30 day. Money-Back guarantee so check the rest of this page and grab chatter pal at the highly discounted price, while it’s still available.

This is Paul poni and I’m looking forward to helping you crush it this year.

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