ProfileMate – VIP Training

ProfileMate – VIP Training



Hey there luke here again, and i wanted to congratulate you for picking up profilemate. You are about to see how this tool will totally change your business and finally be the software that will start getting your results that you’ve, been looking for today. ProfileMate – VIP Training  | Sherman-Intelligent-Software-Review

Before we jump into the members area, though, i have something really important to share with you and it’s, going to be the only chance you & # 39. Ll have to see this video and what i’m about to share with you is going to have you making money the fastest way possible right out the gate.

Now, if you’re anything like me, you want to be making money. The easiest way possible, and rather than trying to work things out yourself, i prefer to be spoon fed through seeing how things are done and what works from start.

To finish, this is why i have put together a vip training series of how i set up my own personal campaigns from scratch and turn them into a lot of money in the bank. I’m, literally going to be showing you everything from how to find instagram pages full of fans that have money to spend, how to pick the right users to mass contact and how to turn profilemate into a six figure a year business in ecom.

Affiliate marketing and local marketing. So if you are wanting to work with me personally and have the 100 rinse and repeat system, that’s, going to take profile mate into making you bank the fastest way possible, then this is for you and if you’re on The fence, of course, there’s, a money back guarantee here as well, but more on that in just a minute now being launch week.

This is going to be the only time you’ll. Be able to get this for the investment of a mcdonald’s family meal out and this information i normally only ever share with my high ticket customers. So in saying that this is what the vip series includes.

First and foremost, it has the a to z, profile, mate training, to make six figures a year with profile made as your only traffic source. You are also going to get my email marketing training series, which goes through what autoresponders to use, how to reach out to these users, how to appear in the main inbox, not the spam box of any email, client and, most importantly, how to set up automated email Sequences that make you money over and over and over again for many years to come now.

On top of that, you are also going to get my sms domination training, showing you how to mask text message all phone numbers that you get inside a profile make next. You will also get my full local marketing e-commerce and affiliate marketing modules, where i show you how to start businesses for free from scratch and simply use profile mode to send traffic to these new offers.

Now, a big inclusion here that you will get if you pick this up right now is my full four week vip members only webinar series where i’ll work with you personally live one-on-one on webinar. Every week i’ll answer all your questions and i & # 39.

Ll share your case study and everyone else’s live. Basically, i’ll, go through your businesses and show you how i would use profilemate and we’ll. Do some live examples that start generating money in the first week? On top of this, i & # 39.

Ll. Also share with you. How to create offers if you don’t even have an offer. Yet now one of the most important modules in this vip training series is where i’ll, be showing you the number one mistake that 99 of marketers make when sending traffic to an offer.

It usually always results in instant failure. Actually, now, on top of this, i’m, going to show you the mistakes that i’ve made when i was trying to figure out the best way to use profile mode. It’s way better for you guys to learn from the mistakes that i’ve made, so you don’t have to and finally, as a little bonus, i’m, going to be sharing how you can Use profilemake to get celebrities and major influences to promote your brand, your product or your service for free again, this is the only chance i will be giving you to take this opportunity up once you leave this page.

This offer is gone for good, so grab this right now to get the 100 rinse and repeat system that if you implement it’s going to be very very hard for you to fail. So go ahead right now, guys and pick this up for a tiny one-time investment.

The refund policy also applies here as well. So, even if you pick it up, go through all the training found it very helpful like i know you will but still would like a refund, then you can do this. No problem at all that’s.

How sure i am you are going to love this training, so in saying that i’m excited to see you guys inside of this training. We can work together, one-on-one, we can jump on the webinars and talk through your own business.

I’ll, take you through the highest and most profitable niches in the world that you can start implementing profile mate to your advantage and making bank the fastest way possible today hit the buy button below and i’ll, see you inside.

In just a second

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ProfileMate – VIP Training

What is up jv’s and affiliates luke mcguire here and i’m, so excited for you to be a part of the profile mate launching the 30th of september at 9, 00 a.m. Eastern twenty thousand dollars momentum prizes so on and so forth.

What i’m going to do now is jump into a demo, video of profilemate for you, so you can see exactly what it does live in action. I know you guys if you’re anything like me when you come to a jv page. You just want to see what the tool does the core functionality.

So, instead of explaining it all to you, i’m just going to show it to you right now. Now i’m going to quickly show you tony robbins instagram account here. You can see here he has 5.4 million followers and for most us marketers, a lot of those followers are probably going to be people that are interested in what we do.

So i’m, going to use him as an example instagram. Unlike any other platform, you can actually go in and see who follows this user, which is pretty damn cool. Now, over the past couple of years, instagram have introduced a lot more.

You can do on a profile, especially on the mobile device. It will show you emails if you have your email public and you want to be contacted. Phone numbers addresses cities. Bios engagement scores all of this stuff that can be found out using profilemate.

So what i’m going to do is we’re, going to jump into profile mate and we’re, going to go ahead and click find users, because if i went through all of these users manually trying to see Which user had their email public that i’m allowed to contact and which user had their contact details and we’re trying to figure out engagement, store calls that would take way too long.

So, in profile map we’re, going to find the users first. There’s, a few different options here to find that the most engaged users so only searching through the actual engaged people on people’s, posts and whatnot. ProfileMate – VIP Training  | Sherman-Intelligent-Software-Review

For now we’re, just going to start with the followings of any one that we want to search. We can search our own followings and get information about them, but let’s, go ahead and search for tony robbins.

I’m going to type in tony robbins. I’m, going to click on him and hit click analyze and instantly it’s, going to go through and start to scan all of his followers. We’re already up to 400 500 going through all of these 5.

4 million people. Right for now i’m just going to hit click, you can see them all. Here. I’m, going to click download it’s, going to open up an excel document like this and then has all their usernames and their profile urls and whatnot.

I’m going to copy the usernames. This is step one. It’s. Only two steps to do this. Go back to the dashboard i’m, going to click on the analyze these users. I’m, going to paste that in here i’m going to hit submit.

I’m, going to call it a name tony review set. This is the information we can search for and if it’s there, it’ll get it for us, so post counts biographies phone numbers, public email addresses again. This isn’t.

Everyone’s; emails, it’s. Only the people that have their email public that, if you clicked on it on the mobile device, you would it would open up your messenger uh, your email, um client, app on your phone, so you can email them directly there.

This is a way that it can bring all your emails together through all of his followers into one nice clean document. So i’m, going to go ahead and click next and just search for everything right now and it’s.

Going to go through and search all of them for me, which is pretty cool, then you’re, going to get a document that looks like this. So basically, once that search it will get all the users details and search that all of the usernames.

I’ve entered, and this is all public information again and again the emails uh it’s only if they’re public same with phone numbers um and with all in terms of the conditions here, uh with instagram. So you can see here i’m going through them all you can see a lot of our emails already are already found.

We find that one in 10 users do have their email public and want to be contacted by fellow instagram users. So this is pretty cool. It gets a lot of other information like websites. They have connected to what city the actual users in phone numbers, what category the actual accounts in and we can.

We can go deeper and search a lot more deeper than this. By again searching users profiles, posts versus just the entire profile itself to find the most engaged users. Now again, as always in my launches, i will always over deliver and we have built a bunch of exclusive sorry, semi-exclusive bonuses here, that everyone can use some of the upgrades and some are just for the front end as well.

These are all tools that we have built from scratch: they’re, not just code, canyon, links or pdfs, or tools that don’t work anymore. We have built all of these for the profile made launch um. So what i’d love to do now is for you to opt in for this uh um launch.

Let us know let myself or simon harris know. The best thing to do is create a group conversation on facebook with simon, and i um or reach out to me personally, and i can add simon in whatever is easiest for you and please let us know that you want review access and we will get you Set up so you can go in and start to use this yourself uh and saying that i’m, so excited for you to be a part of the launch: 20 grand no minimum prizes september 30 at 9 00 a.

m. Eastern we have a full pre-launch as well, where i’m, going to be doing a webinar. It’ll start an hour before launch. You can start to register users for that as well, but in saying that guys, i’m excited to work with you and anything else.

You need, please let me know as we are here for you. Thank you guys.

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