Video App Suite Webinar

Video App Suite Webinar

Hi there this is Paula Potter from the video apps we team in this quick demo. I want to show you how powerful and easy to use video apps room really is, and then I’m gonna show you how to get results as quickly as humanly possible, using the multiple revenue streams that are built into the video app straight Package now that your app suite is a powerhouse suite of eight brand new, high-quality video apps that are designed not just to get your clients by selling video creation services as an agency using the included commercial license.

But for the very first time ever, we’re, also including a complete turnkey, ready-made, a software business box which gives you the ability to resell all the eight apps as your own and keep 100 % of the revenues that you generate.

This is the only way to build your own lucrative software business without all the hassles costs and a huge amount of time involved. This is a true shortcut to skyrocketing your results by using our decades of experience, because each app comes with its own professionally, designed sales pages sales, videos and marketing materials created by our world-class team of copywriters, graphic designers and video animators.

With decades of experience, nothing is left to chance as you’re, including everything that you need to succeed here before. I show you what each app does. Let me quickly show you the three ways that you can profit using the revolutionary video app suite package.

The first way that you’re, probably already familiar with, is used video app suite apps to create videos for other clients around the world, using the commercial license that is included. For instance, you can use platforms like app for calm, which is one of the top freelancer websites or freelancer com Fiverr, or even for that matter of two offline businesses and so on or existing clients that you already have.

We’ll, show you, in our step by step training, how to get these clients and so on, but either way you can right away to jump in and do that. As you can see here, this one is for a dentist charge, 800 dollars just for a 30 second video here’s, another example.

This is for yoga studio here and, as you can see here again, a 30-second width is thousand dollars or more, and this is the power of it. A lot of people are creating videos for clients and businesses, because video is hot and charging them five hundred dollars.

Two thousand dollars or more for just one video, and since you can create any type of video that your desired video apps feed, you two can do the same. Just like the folks that you see here. The second way, which has never been done before, is to resell the video apps themselves that are included as part of the video apps feed package to clients and customers around the world for a recurring subscription or a one-time fee.

It is your choice. This right here immediately builds your brand and customer base and it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, even when you know what you’re doing and months of time and effort. Let me show you some examples just so.

You get an idea of how much we are spending just for software development and hosting these apps on the cloud for you. So you don’t, have to I’m logged into opera comm, where we hire majority of our developers and programmers.

As you can see, we are spending and mirror between three thousand nine dollars to six thousand five hundred forty six dollars. Every single week – and they go back again last month again on and on and on keep going three thousand year four thousand here and on – and this is just for the development cost and if we can go a step further, this is our Amazon’S web services account, as you can see last month, spent two thousand four hundred forty dollars right here, just for hosting our apps and maintenance and so on and next month is projected to be a lot more here and so far already at seventeen hundred dollars.

Video App Suite Webinar

Here. As you can see here in Google cloud platform, which is another server infrastructure that we use to host all the apps in the cloud storage for the videos that you create the project files and all that well, as you can see here, seven thousand four hundred and Fifty three dollars and 27 cents right now, as we speak every single month now.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you add in technical support that’s over sixty thousand dollars here and copywriting graphic design can several talents with others for just one app now you can see how powerful something like this is since something like video apps, but has never been done Before the truth is we have no idea how much money we might make or lose with this project.

We just have one goal in mind and that is to provide you the most valuable product ever created in the industry, so we will most likely never do anything like this ever again for any price due to the incredible cost and ongoing maintenance involved.

Here our loss is your game here, for the very first time ever in fact, SAS apps, like the ones you’re, getting as a part of video apps. We’d, sell thousands and thousands of units every single day in platforms like appSumo, that you see here or, for example, pitch ground that you see here or for that matter, even platforms like jvzoo.

If you see here carefully the top products out of countless different software and products that get listed here every single day, our video apps, as you can see here, this one has sold tens of thousands of units.

This one right here is another example, a few tens of thousands more and if we come back to our own apps that were bestsellers worldwide again whole video creation, apps, as you can see, are tens of thousands here.

This is another one again. Tens of thousands here is another one again, tens of thousands of Units here. If we look at the broader market, Vimeo recently acquired short form, video creation platform, which is fully cloud-based called Magisto for 200 million dollars and Magisto has hundreds of millions of users and it’s.

Just one out of several different platforms, which also have similar size, and that shows to you how big this market really is, and there’s no way you’re gonna run into saturation at all. Alright. Now let me show you how each app really works and how you can get awesome results with them.

Let’s start with intro outro expert. Now you can create slick by catching intros and outros for your videos in just a few minutes. You get a great selection of templates as well as easily customizable elements, so you can get exactly the look that you want.

It’s, proven that intros and outros grab attention and give your videos a more professional high-end, look intro to expert, let’s. You do hold that and a whole lot more. Next. There is cour pro now it’s easier than ever to create super awesome.

Video covers for your Facebook pages, as well as for your clients, replace those static, boring image covers with super slick, video interests that will positively wow. Your audience, video covers, are proven to increase, visitor engagement, sharing and yes, traffic use cover Pro to create eye-catching video covers and boost your Facebook pages visibility.

While crushing your competition, then there’s live markup. Now it’s easier than ever. To a logos, images and other graphical elements to live-action and video scenes, mock-up videos are a great way to create fun, video or Jif, memes, catchy, shorts and other cool video styles.

They’re, proven to grab viewers attention like crazy, while delivering incredible results. Here’s, a great way to leverage social media to build your brand with live mock-up it’s super easy. That brings us to slide machine now.

You can easily create videos with slides images and other elements to produce super slick. Video presentation, you get total control over all elements and customizations with just a few clicks, drags and drops.

Add your own text, images and other items to turn boring slideshow presentation, videos into i popping highly engaging pro class presentations with slide machine. You can do all that and a whole lot more and then we have storey monarch.

Now you can create beautiful visually, rich Instagram and Facebook Story, videos with zero effort. Everybody knows that video stories are scorching the social media world. These days with story monarch, you can easily tap this growing hot medium to get more engagement, fans leaves and, of course, sales, don’t.

Forget you can do the same thing for high paying clients with the awesome videos that you’ll, create for them with story monarch in just a few minutes. Then there’s white border, which creates whiteboard videos that are proven to increase engagement and boost sharing with the included app.

You can create super slick, attention-grabbing, whiteboard videos, it’s perfect for video promos hotspots mini explainers and feature clips that you can add to other videos with a collection of included templates that you can easily turn out high quality whiteboard videos in a matter Of minutes that brings us to video ads architect ever notice that square videos and video ads dominate social media much more than the standard.

Rectangular YouTube style videos that’s because they provide a better viewing experience for mobile users with video ads architect. You can easily create square videos and even convert your existing videos to square format with just a few clicks.

You get a full array of tools and templates that make it a total piece of cake, and finally, there’s. Custom video effects, if you’ve, ever wanted to improve an existing video with snazzy elements such as lower thirds text, animations and other cool elements, search no more at super cool text effects and other eye catching visual elements to completely transform any dull video Into a work of art, you can convert the shape or orientation of any video, so it works better on social media custom, video effects breathes new life into dull videos and much more do you see all the exciting possibilities? Yet video absolutely will be the very last video app bundle you will ever need, as it gives you every possible Avenue to profit with video, even once that were previously out of your budget before.

In fact, if you were to try to build a package like this on your own, it will cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars and many years of time, even if you do everything perfectly right and know exactly what you’re doing.

So what are you waiting for? Get this right away, because once this limited-time special deal ends, this page will be closed forever and you will miss out so don’t delay any longer get instant access to video apps feed right away on this page.


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