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Voice Buddy Agency Version

[, Music, ], okay, I’ll, get you to your voice, buddy purchase on the next page in a moment, but wouldn’t. It be great if you could have voice buddy working for you around the clock, see right now. You have access to voice buddy for your own personal use, but if you’re like a lot of smart marketers, you may want to outsource the work to your team or just hire a set of freelancers or vaz.

To do the work for you that’s, why we’ve created the voice buddy agency Edition, so you can have more hands on deck, creating more awesome, voiceovers without restriction. So when you take this upgrade today will unlock the sub user. Voice Buddy – Agency Version | Sherman-Intelligent-Software-Review

Account creation feature in your voice, buddy dashboard. This will allow you to create different logins for any employees, freelancers or vaz may work with now or in the future. Plus this way you won’t have to have people sharing the same login waiting for one another to log in and log out, by having the ability to create multiple logins for different users.

You’ll, be able to keep the voice over a creation process going without dropping the ball one bit. Thus, allowing you to get more done with less time and effort to try and create the same amount of work on your own would only result in you, maybe making two to four dollars per hour, that’s, just not smart business, especially when you Can make a small investment today and have the same level of effort generating you thousands of dollars, that’s? Why it just makes sense to take this upgrade today, because you’ll, be able to create a voiceover factory that works even when you’re away with family or friends, or even getting a good night’s sleep.

Unfortunately, this level of voice, buddy won’t, be available at this price forever. So, if you truly want to unlock the agency Edition, you & # 39. Ll need to act fast before time runs out, because once it does, you & # 39, ll, be forced to pay a much higher price, or we could remove this option altogether, but wouldn’t.

You agree that it makes sense to invest in the agency edition of voiced buddy today, especially since we’ll, be freeing you up for more money-making activities that could bring you thousands of dollars in the very near future.

I’m sure you agree, it does. Time is money and your time is valuable. So do yourself a favor and click the button below to add this to your account now and get ready to multiply your voiceover efforts with voice Buddy Agency Edition today.

Voice Buddy Agency Version

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[, Music, ] hi: this is Yogesh Corral and in this video I’m, going to show you how wife’s, body works and gonna give you a brief walkthrough on the entire system. So once you log in you will see this screen, this is our dashboard, where you can get a complete overview of all your projects.

Here you can see the audios that has been generated, total count of audios videos and sub uses of your account, and in this section you can see all the audio is generated from Amazon’s. Polly engine – and here you can see all the audios from Google’s wavelet platform.

Now, if you want to play a audio, you can just play directly from here or if you want to download it, you just need to click on this button to download this particular audio, and here you can see a graph according to the T’S of like how many Google, Google’s, wavenet audios has been generated and Amazon’s.

Polly audio has been generated, so this is all about the dashboard. Now let’s, move to the main system. That is to create audio. So let’s, see how the audio engine for Google’s Wave networks. So you need to go here and click on this option and you will see the screen here.

First, you need to enter a project. Name, I’ll just enter s test, voice, ready 1, and here you can give a vesl. So all you need to do is to copy/paste your script here. So once you do that you can use our toolbar to do all the medications that you want so before, starting the manipulation.

If you want to convert this text into any other language, then you can just go ahead to the bottom of the screen. Here you are seeing something called translate. You just need to select the language in which you want these takes to be translated.

So once you select that text I mean the language just need to click on translate button, and then this will be translated in the decide language which you have selected here. So this is all about translation.

So once you have done the translation, you can go ahead and start creating your audio, so the first step here is to customize it. For example, if you want to customize how this get spoken, you can use all the options that are available here in the toolbar.

For example, if you want to give a good emphasis on this particular board, you just need to select this word and click on select emphasis and select the option that you want. So now I will select as moderate as you can see that tax has been added here.

So for this particular words, the emphasis level will be moderate. So this is how you can add the emphasis, and here let’s say you have a number here: one: five double zero! Six! So now you, if you want the audio to be spoken as numbers, then you just need to select this and click on, select, see as and then select characters.

So now, instead of calling it as fifteen thousand six, this will be called as one five zero zero. Six, so this is how see, as will work and let’s, see if you want to give a pause in your audio. All you need to do is to select the word and then click on break and then set the milliseconds of the post where you want.

So this is how the speak option works, and this is the pitch. You can select that text where you want to adjust the pitch of audio and just set the pitch that’s it. So this is how you can set the pitch.

Now let’s, see if you want this three words to be spoken out very fast, then you need to select those words, click on select speed and then click on X fast. We have a lot of options here. You can just play around as per your requirements, so now this is how it will work.

That is the speed so because recently there is, these three words will be spoken very fast, so this is all about the editor. We have few more options here, like audio a paragraph break or a sentence break, you can just use it as per your requirements and once you have completed your customization just select a language here, you can see a lot of voices, just select the one which you Want and then click on submit so now the audio will be generated and it will be shown here.

You can just play it here and see it, and if everything is okay, you can download by clicking on these three buttons and then click on download. So this is how you can generate and download the text. Now we have few more options here called as versions.

So let’s say in this VSL. You made a mistake. You want to give a break here, but you forgot so now what you can do is you just need to select here, select the break and then click on submit again submit again so now what will happen is another audio will be generated and it will be Called as v-two and here you can also add the notes, for example, I forgot to set break and it will be saved so whenever you select this particular audio, all these versions will be loaded so that you can manage the task easily.

So and now, if you want to edit the first version, all you need to do is to click on this button because by default the second version will be shown here. So this is all about Google’s, wavenet platforms or your generator.

Now let’s, move to poly, so here in the poly we have exact same V and the process of generating audio, as we have seen in Wave knit. That is, you need to enter a project name here, and then you need to put in your vessel script here and you can select all the customization options available here, like emphasis level se, as that is you can, if you, if you want to mention the date Properly, you just need to select the date and select this option like this.

We have a lot of options here and say, as the breaks the pits level the speed of audio the stress level of that particular words, which you select special effects, such as soft spoken and whispered, and the paragraph and sentence break.

So all you need to do is select and use the option as per your requirement, and once done, you just need to click on submit and if in case, if you want to convert the script into any other language, we just need to select it and then Select the language here and click on translate so that this will be translated into your Teesside language and once that is done after that, you can start working on customization.

So once that is done, you will see the options like we have seen in wavenet for, for example, that you submit – and here you see we have caught our first version like this. You can create as many versions as you want.

So this is all about. Poly editor now in the audio list you can see all the audios that you had generated and in the video created you can create a video using just the images and you can add audio to it, like the audios that we have generated right now.

You can just embed it directly just by clicking on this button, so all the audios that you have created will come up here. You just need to select the audio, select, the images and click on submit, so that’s.

All you have to do to create the video and we have a lot of bonuses here – the gallery, video gallery and thumbnail gallery. So all the videos that has been generated will show up here and the custom images will come up in our thumbnail gallery and if you want to upload in YouTube, you can do that here.

So all you need to is to enter the title tags description and select the state and time when you want to upload it. The channel time zone, category video, thumbnail and click on submit, and now, if you want to convert the title and description into any other language, then all you need to do is to select your decide language and click on translate.

So all the title, tags and description will be converted into that language. So this is how the Youtube upload works and you can add any number of YouTube account based on your membership level. Here, all you need to do is to click on, add account, and then you can add it and to create a sub user.

You just need to click on sub user, create sub user. Here you can create the sub users of your account. So that is, if you create a sub user, basically he will be using your account, but with his own username and password. Voice Buddy – Agency Version | Sherman-Intelligent-Software-Review

So this is all about wife’s body. Thank you. So much

Source : Youtube

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