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Hi and welcome to deep papa’s living and flip-flop life. The one thing that you’re looking for online is to basically build your business online or make money online right. That’s. Why you’re on my channel? Well, there are tools out there that actually teaches you how to the different strategies, how to make money online, but the real.

The real money is actually in the business that you’re, going to be building at one point or another online. Now there’s. One thing that a lot of people get they get confused when they’re, getting started online.

There’s, so many tools, so many trainings. So much so much so many things out there that are teaching you how to do this, but you don’t know how to put them together and i’m. Pretty sure you & # 39, ve invested in a lot of tools and software and platforms, and you still haven’t made it work for you, and maybe maybe it’s, because you’re, not actually putting yourself in The position where you’re, an authoritative figure like basically you’ve, bought all that training.

You know what’s going on you’ve got tools, but you you’re, not using them properly. Now let me give you an example: one more time uh, my girlfriend, my fiance, not my girlfriend, my future wife to be was actually in the tourist um section and when kovitt hit, that was it her job just went zero that they weren’t Even paying her so she actually started crying didn’t know what to do.

I was here to save her. I told her. The first thing that you’re gonna do is actually become a freelancer yourself, but i’m. Not i don’t. I don’t, know anything and i’m like well. You learn something: what is it that you want to learn and she wanted to learn pinterest and she actually bought herself a course put it to a test, found the secrets, put the strategy in place and then start seeing results for her own business.

Then, at holder go over to upwork, for example, build yourself a profile and start selling your services that you’re, a pinterest manager. Some like you’ve done it. You’ve, got proof that you & # 39. Ve worked it on yours.

Now you can do it by getting clients there. In just seven days, she was able to actually land her first clients. She’s, now got a full-time income, and that was not even a month after she started uh. Following my my strategies now another little quick story, my neighbor she’s.

Having issues she doesn’t have a job. Today i was over there and actually told her to take the same steps that my fiance did now. A funny story about this is that i even told my sister, who’s, an actual graphic designer to go out and do the same thing, because kovid actually got people working from home.

But the problem is during that time: um my fiance got lucky and she got into upwork at the time where they weren’t, because i i think i think the system broke down from so many people actually signing up to upwork to become a Freelancer or work from home, my sister, who’s, actually got like 20 years under her as a graphic designer wasn’t able to get into upwork my girlfriend, my fiance did and she’s, actually making a full-time income Right now i’m.

Telling you basic story is that follow my steps. You’ll, see results now, if, if my sister didn’t make it that was just the wrong timing, i’m, pretty sure it’s. It’s, easy to get in now, but other than that it’s.

It’s, not just about that. It’s about you, building a business online and you becoming some kind of agency for some kind of tool or service that you can provide. Now. I know most of you thinking that you don’t, have the actual um, the the ability, the skills or you you’re brand new and you’re still worried.

Well trust me when i was starting out. I wasn’t an expert in facebook marketing i didn’t, know any social media marketing, but i sold myself like i was and at the same time i was landing jobs and i did – and i was learning while taking action with The my clients i mean there’s, so many ways of getting into this, but it’s all about you not putting blocks and sabotaging yourself and doing so now owning your own local business is awesome building.

It is the worst thing that you can be thinking about doing, okay. So what, if you had everything done for you like? We’re talking about everything done for you, agency, business kit done for you, video marketing done for you, social media, everything, facebook, ads web design, graphic design, everything as you can see right here, message, bot setup.

I mean we’re talking about everything done for you like a whole box, a local business box. I’m, going to show you exactly what you’re getting inside, but before i do before, i show you inside the this local agency box, because i really want you to get started.

I want you to get understand the process of you becoming some kind of freelancer or service person, etc. Now i decided look there’s, a lot of details in here right, but i wanted to give you some bonuses.

Local Agency

Box VideoKit

I created some bonuses to help. You now i mentioned that my fiance actually was able to start making money in just seven days. Okay, in just seven days of signing up to upwork, i was able to help her generate her first client.

We’re gonna show. You me and my fiance gonna, do this video together to explain how you’re gonna be setting up this profile of yours. So you can start landing the little tricks and tips that i actually gave her, that she put into action and she started seeing results.

This hasn’t been shared with anybody and it’s. I’m, giving you the ability to get inside this little case study where you’re gonna be able to land your first client following my fiance’s; footsteps, something that from a newbie that she took action.

I took action. I’m gonna show you what i did as well, and we’re gonna reveal everything on how i was able to land my first three hundred dollars a month a month that paid me for two years. Okay and then i landed at 700 a month and then and then i just left the freelance thing, because my business just went boom after i started working on affiliate marketing, but in general this is how i started, and this is how you can get started.

I remember when i was fired, i was i was like okay, i can find a job online. I can do something online right now. This is the perfect opportunity for all you folks sitting out there, not knowing what to do with your, because that’s, exactly what my neighbor is doing.

So i gave her some pointers on what she needs to do and how she’s going to take action. I want you to do the same thing. I’m, going to show you what you need to do and that’s, going to be my bonus, 104 local agency box that i’m, going to be showing you in a bit what’s? What’s? Exactly inside, i’m, going to show you how you can build your business legitimately online.

The one thing, the objection that i got from my neighbor upstairs was like. Well, i didn’t check things, because what am i going to be doing about paying taxes? I’m, like oh, my god, you didn’t even start making money, and you’re, worried about that.

Don’t worry about that, and i’m, going to explain what you need to do, how you can build your business and register a business, something that’s, affordable, something you could do from home. If you’re worried about that, i & # 39, ve got the i & # 39.

Ve got the answer in bonus number two. This is a video that i created to help you achieve what i’ve been able to achieve 2012, i was broke, i was fired and i was sent home and i was able to build my business from home because i knew i had the Skills, i knew i could learn the skills.

If i didn’t know it, and i did okay, so that’s. Bonus number two. I’m gonna show you how bonus three. I’m, going to help you build your business online as well. Even though in local agency box, you’re, giving yourself a website, you’re, giving yourself all these other tools that i’m, going to be sharing with you, but i’m, also going to be giving You access to a free, funnel builder.

You can build three up to three websites on there. You can actually perform uh. You can actually build for you for your clients as well and make money from that too. I’m, going to show you how you’re, going to be doing it using the bonus number three.

I’m, getting your funnel builder, but i’m, going to show you as well how you’re, going to be making money from it. I didn’t. Add it anywhere here. I just thought about it. So i thought it was a good additional to my bonuses, so for this it’s, a good way for you to get started and start making money.

With this specific funnel builder, i’m, going to be giving you okay, so that’s. Bonus number three! Now! Oh now i’m, seeing some missing bonuses here. I need bonus. Number four. Okay, so let me let me hold on now bonus number four.

I’m gonna, be showing you how you’re gonna get serious serious clients over to your business. Once you’ve set it up now, the setting up is going to be easy because you & # 39. Ve got everything done for you.

All you have to do is just put it on some kind of domain. Where you’re. Going to be able to send the traffic to now, i’m, going to show you how you’re, going to be landing clients easily through linkedin.

Now this way i’m, going to be showing you a specific ad that you can create on linkedin, which is very affordable, but a very it can make a big impact on your business really quickly and find the actual buyers that you want.

The clients that you want the buyers – okay, so that’s, bonus number four that i’m sharing with you that uh bonus number five. Is we’re, giving you ten done for you lead magnets. You can be using for your opt-in pages for your business, so this is pretty good 10 premium done for you, it’s, got squeeze page copy and graphics.

You’re going to be using and something to give away. Traffic cover is basically a software to help you. Basically, when you’re sharing your your your uh pinterest facebook, twitter um, your images are gonna, be um hoverable.

I don’t know how to explain where you can share it. So it’s, pretty engaging so it’s, pretty cool little software thing, client extractor! This is a software where you’re, going to be extracting clients where you can, that are locally in your area.

If you wanted to do local businesses, you’re, going to be able to use this software as well, how to blast your offer straight into your inbox. This is a special um report where i’m, showing you how you can actually send email without an autoresponder.

Okay, you can send out emails, no list, no autoresponder required uh. You can send over 50 plus emails, uh uh et cetera, so that’s, a pretty cool bonus for you to use bonus. Number nine is traffic bang.

This is a it &. # 39 s, a it’s, a software tool that you can actually start sharing uh. It works with plugin uh with the wordpress, and it will help you share your business and stuff like that and vidlock allows you to capture leads uh through locking videos that you might be uh sharing and we there’s.

Also, videos included inside the box, the local agency. Now inside your local agency box, you’re, going to be getting the done for you. Business with this is a business kit for for up to 10 websites. There’s.

All these ready-made agency website video marketing agency, um okay, so you’ve got facebook, advertising agency, social media marketing agency web design agency. All these are inclu everything’s inside, like you’re ready to go.

Okay, they & # 39. Ve got a ready-made website for you to go ahead and check out and use. Okay, you & # 39. Ve got the uh the assets that you’re, going to be downloading, and you & # 39. Ve got proposals.

Email sequences, telemarketing, scripts, commercial, graphics, web banners, facebook, ad creative contract agreement and each one each of these agency kits has its own um setup. Like i mean come on the value that you’re getting here, you will not find anywhere.

We’re, covering every aspect of the online business: okay from video marketing to facebook, advertising social media web, designing graphic design, messenger box, mobile app restaurant agency, seo agency content marketing agency.

Any of these agencies that you can set up your business on freelance sites where you can sell your offers or learn from the training that you’re, going to be getting on how to drive traffic, how to find clients how from the bonuses.

I’m, going to be giving you you’re, going to be able to actually build a business from scratch with tools that are already done for you. I mean it really. Doesn’t get better than this. I mean you have everything: okay, everything.

Now this is pretty pretty powerful. All right. You get uh tools. You have um uh everything that’s; everything that you need to get started now. There are upsells that you can check out on my review post.

I don’t want to go through the upsells, but i’m telling you right now. Just the front end on its own is enough for you to get started right now and with the bonuses that you’re going to be getting from me will help you achieve faster results faster and all the results that i’m.

Showing you are based on my own results: they’re, not based on theory. They’re, based on real results that i’ve, been able to generate thousands on upwork. My my my fiancee is my number one uh testimonial on how she’s been able to build her business in less than a week in less than a week without any of these tools.

But she’s done it alone, but i know a lot of you would love to have these tools at hand. I i’m, loving the fact that i’m. Getting these tools at hand and just to show you that i’m, not bs in you. My fiance and myself are actually building a digital agency together, and this is because we want to maximize our results with everything.

This is the website. We’re building uh for our business. This is the logo that i created. We’re, calling it social, pure marketing, and she’s, actually building it right now. Uh katarina’s. Building this page uh, you have the chance of building your own uh, build a website through the funnel builder that i’m, giving you and but other than that we are going to be really working on this um as a serious business between me And her because we work from home – and this is our dream – because we can make a lot more money with having our own little agency and providing people with services.

So this is proof of the fact that, as an affiliate marketer as a blogger myself, this is the the right way to go. If you want to do online anything now, i’m, going to tell you something when i first started.

I did start off as a freelancer. I was never an affiliate marketer. Actually, the freelance job opened up doors where i didn’t realize there were there like affiliate marketing, it actually opened up another door like oh wow.

What’s going on here, but the freelance thing was my first job that i landed after i was fired and we’re talking about not even a month after i was fired. I took action i signed up. I created account on upwork, i built my profile.

I just built it to be professionally made. I made myself a social media marketer, it was expert and i landed my first job and it was a bed and breakfast in new zealand and they were paying me 300. A month for two years, that was a huge achievement for me to say, like you know what this online thing works, but what, if you’ve, got all these tools that are going to be helping you, you’ve, already invested in So many software and tools you’ve, been purchasing and buying.

All these affiliate push button make money online, uh training, you haven’t done anything with it, because i guess that’s, why you’re still here! Well now that you have all that knowledge, you have all those tools.

You have these software tools that i gave you that you bought that you have invested. You can put it all together and start making money with this, because this is what local agency box is gonna. Do for you all the tools that you’ve ever bought online will finally make you roi, because you have something about for about and every anything you’ve got chat, bot uh software tools, you’ve, got uh facebook Ad the training you’ve got oh, you & # 39.

Ve got everything okay, putting it together with a done for you, uh agency box is uh is a really special opportunity for anybody to get started. Uh. You got to listen to me if, if you’re, not going to listen to me now, like you know, this is also saving you a lot of time and creating creating.

Oh, my god, imagine you being able to sell these services that are done for you to other people that are looking for these services might as well. Do it you know. So what i want you to do is come here, scroll down, check out all the upsells see if this is something for you check out my bonuses again, all these are the bonuses i’m gonna be providing you with and then just come And click on this all right: it’s.

Gon na take you over to the actual offer, and you’re gonna purchase it it’s. Gon na you’re gonna get the bonuses delivered in the google doc once you’re inside, and you will get ready to activate your own local marketing agency.

I’m telling you again. Listen to me make this decision to get in now, because you’re, getting a lot of stuff here, uh for a lot for such a low price. Okay, i i don’t know how else i can explain this, but uh the having an agency box like this will not only help you as a freelancer, but also in your business in general.

You can see what what is the right way of having a funnel. What is the right way of creating ads? What is the right way of having banners to promote, etc? Okay, so this is, this is the best way to get you get on there.

All right do this: you have your first business online use the bonuses from what i’m teaching you and you’re gonna, have your first business legitimate business, doing exactly what i’m, doing guys and girls.

Okay! So thank you for watching. Thank you for liking. I hope you like this review for local agency boxes going live today. It’s october 9th uh, and i want you to pick it up because i know this is something that you can make money from either through clients freelancing or for your own business, and it’s pretty powerful in general.

The the uh it’s, quality, the the tools that they have for. You are quality the designs, everything quality; okay, it’s; nothing cheap! This is not rehashed stuff. This is something that you can actually build, something from.

Okay, you get a website, you get done for you play, everything is done for you, okay, thank you and i’ll talk to you inside the local local agency box, peace out, [, Music ]. You

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