Voice Buddy Pro Discounted

Voice Buddy Pro Discounted
Voice Buddy Pro Discounted



Voice Buddy Pro Discounted

Very close attention to this short video, because recently there’s been a major shift in text-to-speech technology that you can take advantage of for your content needs. I’m talking about the ability to create items like podcasts, explainer, videos, presentations, youtube videos, ecom product videos, videos for facebook and instagram marketing, and much much more with lightning speed.

Imagine for a moment if you could create up to 20 times the amount of videos that it would normally take the competition to complete or what, if you needed, a quick voiceover for a new explainer video.

Normally, you’d, have to spend hundreds of dollars on sites like fiverr and upwork and many others, and even then you still might not get your voiceover file back in time. That’s. What makes using text speech so attractive? You simply load up your text, click a button and now pops an audio file for you to use.

But here’s, the problem, most texas, page apps, sound, absolutely terrible. It’s like the old answering machines from the 1990s playing back. The sound of metal cans being crushed under your foot now many of us have used or heard of something called google assistant right.

What about amazon alexa both are extremely popular apps because they sound so realistic that’s, a huge reason why they’re, so successful that’s. Why? I love that the technology behind that known as google, wavenet and amazon poly have come to the rescue it’s, the first time in the ages that you truly have natural text-to-speech sounding voices.

But here’s. The other problem trying to use these platforms seamlessly is a real pain in the you know what you have to try and code your own solution or purchase one from the internet and even then, the solutions online, don’t even have everything you need To create great sounding voiceovers quickly and easily, you might have one platform that has google wavenet and then you might have another that has amazon poly.

Then you have to try and manipulate the text to make this audio sound as natural as possible, even though the voices included are are great trust us, we know, because we have access to the same applications as you.

It’s, exactly what led us to sitting down and coming up with our own solution, one that would combine the power of google wavenet and amazon poly under one easy to use application, and we’d like to share that solution with You today introducing voice buddy voice.

Buddy is so amazing that was sure it’s. The last texas speech application you’ll ever need, as a matter of fact, voice. Buddy works in only three simple steps. All you need to do is one select your language and voice, two paste, your text into voice, buddy, three click to generate your audio in a matter of minutes, a voice buddy will fire out a brand new audio file.

That sounds incredibly human. Best of all there’s, no learning curve when it comes to using voice buddy it’s, great for experienced marketers and newbies alike, but don’t take out word for it. You can listen to some samples right here on this page also, you can see a full-fledged demo of voice buddy in action below as well.

However, when you review all the details on this page, you’ll, see why so many people love voice buddy. It’s because voice buddy includes 141 voices to choose from 33 languages to choose as well a user-friendly dashboard.

The simple yet powerful, text-to-speech editor that lets. You set the emphasis pitch speed of speech, pauses and more, and that’s. Only a handful of items you’ll, get access to when you sign up to get your own voice.

Video account today, plus voice button is 100 cloud-based. So there’s, nothing for you to install it works on every computer, where there’s internet, but the main reason you’ll love voice. Buddy! Is that not only will it save you, thousands of dollars in voiceover costs, but voice buddy delivers every time on time without any objections or nasty attitudes that you sometimes get from freelancers.

It’s as simple as pacing your text, making a few adjustments that you feel necessary and voice buddy will give you a brand new, naturally sounding audio file. In a matter of minutes, oh – and i also didn’t mention how you can use voice buddy to help you make a full-time income as well, which you will see all the details for below.

With that being said, go ahead and scroll down and view all the details on this page, and once you’re done, make sure to sign up for your copy of voice. Buddy today, you & # 39. Ll need to act fast, though, because the price of voice buddy is going up every day and once this launch period ends it’s going to monthly pricing, so use the button below now to get access to voice.

Buddy and get ready to create amazing sounding voiceovers, with complete ease, go ahead, get involved, do it right now, and i’ll, see you on the inside [ Music. ], hey, hey everyone, ali g here now. I just want to quickly show you how easy voice buddy is to use.

Now i have something typed up here: real quick in my text editor. I’m, going to copy uh and basically have it ready for my project. On the left hand, side you have the choices of google wavenet and amazon poly.

Voice Buddy Pro Discounted

In this example, i’m going to show you, google wavenet. I’m, going to name my project. I’m, going to call it voice. Buddy is super easy to use, and then i’m just going to paste what i just copied and i’m, going to pick the uh language there’s, somebody to pick from so in this case i’m just going to use, say english, british and the voice.

We have a few different types of voices. So in this one i’m, going to use a female wavenet c, and then i’m, going to hit, submit audio generated boom, ready to go so quick and easy. Now you know that’s, ready to go, as is, of course you have so many different options of how you can change it if you so wish, but just the way it is is actually very, very good from all our testing now, of course, If you want to customize it so as you can see, voice buddy is super easy to use simply enter the text and boom.

So i want to make this uh say: i want to add an emphasis to it. So i’ll, make it a moderate emphasis. You’ve, got the choice of both google and amazon’s, voice engines at your fingertips and uh so over here i would maybe like uh just uh just leave it the way it is building it on systems that took that took Years to create by two major companies, so i’m going to make this one over here: emphasis, uh, strong and that’s, pretty much it so i you know there’s, a lot of other options as well.

You can select the say as – and you can play around with this to your heart’s, delight uh. You can also change the pitch uh the speed of how it’s being said: um, you can even add a little uh sound effects uh to the voiceover and uh again.

You know, as you saw the initial example, it just took mere seconds voice. Buddy is super easy to use and all your audio files are right here, uh, where you can hit play right from the dashboard or quickly download it to your computer of your choice.

This is cloud-based works on both pc and mac. Without any issues. This is voice. Buddy very quick example and

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