Video App Suite Commercial


Video App Suite Commercial

Hey mrs. Chris and today I want to do a video app suite review for you. This is a new product that just came out by Paul pawn. If you’re, not familiar with him, he is a huge online marketer. He’s. Had tons of products in the past and his products are really good quality and this product is no different.

In fact, I’m in the members area now, which I’m gonna. Take you through and show you, I’m gonna go over the pricing with you, the upsells and all that good stuff, and you can find the link directly under this video in the description box.

If you’re interested in picking up the video app suite and there’s, some other links under there also, you may be interested in if you’re into video marketing, so be sure to check those out okay. So here we are inside the video app suite and what this is is a bunch of tools for video marketing and actually, let me go ahead and go to this page and I’ll kind of go over a little bit about what it is.

So right here what you’re, going to get by picking up the initial front end product is the app itself with commercial license, and this includes 8 apps. So you’re, going to get eight total apps. You can see here there’s, three six, nine twelve fourteen that I have in my account, because I have the additional upsell, which gives me a few more apps, but you’re, going to get eight apps with this tool.

It’s. Gon na come with full commercial rights. They’re gonna come with done-for-you video templates. Unlimited video renders a lot of these tools will limit you. How many videos you can make this one does not you get royalty free, music library which is a great plus and their step-by-step training? So if you have any questions on any of the apps, everything is there for you now for $ 10 more, you can get the turnkey business version of the video app suite, and what this will do is allow you to resell all eight software apps.

It comes with eight sales pages to sell the apps with eight high impact sales videos. You can resell it to unlimited users. You’re, not restricted. It has unlimited app hosting and storage and maintenance.

You don’t have to worry about any of that. It’s, all managed for you, but it’s, going to give you the option to resell all of these yourself, and that is only forty seven dollars now. This price, from my understanding, will go up after the first day.

So if you’re gonna pick, this up, do it in the first day. Okay, so back to the member, you want to see here where you can get an intro video. I recommend you guys watch this. Video go up here to the training area, also watch some of the videos, because there’s, a lot of tools in here and there’s, so many different things that each one of these does – and you can see here with the Resell that you have a sales page here button that shows up, so you can see exactly what the sales page is, if you guys want to choose to get that version so where you can resell them otherwise, to access any of these tools, you simply click on Login and it’s, going to take you and load you into the app now I’m, not going to go through every one of these apps.

It would take forever to do it, but they all have the same layout. Just like this one here on the left hand, side where you have projects and admin there’s, some settings you can go through, but basically what you do in any one of these apps.

Is you find a app that or a video that you like, for example, this one and you simply, and you simply click on it now most of these videos in these apps? You can just hover over any of the examples and it will show you exactly what they do for this one.

Here I had to click on it to see the sample, but you can see that you do get a sample and then, if you like this, all you have to do with any of these is just click on create video and it’s. Gon na take you to this section where you need to add an image, and of course this is gonna, be your logo.

So I’ll, go ahead and add that real, quick and you can see here, you can browse to add your own logo or you can find photos if you have any added to your library which is built in with this tool, or you can Search on pixabay or unsplash right now, I’m gonna go ahead and pick a logo from my computer.

Ok, so I decided to pick the logo for my YouTube supremacy marketing course. I chose that I’m just going to click. It and choose the green button here for choose click. Next now we can choose music here it has cinematic for now and which is fine.

You can test it by clicking here. If you want a different one, you can choose from all of these options. There are a lot of audio files in here normally to get this kind of high-quality stock audio. You would have to pay extra, but it’s included with this.

Also, when you’re done and happy, oh, you can also upload your own right here, but when you’re happy with it just click Next and then to start to render. So I’m, going to go ahead and render this one and it’s in cue.

Video App Suite Commercial

It’s. Gon na send me an email as soon as it’s done. So we’re gonna go ahead and just wait a minute for that to be done in the meantime. I want to go back to this and you can see that all these other options here, such as the whiteboard.

If we go into this one, you’re going to see it has the same template the same layout in it, and you can go over any one of these. You can click on them and it’s. Going. To give you an example of exactly what they are and you can create the videos and that’s, the way every one of these works.

So you simply pick the one you want to go into click the video and it’s. Going to create the video for you, so what I’m going to do is go ahead and see if see. If my video is done yet, okay, the video is done rendering.

So let’s, go ahead and click one, and so that’s, the logo and, of course, there’s, a lot of different ones you can choose from. So that is basically how it works with all the apps that you get now. If we go back and look at the upgrade you want to see, you can add more things to it.

So if we go in here, the upgrade number one. Is the white label option it’s, just a one time for $ 97, which gives you five additional software tools? The motion text editor the healthcare video effects, local video, turbo realtor video machine and the bonus sales.

Video builder app – and it says using this app, your customers can edit customized a sales videos, letters of the 12 apps, with your own logos, voiceovers and brandings, and plus the ability to white label all 12 apps, with your own logos and branding making them.

Basically, your own product upgrade number two is a two-in-one traffic automation suite for $ 49, which gives you video submitter. So you can submit your video to video sharing sites, including YouTube, Vimeo dailymotion and special platforms like Facebook and Twitter to get traffic on-demand.

This is an amazing tool, and not only can you use it just to get extra traffic, but you can use it to get backlinks and embeds to your original videos, which will help them to rank better. You also get the traffic elite bundle, which includes swipes, promo tools, Facebook, ads, etc and training on how to drive traffic to the apps and to start your own software business.

So if you do purchase this one, then you also get the traffic elite bundle. That’s. Gon na teach you how to promote it, so you can sell it and make a ton of money from all these apps selling them, as your own upgrade number three.

Is the video apps week portfolio website builder, plus unlimited hosting, where you can build a professional video portfolio market website that features all the videos you can create with video app suite automatically sell the videos via the website and manage all the orders through your own private Admin panel you can read through here and see what all this other stuff is.

I’m, not gonna go through everything. Upsell number four is the video app suite deluxe templates for one year, and that is $ 39 one-time, which gives you 20 additional templates and five additional templates each month for one year, and so that is a great option.

If you plan on making a lot of these videos – and you want a more variety of these videos and templates to use to create them with, and so that is the video app suite by Poul pauna, this is a great tool for the price you’re getting a lot of tools now this here, this bone is told the image editor I’m, not too crazy over it.

To be honest, if you go into it, it’s, an online image editor. Basically, you can go in here and you can do different things with it, but there’s. There’s. A lot of tools like this that are free online.

You can find as well. So I guess it’s. A nice bonus, if you never use a tool like this, you can learn to use this one and benefit from it, but other than that. These are some great tools to create some really cool, looking videos, intros outros and a lot of other types of videos.

So if you guys found this video useful, please like and subscribe. Remember the links directly under this video to pick up video app suite. If you’re interested or if you just want to learn more, see more demos and learn more about each app

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