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Hey everyone steve here and welcome to my profile, mate review in today’s review i’m, going to be unboxing and testing profilemate. I’m just going to be showing you exactly why it’s. Probably one of the best tools i’ve ever reviewed in a nutshell: profilemate is a tool that allows you to build up an email list through Instagram. ProfileMate | Sherman-Intelligent-Software-Review

Now, how does that work? Well, i’ll, be showing you in a little bit. It’s, a completely new and innovative idea. There’s. Nothing else like this on the market. It’s really good. I’ve bought it myself.

Let’s, take a look, and, as always, my name is steve and on my channel, you’ll, find the best affiliate marketing tips and product reviews, and if you enjoyed this review or any of my other content, please consider hitting the Like and subscribe buttons below, any support is greatly appreciated and if you have any comments about profilemate, please feel free to leave one below and i’ll, get back to you as soon as i can okay.

So i’m just on my profilemate bonus page here now, so profilemates advertises itself as the world’s number one. Instagram fan growth, email building and competitor domination, software ever created okay, so it’s a world first in lead, email, lead generation from profilemate.

Okay, now the product breakdown is, you find a targeted audience based on what they follow and then profilemate goes to work. It gets all their information, their engagement et cetera and, most importantly, an email address.

Now you might be saying: well, these people, aren’t, going to be very happy if you just email them out to the blue and that’s. True and if you did that on something like facebook or get emails from youtube, that would absolutely be true, but instagram has an option where you can publicly display your email address, because maybe you want to receive offers.

Maybe you want to connect with other marketers with other influencers etc, and profileman has worked out that roughly eight percent of the entire instagram population has this option selected. They’re happy to receive emails.

Now you might be thinking eight percent, that’s, a very low amount. Well, instagram has 1.2 billion users, so eight percent is actually a lot and not only that you get in their interest already, because you can see if they’re following certain profiles, for example, health and fitness, they might be into health and fitness.

You can add them and send them. Health and fitness related offers and content. It’s that simple, let’s, take a look at profile, mate and if you stay to the end, i & # 39. Ve got a crazy bonus pack for you.

If you get profile made through my link below okay, so let’s. Take a look profile mate. So here is the dashboard. Now i’ve connected my instagram account to this. I want to be clear with this: besides getting data and leads from instagram profileman doesn’t really have anything to do with your profile.

In fact, the only reason you even need an instagram profile to use profilemate is to verify the purchase. You do not need any followers, you do not need any accounts connected up. You just need to create one.

If you don’t have one and that’s, it okay. So this is the dashboard. So let’s. Go ahead and find users now profilemate has a ton of different features to grow accounts and things like that. But what i’m interested in and what you’re, probably interested in personally, is simply the email subscribers lead generation.

So three steps or two steps here you find the users based on accounts they follow and then you analyze the users and you take data from them. So let’s. Click on find users follow a following specific posts like his comments: hashtags and locations.

Okay, you can search by hashtag on locations with one of the upgrades, but i & # 39. Ve probably been doing follow-up following so far and what you want to do is you want to view other accounts analytics, okay and here’s, where you enter in an instagram profile name.

So how would you know which instagram accounts are good to follow or good to analyze? Well, let’s, go into instagram and take a look okay. So i’m on my instagram account now and let’s just say my business is in the i don’t, know diet niche, so keto diet is quite popular right now.

So let’s, just search for keto diet in here, and we’ll. Take a look at some accounts, so keto personal diet. So let’s. Take a look at this: oh perfect, 1.4 million followers. Okay, absolutely massive account and probably has a ton of engagement to yeah absolute tons.

So you want to go to profile mate. You want to copy and paste, or actually we can just type it in into here. Keto diet or keto personal diet. Doesn’t it all right, so it already came up that one second personal diet and you want to like analyze follower following now as this has got so many people following this might take a bit of time.

So maybe we & # 39. Ll have to choose a smaller one, and you can see here it’s analyzing. Once it’s, analyzed them, you click download followers followings, and then you get a spreadsheet the information.

Now. What you want to do, then, is i’m, not going to do it now, because it’s going to take so long because it has millions of followers. I’m, going to stop this for a second and you upload, the the instagram names to profilemate and then profit gives you another spreadsheet and that spreadsheet then has all the information you want on it.

It can have the engagement rates it can have, their location can have their phone numbers if they & # 39, ve displayed it and, most importantly, the email. You can do this for thousands and thousands of followers.


Okay and you can collect hundreds, if not thousands of emails very very quickly. What you want to do, then, is you want to upload it into your email, autoresponder and you can email these people then offers relevant to them? Okay, so if they’re following keto diet, they’re, probably going to be interested in keto diet related offers.

So you can go to somewhere like and find keto related offers there, and you can email. Those out to your new leads, i’ve, been absolutely hammering this um for the last few days. Okay and i’ve already added 10 000 new email subscribers or 10 000 new email leads in different niches, and i’ve, set my virtual assistants and tasks to find me as many of these instagram accounts, as i can in the Niches, i’m interested in and we’re gonna go at it really really hard.

This is an incredible way to build up an email list from scratch. So if you are an email marketer and you & # 39, ve been struggling to build up your list or you want to start email marketing. This is perfect.

If you & # 39, ve got an e-commerce store or any other sort of business, and you want to start driving traffic to that. This is perfect or if you want to even collect this information and go into facebook and upload them as a custom audience to run adverts to you can do that too.

The possibilities with this are absolutely huge. Let’s, go ahead and find another account here. We’ll, just say i don’t, know crypto. I don’t know why i thought that niche, but it seems like a good one.

Let’s, try and get one with less followers. This time, crypto tag. Let’s. Have a look. 1. 000 followers okay same into crypto. So what we’ll do! Is we’ll run this here? Crypto tag and analyze them so the profile my engine is running in the background, and this is taking up all the information.

So when i, when you download these and when it collects the emails, you can select what information you want to appear. So you can really drill down like, for example, you definitely only want to download public users.

People who have private profiles, you don’t want to be bothering them okay, um, and then you want to be getting people who have posts who have followers? Who have likes to show that they’re? Not you know bought to show that they’re good traffic, and you want to get people who have good engagement right onto your list because they’re, more likely to engage with you, okay, so it’s just processing These accounts now um 1096 counselors done so.

What i do is click download followers follow him, and this is the csv okay and then you go to analyze users and from the csv you copy and paste all the usernames in here. So what i’ll do is now we’ll get this up in a second and we’ll analyze them.

Okay, so here’s, the csv file, with all the usernames so copy and paste the usernames into here, make sure to get rid of the the username, but here and then submit and give these users names so follower.

I put follower underscore crypto tag. It’s nice to get organized, so this is the key thing here. I’m, not really interested in a lot of these things. Okay, i’m gonna deselect this because we already said to only download public accounts in the previous set link in account website.

I want that right now i’m, not interested in phones. I’m, not interested in city um. I’m, not interested in phone number. What i want is email. I want post count on engagement, ranked on followers and follow account and click next, and this is where the magic happens.

Now. It’s scanning all these different profiles. So look how many email leads. This is going to generate and bear in mind. This is only an account only with a thousand followers. Okay, so i should you know if eight percent of instagram accounts have their emails on, i should get 80 new email leads just for a few minutes work as you can see it’s kind of going through them.

Now we & # 39. Ve got four four new email leads already for doing nothing perfect. Like i say in the last four days, i’ve generated 10 000 new leads in different niches. I’m gonna go absolutely crazy with this over the next month.

This is such a good tool. No other tool out. There does lead generation on this scale to any of this effect. It’s, it’s. Brilliant okay, we’ve got seven new email leads already. I can say, go make a cup of tea.

Uh go up, your dinner run your bath. Do you need to do come back? This works in the background, so i’m gonna click stop just because i don’t want this video to run on for too long. You then download this csv i put following greater than 20 posts greater than six followers good than 20, because you want to get rid of the bots um email there.

Yes, of course, um is private account, no blah blah blah download the condition on data in csv. You get another csv file upload. Those leads to your autoresponder. They are yours, then, and you & # 39.

Ve got an affiliate, marketing, email, marketing, business overnight, amazing, okay, so this tool is incredible: there’s, nothing else like out there on the market. It’s, absolutely brilliant! So let’s, take a look at the funnel and then the bonuses so to get everything you just saw profile made the email, growth tool, influencer tool, full agency rights, video training, etc.

47. One time fee there’s, no monthly fee on the front, end: okay, incredible for what it does, but there is a limit on the amount of accounts you can search, and i because i’ve been using it a lot. I’ve, been hitting that limit oto one vip training 67.

This is where the creator luke mcguire. He’s, done a series of training webinars on how to use this to best effect. How to monetize your profile. Mate work on the webinar he actually has students on there live with their specific niches where he goes through their actual business and shows them how they can make money with profilemate and by the end of it, the students all absolutely top-notch.

This is perfect. You should really really consider getting oto one and, in my opinion, oto two. This is what i’m gonna get it’s a monthly fee, but you get much much higher number of searches and you also get the the use of their servers.

So at the moment you know this is running. I mean it’s done 42, but if you’re, doing a big big account, it’s. Gon na take a lot longer um it’s because it only harnesses the power of your one account. If you get them the monthly fee subscription you get access to their servers as well.

It does it ten times as fast allows you to do ten times as many followers, because i think it’s. Eight thousand followers a day is the limit on the front end, and you also get hashtags and location posts which, by incredible so profilemate oto, one and oto.

Two are definitely the way to go. If you want to sell this and rebrand it as your own, you can buy an unbranded account and sell it as if you were your own for between 197 and 497 dollars. Depending on how many accounts you want, so my profile made bonuses.

Okay, these are exclusive to me. Only if you buy through my link on this page, you won’t find these anywhere else. I’m, calling it profilemate list advance and basically, if you get profilemate through me, i will give you a hundred new leads in any niche.

You want ready to go if you get oto one and oto two i’ll. Give you a thousand new leads in any niche. You want ready to go. Okay, you literally become an email marketer straight away. You’d, also get inbox club, which is my own email product, showing you how to write these emails to get commissions.

You’ll, also get my offers list of high converting offers that you can send to these people with guaranteed approval. You’ll. Also get my advance guarantee. We’re, not really supposed to promise things, but i’m, so confident you’ll.

Get leads with this profile. Mate system that, if you don & # 39, t get hun a thousand new leads using this product. I’ll pay; pay you a hundred dollars, okay, that’s, my guarantee putting my money where my mouth is.

If you get oto one or oto, two, you, ah sorry, oto one and oto two you’ll, also get access to any one of my previous products. Newbie affiliate, playbook creation cloud marketers boost up to you. You also get lifetime access.

That’s with oto one and 022, and you also get a special bonus trove of software’s worth over 297, including easygram affiliate zone and social commerce. They’re provided by the vendor, but you’ll. Only get list advance and my products through me: okay, it’s, an absolutely crazy bonus pack, massive value there and it’s because simply the profile mate is just that good.

Look at it. It’s, so good 74 done um. So if i click continue extracting emails, the email is only six percent done and it’ll go up and i’m, probably gonna get over 100 new emails. Just from this one search in crypto, okay – and you can use it for anything, affiliate marketing, whatever all right any questions about profile mate, please leave a comment in the box.

Below this to me is a complete no-brainer. It’s, hopefully a no-brainer to you as well. This can transform your business overnight. Okay awesome, so my name is steve harvey. This has been my profile. Mate review. ProfileMate | Sherman-Intelligent-Software-Review

I’ll, see you in the next one. Thank you very much.

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