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And this quick demonstration – really I’m, going to show you how clearinghouse worked and what exactly it does so once you’ve logged into your dashboard. The first thing that you would want to do is connect your autoresponder.

So you go to connect artist, phone or accountant. The reason we wanted to this is because using player Neels, you can actually show your opt-in forms right inside your videos. Not only you can auto play your videos on any browser.

You can also show your opt-in form to your Buy Now button your PayPal buttons pretty much anything right inside the video using player news. So the first thing that we want to do is connect our responder.

I’ve already connected mine over here. Get response, but it’s very easy. It’s. One click connect, just click on whichever order you want to connect. The pop-up appears you’ll log into your account. You allow you give the permission, and that is pretty much it now.

You can connect get response. Aweber SendGrid send Lane MailChimp. If there’s, a different autoresponders, you need reach out to us and we’ll, be happy to include the integration for that now. Once you’ve connected your autoresponder thanks thing is to create a campaign for that outer responder.

You can create multiple campaigns, so you can create a campaign where you can auto build a form that will be embedded only to videos that are about reviewing of your you reviewing any specific product, and then you can build a campaign where you will be embedding forms.

Only on your webinar replay videos and stuff, like that, so you can create multiple campaigns so to create a campaign. Just select the auto responder here that you’re already connected. If it auto populate all the lists that you have, you can pick whichever you want and then just give it a campaign name clicking, create it’s done so I’ve already created one example demo campaign for all the review videos.

If I do a review video of a product that we are promoting, I’m. Just gonna put an opt-in form where all the Lee to subscribe from that opt-in form going to this list. Alright, so next step that I want to do is when I go and create my player now.

The idea here is when you create a player, it & # 39. Ll give you an embed code and you can take that embed code and you can put it in your click from pagers. You HTML pages, your wordpress blogs, your regular funnel pages or any funnel builder or any web builder, or a simple basic HTML.

You can embed that code and your video will be added the way you have designed it that we’re gonna show you in a minute right. So first thing you see here is your enter a campaign named and from the name of the player.

So let’s, call it demo for demonstration and then you can convert your YouTube videos, your Vimeo videos or videos that are hosted on s3 Amazon. S3 or your web hosting, you can pick any of these videos and create customized player for them.

So let me go to my YouTube channel and grab a video that I want to create a custom player for now I’m gonna copy paste. The I’m gonna paste, the URL that I just copied, and then I took an X. You could do that the same way for Vimeo as well.

Now as you can see, this is how the video the player will look. You can add a custom thumbnail if you want here, you can customize social metadata, it adds a title and description that will be added to the metadata of the player.

So when you know you share it on Facebook or social social network, it will pick up this title in this description. So let me write this perfect, so done that in the close tears I’m gonna go to play across your hair.

I can customize the buttons, the gradients and the look and feel of the player. There are a couple of done for you templates or you can just customize it the way you want. You can just pick a color and it will pick it’s.

PlayerNeos Pro

Good cuz, you know when you’re, trying to brand the player for your own sales page or your website, or your blog theme. It definitely helps to have the button and volume control and everything look the way it is next menus.

Now I’m gonna show you what menus look like, but you can actually add a menu. Just like you’re, just like a mobile app or the way you act in your on your mobile web sites right. So I’m gonna call this more view more reviews.

The headline would be more review. Videos text would be for the first menu item. The text would be app number one. I could be the review of the first app that I did. It call it whatever it was just like for demonstration, and this is what I’m gonna dry it in button as well, and then I’m gonna give it a URL youtube.

com, slash just my YouTube channel, and then I Can just click on add, more and add more button that’s right copy this again and I can use a different link, but I’m just gonna copy paste. This thing for now and I can add as many menu items as I warned.

Okay, so let’s, add a two for demonstration. Then I can add cold to action. On there are two kind of cold rocks. You can add a button which could be your PayPal link or your jvzoo laying or worry, Plus link or click Bank link of any kind of fling.

Okay and or you can add, an email, opt-in right and you have to define from what time till what times you want that email, opt-in, a button to appear so, for example, I wanted to start at five second and end at ten second right for the email, Opt-In – and this is the campaign that I selected and I can write a headline next thing: we can customize the background, color, the font, color, the button gradient and all that stuff.

When it comes to the email, opt-in form right, the different buttons that you can customize and you can ride subscribe now over here and I’m gonna click on save that’s. Gon na save this now let me show you how this will look.

Okay, let me go back and then we play this video from the beginning and after the five second, you’ll, see that the opt-in form will show up right like this. So you have full name: email address, subscribe for more videos and the button look like the way we designed it.

Alright, I’ll. Show it to you again now right now. It appears only for five seconds, because that’s, how you done it, but if you want it for longer, you can make it like. You know from five all the way to 30.

The optin form will stay on that video. For as long as you want same way, you can add button right. Let’s start let’s, try and add button at 25 seconds all the way so for 10 seconds right. The bed and headline will say: watch or by my training and again I’m, just sending them to my YouTube.

All this could be your paypal language, a Bezier by link and you can customize the button. The way you want like just copy this right over here, actually for the hell I’m going to do – is bot by my training special direct scan.

Today say it looks nicer, so I’m gonna click save so the button starts at 25. So let’s go at 22, so this is how the button appears and you can click on it and it’s. Gon na take you to the button link that you have added now you can customize this the background and customize the background to look whatever you want.

You can customize the font color the button gradient. You can change the button text color. You can change the button text here. You can add a headline. You can add a link like this alright, so the call to actions are super easy and very powerful.

Next thing is branding. You can add your own logo that we trying to add a logo. To give you an example. Alright, so, as you can see, the logo is automatically added right on the bottom right hand side.

So she’s here you can enable social sharing just like this Facebook Twitter link, then you can turn them on and off. If you want and as you can see, the review buttons are paired, more reviews, more reviews.

Let me go and customize that more review, let’s, call it app review one next one. We want to call it app review yeah. If I mouse over up today, there we go and now it’s, a preview, one app review and effects look and then the pop-up fears, and it gives the whole description of everything that I’ve mentioned over here.

And all these links – and these buttons will take me to this specific URL and I can close them and it takes me back to the video alright cool moving on comment. I mean you can actually add a countdown timer right under your video.

So let me select the time zone, let’s say since I’m in Bangkok right now, so when we take my time zone and the video expires on this day at 6 p.m. Bangkok time, so you scratch in three days. For now – and this is held, your entire embedded video will look like perfect amazing.

You can change the back the timer design from all these designs that we have added already and if you want you can just remove it. Okay, let’s. Keep it there for now we want to autoplay this. Yes, we want to autoplay this video once you tick check mark this button.

It’s, just gonna make sure your video location, Chrome and Safari in any browser that blocks autoplay by default and then finally analytics. You can add your Facebook, big circle and Google Analytics code here and once you’ve done just click them safe and that’s about it.

So we & # 39. Ve got two important things. You get a clipboard URL and you get the end because if you click on embed code, this is the code that you’re gonna take an copy pasted inside your sales panel funnel builder or SEO page, and it’s.

Gon na show how the video looks like, for example, let me copy this. I’m, going to show you a dummy page right over here. So, as I click find page, I’m gonna edit, the video code there’s copy paste this code right over here and save it now.

The beauty here is that the video that you have added is automatically made responsive. So you don’t have to write code for it to be responsive. It’s. Gon na be responsive. It’s. Gon na look the same way on mobile phone and tablets and dextran it’s.

Gon na be perfectly for each, it will be perfectly created for each different screen – sizes. Okay and, as you can see, starts auto-playing on its own. It’s, got a countdown timer. It’s got menu; buttons got all of this.

Now, if you don’t want this black border, you have to disable the con timer and the black bottle will disappear. Now, let me show you how responsive this is. I’m gonna click on inspect elements, a little quick to show you how this looks on iPad pro, just how it will look on iPad pro, and this is how it’s.

Gon na look on your desktop, so it’s perfectly responsive. This is how you embed it now, if you have the upgraded version of pyrénées, you also get this link. So if you don & # 39, t really have a website ready.

You just want to share your video. All you have to do is copy this URL and share it with your friends or your audience when they open up this URL and you can start sharing it. You can have your menus buttons right over here, and you know after 20 seconds the button or the opt-in form that you have added Goltz show up the way you have added it.

You can close it and you don’t, really have to create any pages or anything for that. You can just share this journal, and this is how it’s gonna work. If you want to edit this player, you can go back to my players here and you & # 39.

Ll, see that I’ve already created two different players. You can click on edit. You can share it on Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn. You can get the embed code again or, if you want, you can delete it and that’s, pretty much it friends.

This is how easy it is to use player needs to create amazing video players that get you more leads more engagement, more subscribers and get you more sales overall. This is so much better than using the regular standard embed codes that you get from Vimeo or YouTube, because this is how you can actually control what you can do, what your videos can do and how you can invade them.


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