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Hey what’s going on everyone? It’s jonah here from john hi from amsterdam.com. Welcome to my local agency box review. Now there isn’t, actually a members area available for me to show you uh, because most of this is actually delivered via email as soon as you purchase, but what it basically consists of is 10 higher in demand services that have been done for You so you’re, going to get 10 done for you agency marketing kits now these kits are going to consist of a well kit number one is for video marketing agency, and this is going to consist of a website.

It’s. Also going to consist of proposals, high optimized, cold call, email sequences, pimp to sell telemarketing scripts print, ready, commercial graphics and templates for facebook done for you, facebook ad creatives done for your web.

Banners done for your legal contracts vetted by an attorney and also they’re, going to put you in contact with their rolodex of people. Who will actually do the work on your behalf, so you’re going to be the agency, but you’re, actually going to have other people that you’re, going to subcontract this too.

Who are going to do the work for you and it says uh personally worked with who deliver for less than fifty dollars, and you can charge clients five hundred dollars to ten thousand dollars a month for these services and all you’re going to Do is outsource so kit number one is video marketing agency kit number two is a done-for-you mobile, app agency kit number three is a messenger bot agency kit number four is a social media marketing agency kit number five is a facebook ads business agency kit number six? Is a web design agency kit number seven is an audit seo audit agency kit number eight is a graphics design agency kit number nine is a content, marketing agency and kit number ten is a restaurant agency, so um i can just tell you what is what i Can see on the sales page and i’ll – also show you some of the um examples of the websites and stuff that they’re going to give to you, but basically you’re, going to get these 10 done For you agency kits that all come with all of these different things.

I just showed you before. So each kit is going to come with a done-for-you, ready-made agency website. It’s, going to come with a done-for-you proposal in both powerpoint and microsoft. Word that you can use done for your print, ready commercial graphics done for you highly optimized, cold call emails done for you, telemarketing scripts done for you, facebook ads and done for your legal contracts.

Now, the idea behind this is that you would set up well. They’ve already done all the work for you basically, but once you start getting clients, you’d, set up the website or they would set up the website for you.

You would use the facebook ads or you’d. Somehow run traffic to your website once you get clients, then you lock them in using the legal contracts using the telescripts, the email scripts. You would lock them into a deal where they would pay monthly from 500 all the way up to 10 000.

They would pay that to you and then you would in turn subcontract all of the work to their rolodex of people that they have. Who do the work on your behalf and it costs you a fraction of the of the money.

So you’re. Basically, just arbitraging, you’re, accepting the deal you’re, creating the deal and then somebody else is doing the work, so it’s, a pretty easy way to make money online. Now let me show you a couple of the examples that i’ve been given here.

So okay, here’s, an example of a proposal. Actually i need to download this. So let me just open it up in a new tab here’s, a preview of a website as well, and here’s. Some of the proposals. Let me see if i can access some of these, so you got a powerpoint script.

You got a micro, microsoft, word script, so open with google slides, let’s, see what this looks like. So they & # 39. Ve got these slides that they made for you, which is about your company and your mission and all the kind of flashy stuff that you need as an actual proper agency and then um.

The this is how you’re. Going to build your clients right and then you’ve got. Let me just try to reload this website, which doesn’t. Look like i’m able to do yeah. I’m, not able to load up this website, so i can & # 39.

T really show you, but there’s. Examples of what these websites look like on the sales pages, actually a demo video on the sales page as well. You can check out um, so if you are interested in picking this up, like i said there’s, 10 complete done for you kits that include websites, proposals, legal documentation and everything.


You need facebook ad creatives for these 10 different agencies that you can set up, which are the video marketing agency, the mobile app agency, the messenger bot agency, the social media, marketing agency facebook, ads business agency done for you, web design agency seo audit agency graphic design.

Um agency content, marketing agency and restaurant agency, so you get you get all the stuff that you need to basically set up your own agency without you having to do any of the work which is pretty cool, all you would need to do is run traffic to Your websites and then lock in clients and then get somebody else to do the work.

So if you’re interested in that which does sound pretty good, then you can get all the details uh by clicking on the link down below in the description of this youtube, video it’s. Gon na bring you through to my bonus page, because i’m, going to throw in some additional bonuses with this as well, and you can click on any of these turquoise buttons as of 11 a.

m. Eastern standard time today, which is the 9th of october and that’ll, bring you through to a sales page. That looks something like this. Where you’ll, be able to go ahead and pick this up now. Um. Let me show you what bonuses i’ve got for you, so bonus number one.

I’m, going to give you access to 0 to 124 hours. This is only going to be available for the first 24 hours and this is going to show you how to make money online completely free of charge using youtube traffic and other people’s.

Videos bonus number two. I’m, going to give you 2 000 copy and paste emails that you can use once you’ve started. Building up your autoresponder bonus number three. I’m gonna give you access to my bing ads course.

This is gonna show you how to run traffic to one of those ten or even all, ten of them of those uh websites that they’re to give you. So this has got your traffic covered right here. Bonus number four! I’m, going to give you access to enigma pro, which is going to get you free traffic from facebook through a loophole that i discovered last year.

This is also going to be able to enable you to get traffic to these agency websites that you’re, going to be given and bonus number five. I’m, going to give you all the bonuses that the vendor has given to me to give to you.

Let me see if they are on the sales page here. No, they’re, not but uh. There are going to be some vendor bonuses as well. Like i said, if you want to pick this up, it is going to be going live at 11 a.

m. Eastern standard time today and you can click on the link down below in the description of this youtube, video to come through to a sales page that will look something like this and then purchase on this sales page now, as soon as you’ve Done that you’d, simply need to go through to your jvzoo account the top right hand, side of your jvzoo account it’s, going to say looking for your purchases, you can click on.

There click on local agency box and it will bring you through to your receipt page on jvzoo. I know this is a bit small, but it’ll. Look something like this and you’ll, find a blue button on that page.

That says something to do with bonuses, and when you click on the on that blue button, you’ll, get instant access to all of these bonuses, completely free of charge. Even if you just pick up the front end of local agency box, which is only going to be 37 bucks, so you can go ahead and do that as of 11 a.

m. Eastern standard time get all of my bonuses and get access to 10 done for you. Businesses, which you will be able to arbitrage and get somebody else to do all the work which is pretty cool anyway. That brings me to the end this video.

So, thank you so much for watching my local agency box review and i’ll speak to you on the next one. Take care bye,

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