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DFYdyno – 50

Welcome to video dino in this video i’m, going to show you how you can use video dinos cloud technology to create lead capture, video scripts, facebook and instagram video scripts long form, sales, video scripts, youtube, ad video scripts, upsells, video scripts, cross-sell video Scripts pre-launch video scripts, affiliate review video scripts and convert all of them into video ads and video trails that are, with a proper, beautifully rendered video that you can download and publish on your sales pages on your funnels on your websites and start making money online.

Now the first step is when you log into copy.videodyno.com, you get to create a video script page, and this is where you start creating your video script now, depending on what you want to create. You pick one of the options.

Let’s say for the demonstration purpose. We want to create a lead capture, video script. So when you click on that and click continue, i can pick from one of the pre-fill scripts that i’ve created already or i could just select, none go to continue and give it a name.

Let’s, say video, real and click on continue now creating a script writing a script using the ai in video copy diner is super easy. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions and it will create the script for you.

For example, i’m, just gonna type in some things here and click and continue, and then there are a couple more questions that i have to answer. I can answer all of these and click on write script and the ai will take all the data that i’ve entered here and write a perfect script for me.

The same way you can create a long form sales, video script as well. You answer a few questions about your product, about yourself about your uh audience that you’re trying to target, and the ai will write a brand new high, converting video sales script for you that you can convert into a video now for this demonstration Purpose, i’ve, already created a sample script that we’re gonna use to convert into a sales video.

Now this is the script that the ai had created for me now. What i want to do, finally, is convert this script into a video, so i’m, going to click on the create video from script, and when i do that it takes me to the video creation part.

Now you will see all these scripts that are already here and what i’m going to do is this is the one that i’ve recently created. I click on edit and you will see that the script is already added to my timeline.

All the slides have already been created and the text on all the slide has already been added. Now i can select the text edit. The way i want i can change the positioning, i can increase or decrease the font size to whatever i want.

I can change the font color. I can add a background to the font. I can change the background from images to videos or you can even upload one of my videos or images. If i want on this slide, i can add a background music or i can upload my own voiceover for this specific slide.

I can use text to speech. So i can convert this. I’m glad to have you here this sentence into a u.s, english or one of these different languages using one of the accents and convert that for this specific slide, and i can add a logo, i can add a watermark.

I can position them wherever i want. I can add video frames from tons of different options for this specific slide and for the entire video i can add, an intro video and an outro video which could be a logo stringer, a logo animation or a thank you.

DFYdyno – 50

Video in the end and whatever, and once you’re done customizing the video which has already been pretty much created for you or using our ai. Once you’re done doing that. What you can do is click on publish video and it will start rendering the video for you that you can later download or share on facebook and youtube direct from our dashboard.

So it’s. Pretty easy to create. Can high converting video sales letter video ads using video dyno, you simply log into the dashboard answer a fake question. This app creates the script for you, which is proven to convert proven to get you higher video retention proven to get you more sales.

More engagement from your videos and you never have to start from scratch, and that is the aim of video dyno, and once your script is created, you can quickly effortlessly and easily convert that into a video script into a decent good.

Looking video that you can quickly publish and start running traffic stay making money, so this is what video diner does. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our support desk. We’ll, be happy to help.

You cheers

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