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DFYdyno – 100

[ Music, ] hi conor crowley. Here today, i’m. Looking at the new launch of video dyno video dyno comes out on the 7th of october 11 a.m. Eastern standard time, essentially, video dyno is a three-in-one video app that enables you to create video sales letters, video ads, video of affiliate review videos, for instance all on an automated basis.

Without you actually going in front of the camera yourself now look at how it all comes together, i’ve, got a access to the dashboard and we can see how easy the software is to use, but essentially this enables any marker, for instance, an Affiliate marketer to actually produce review videos without actually getting in front of the camera at all.

Now you would go on and complete a short questionnaire questionnaire about the the product that you’re reviewing and then that will actually produce a video review for you, um without actually getting in front of the camera.

Now, if that’s, the sort of thing that appeals to you, along with some of the other features of video diner, i also have a great bonus to go with that, along with some other bonuses, but one bonus i do have this week or With video dyno is the incognito method.

So if you like, the idea of not having to get in front of the camera yourself and the inconito method is a bonus tutorial that talks through how to set up your business um in such a way that you keep yourself off camera.

So to speak. So that’s, one of the bonuses, along with a couple of other great bonuses that i’ve, got to include in that as well. First of all, what i’m going to do is quickly jump on to the review page, where you can get access to that at the bottom of this video.

If you click on to the link there, that’ll bring you through to my review page. So let & # 39. S. Have a look at that now? Okay, so here we are on the review and bonus page and just to point out this review page and bonuses that come with.

It are only up available up until the 12th of october, just before midnight, after which these bonuses will be taken down. So if you are interested in picking up video dyno, then you would need to act before then so as to secure the bonuses that i’ll go through in just a moment, so video dyno, the first thing just to point out it’s the world’s.

First three-in-one video sales, app, which writes flawless ads and video sales script, creates videos and brings in instant buyers to your funnels and websites all from one dashboard, including proven scripts, that convert so that’s.

The headline, as i say so, it’s, a simple video, creating software that actually is open to all different types of marketers. So let’s just get a bit more information about video dyno. Now i will point i’ll, go on to the dashboard in just a moment, but you can see the types of scripts that even in this demonstration you can see who it actually could work for down.

Here is uh, for instance, an affiliate review. Video scripts, but there’s, also youtube ad scripts, facebook, instagram video scripts and so on. So there’s, lots of different options that you can or or pre, made scripts that you can pick up for well completely depending on the niche or the type of video that you would actually want.

What do you actually want to create? So again, the the full demonstration is on my review page, if you click on the link at the bottom of this video that will bring you through to this page. So what is video dyno? All about video dyno helps you to create profitable video ads and video sales letter scripts and convert them into videos as well all on the cloud, so anything using videos now.

So it really opens up uh video marketing to anyone um and, as i & # 39, ll show you in a minute – and i mentioned a moment ago. It doesn’t need your particular involvement or require you to actually get in front of the camera.

So video dynamo lets you finally auto write video scripts that sell and turn them into video sales, letters or video ads in just a few clips. No scratching your head, starting from scratch, no copywriting needed no complex, video, editing, click, create and sell, creating video sales, letters and video ads has never been easier.

All you have to do is answer a few short questions and the ai auto writes you a proven video sales script and converts it into fully customizable video with slides text images, background and more added included, spend the next few minutes customizing your video, as you like, Add your logo, voiceover or text to speech and download your video ready to help you sell your products and service or affiliate offers, so that’s the overview.

Now i will go through just the prices in a moment, but if you wanted to get access to video dyno from my review page, then it’s. A case of clicking on one of these click here to get access right now buttons and that will bring you through to the sales page now.

The sales page is a very comprehensive sales page, as you would expect for something like this now. The marketers behind this are neil napier, abbey and patrick, as well, abby de verdi and patrick enyun, and they are all seven figure marketers.

DFYdyno – 100

So this is shows the caliber of this particular software and the people behind it. These are serious, marketers and very experienced all three seven-figure marketers. So you know the sort of caliber this um software is with those three people behind it as they you can go onto the sales page.

It’s very, very detailed with all the various different sales proofs and such like go through that in your own time. What i’m going to do now is jump straight on to the dashboard. Now, when you log into video dyno, this is essentially what your dashboard will look like.

Obviously you won’t. Have this is the the review dashboard for me in order to get access to it, and you won’t? Have the 195 campaigns, and so on, but straight away. I would point out, on the left hand side there’s, a full training schedule, as you would expect so that you can get the most out the software and you can hook up your social media accounts and so on.

If we just click on there yeah you can connect facebook and there, but if we go into the create video section, the first thing you would then do is actually you would need to actually select the type of video that you’re, going to Actually create, as you would see here, you have the various options that i mentioned a minute ago.

So, if you wanted to, for instance, create a affiliate review video script, then it would be a case of clicking that template. That would then bring you through to a series of very short questions: um about, for instance, the niche um and the type of product that it is, and obviously the product name, and then that would then create a script for your video.

Now, if we can see here, this is one that’s been made earlier, and you can look through here, and here is the script. Once you’ve completed your various different questions. Then there is a script that is then created for your video, so you can see you & # 39.

Ll learn what the cloud-based software is all about: a live demonstration of how it works, and then ultimately it brings through through having created the video, and you can see here’s, the examples of some of the videos that have now been created.

Now i’m, not going to go through the full creation side of video dyno, but in order to get the full run through on that, if you access my review page, you can see the demonstration of how the actual software all comes in now.

It’s, a short five minute demonstration, but it will talk you through how it all comes together, but you can see just running through the actual dashboard and software itself. It’s, all very straightforward and clean to what you follow.

So it’s, create video, you add in your script and then it will pre-populate the script ready for you. That gets then transferred into a video template, which you can then use to actually start promoting, whether it be a video or a youtube ad or a review affiliate review video.

It’s all created there for you using the software. So now, jumping back on to my review and bonus page. So we & # 39, ve talked through the main features of video dyno, but how much does it cost well, the front end cost is just 47, and that includes commercial use for clients as well, and you can create video sales scripts and all the other features.

So upsell video scripts, opt-in, page video scripts, pre-launch, video scripts, cross-sell, video scripts, youtube, video ads facebook and instagram video ads affiliate review videos and there are 16 unique style templates available and 100 sales.

Video renders per day you’re allowed with the front end there’s, also, 40, 000 images, 5, 000. Video clips and 650 background music in the music library as well. So, in terms of the front end cost it’s very, very comprehensive what you actually get with the front end cost of just 47 dollars now upsell number one is the unlimited version.

Now the uh for sixty seven dollars um and the um unlimited upgrade is possibly the most powerful upgrade. We’ve ever offered in a funnel with the video dyno. Unlimited users will be able to create unlimited videos, so this one is limited to 100 sales videos per day, whereas the unlimited obviously is, as it suggests, unlimited.

So that’s for dollars, and then they’re done for you with the done for you, dyno upgrade at 197 dollars. You will get access to the done for you. Scripts, video products, video sales, letters, sales pages and more with complete white label rights that they can set up and start selling immediately, so that’s, the done for you, then there is upsell.

Number three is the business edition with the video biz users? Will get full business features, including a custom done for you professional, look, looking youtube business website with a custom checkout as well, so that’s.

Upsell number three upsell number four is the voice reel voice rule is our brand new tech that helps anyone create real human, like voiceovers for their videos in multiple different language languages using ai voice rule.

It lets your users create tons of voiceovers with full control control over how they will sound and an easy to use editor to edit merge or change the voice tone pitch as you like. So this is again upsell number four is ideal for those marketers who actually want to stay off camera, and it therefore includes a voiceover with your review videos again.

This might be perfect for someone, for instance, where english isn’t your first language um and therefore this voice. Real option is a real, real, attractive part of the package on upsell number, four and definitely worth considering and then upsell number five player, neos professional player neos is a cloud-based interactive video creator that helps turn any ordinary video into a sales machine.

Using this, your customer will can add buttons menus buy now buttons, opt-in, forms new for new customs, thumbnails logos, watermarks and even autoplay the videos on any browser. They can also find other high traffic videos and piggy bank them on with their opt-in buttons as well, so that’s up some number five.

So now i’m looking at the actual bonuses, so with the purchase of video dyno, you’ll. First of all, get bonus number one harness the power of video ads with video dyno and stay anonymous with the incognito method.

So this is a tutorial that talk through the best way to actually set up your business while still remaining anonymous and staying off camera yourself, which obviously goes really well with video dyno and the package that it offers there as well.

That’s. Bonus number one bonus: number two is access to bounce back links now. That is my recent course that i released that talks through how to set up simple backlinks to various different social media platforms and blogs and websites all on an automated basis.

That will help your videos rank better on such things as youtube um. So this is a bonus that i’ve thrown in that i’m very, very proud of that. We’ll talk you through that as well. If you haven & # 39, t already got a copy of bounce back links so that’s.

Bonus number two bonus. Number three is easily create high converting video sales letters with video dyno and the ultimate traffic mantra. Now this is again a tutorial about driving traffic to your videos, to increase the engagement from various different social media platforms, all on a free basis, and so that’s.

The ultimate traffic mantra, as bonus number three bonus – number four – is get video dyno and use it to sell pre-built evergreen products that return consistent sales with band el bandito. Now el bandito is, as it suggests, is a series of evergreen products that produce consistent sales, that you can use video dyno to actually focus on, and so, if you’re looking at products to actually market and promote, then bell bandito produces a number Of evergreen products that are great to actually build a campaign for the long term around so that’s.

El bandito, which is bonus, number four and then bonus number five is yes, just confirmation that, with your purchase of video dyno, you get access to all the vendor bonuses as well. So, in order to actually pick up video dyno, then it’s, a case of clicking on one of these click here to get access right now that will bring you through to the sales page.

That looks something a little bit like this, where you would then need just to press one of these buttons to actually complete your purchase of video dyno okay, so that was my review of video dyno. I hope you found it useful to get access to video dyno.

Then it’s, a case of clicking on one of the links at the bottom of this video that & # 39. Ll bring you through to my review page, where you can pick up the bonuses and you can click on get access there, and that will bring you through to the sales page, which we also had a look at, and you can complete your purchase from there.

For more information about me, then you can get that at connor, hyphen crowley.com or if you’ve enjoyed this video, then do click on the subscribe button and that’ll. Keep you in check whenever, whenever i release some more reviews, so thanks for watching see you again soon.


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