Having a voice reel or a show reel or a demo whatever you want to call it absolutely essential in voiceovers, but the main thing is to plan it correctly. So let’s. Take a look at producing a very basic one, and I recommend, beginning with a storyboard or a running order that you sketch out [ Music ], a showreel doesn’t need to be any more than 90 seconds.

Clients have extremely short attention spans, so keep it short and sweet and interesting. So let’s. Take a look at the running order and we want to start with a slate that’s, a little ident, saying hi.

This is, and your name welcome to my voice, real short and sweet, and also nice and friendly as well. They’re. Moving on, we’ve got an upbeat commercial. We’ll start with that, hit them nice and hard. VoiceReel,

Something really fizzy lots of energy and moving on then to something more business-like and corporate for about 15 seconds. Choose your favorite audio book. Little passage from that 15 seconds of that no more and then the fun starts character.

Voices. You can have 15 seconds worth of those, and I’d suggest packing in as many as you can into that TV and radio promos are next anything with continuity, continuity, announcing safer TV or even some station.

I dense for your radio just to show your versatility there and then it’s, all warm and friendly, and soft and cuddly it’s. A soft sell commercial for 10 seconds and finally, your final 10 seconds is a lively, explainer, video, nice and upbeat not as hard as your upbeat, commercial that we did at the beginning.

But it’s, still quite lively and showing off the human element. But informative as well, that’s all well and good, but I suppose you’re thinking. Now, hang on a minute: where do I get those scripts from well? There are various places to buy them online, but also you can get them for free from edge Studios.

They’re based in New York and they do a free repository of voiceover scripts, which are very, very handy. So there’s. Lots of resources there for you. Ok, thanks very much for watching today, look after your voice and see you next time!

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