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LocalAgencyBox – Resellify – Unlimited

Hey what’s up? My name is jonas. Welcome to this review of local agency box, i’m, a full-time entrepreneur. I have reviewed tons of products in the agency industry, affiliate marketing, industry and all the industries, and in this video we are going to be reviewing local agency box.

So what you can expect from this video review is a close look of all the done-for-you assets inside local agency box. We’ll, have a look at the pros and the cons, and i & # 39. Ll also demonstrate my 8-step roadmap on how to get clients and profit with local agency bucks.

I’ll, get to this in a little bit. Of course you can skip it if you already know the blueprint that you will be using, but in a nutshell, we & # 39. Ll have a look at everything you get with local agency box, the agency mega website the proposals, the email sequence, the telemarketing scripts, the commercial graphics, the facebook ads the banners, the contract agreement and everything in local agency box.

Now it’s, important to keep in mind that you get a lot with this product, so we cannot cover everything there’s 10 different services or 10 different agencies that you get in this video i’ll demonstrate all These assets in the video market, marketing agency pack so other than that we’ll, have a look at the detailed informations on the upgrades.

If i find any coupon codes, i’ll leave them in my full written review at the link below in the video description, which will take you to my full written review of local agency box, where you can see all the upgrades, the informations on That the pros and cons the conclusion again, if i find any discount codes, it will be on this page as well, and if you do decide to get local agency box for yourself, i & # 39.

Ll also have at least 17 free huge bonuses that you can get completely free just for getting local agency box through my page. So with that being said, let me show you the eight steps to profit with local agency box.

Just so, you know exactly how you can make money with this, and then we’ll, get into a close look on all the assets. Of course, if you want to skip and just have a look at all the assets, you can just go down in the youtube search bar and click on the next chapter, you can see exactly where that is on youtube.

So let me get into this and then we’ll, take a look at the assets after that, all right, so let’s. Go through these eight steps to profit with local agency box. This is the roadmap that i recommend you use to find leads and convert.

These cold leads into red hot buyers, ready to pay you money on a recurring basis to deliver services. Now, if you don & # 39, t know how to deliver services. Don’t worry because one of the bonuses with local agency box is drop services.

Where you simply are the middle man. You don’t have to fulfill the services. You can just find somebody who can and you’re. Basically, the middleman we’ll, get into this at the end of this video on how that works.

But here’s. What you want to do, if you don’t, know how to find leads and convert them into paying clients. First, you & # 39. Ll want to focus on just one niche. One of the niches that i recommend is either insurance plumbers, real estate or heating ventilation and air conditioning.

So every niche is different and the agencies that have most success just focus on one niche in the beginning and know a lot about this specific niche in-depth. So what i recommend you do is just choose one hot niche focus on this niche until you get a few clients and you can use the done for your email sequences, specifically for your niche one of the bonuses that i will be giving away for free.

If you do decide to get local agency box through, my page is done for you like additional done for your emails, specifically for these hot niches. On top of the done for you emails that you already get with local agency box.

So once you have found your niche, you want to gather leads in this niche there’s. Many ways to do it. You can do it with free methods. You can use the database, which is another bonus that you get with local agency box, or you can use one of my bonus strategies that you can learn more about in my full written review under the bonuses there’s, many ways to do it, But you just want to find leads, and once you have leads you & # 39.

Ll want to use your email, sequences, follow-ups and emails. You can use the emails inside local agency box or you can use the emails that i’m, giving away as a bonus in these four hot niches that are specifically designed for each niche and a quick stat on these bonus.

Emails are here on the right, so you can get an idea of how good they are. They really work. You just want to prove an email, serious and you have that with local agency bugs, and you have that with the bonus emails that i will be providing as a bonus through my page.

So the next step is to follow up. You send these emails in these emails. You want to get your potential clients to go to your landing page and schedule a strategy session with you, so the landing page is something you want to set up yourself where people can schedule a 15 minute strategy.

Call with you that’s. What i recommend now one of the bonuses that i’m. Giving away is a landing page specifically for this purpose. You can use either thrive architect on wordpress click follows, or you can simply recreate this template that i’m, giving away in elementor, which is a free page builder, that you get with local agency box, and here’s.

How that looks if you’re curious, it’s very, very well converting and definitely works. So the next step is that your potential client will schedule a 15 minute strategy. Call with you and that’s where you get on the phone and you close the client.

The way you want to close a client, it is with the contract. It’s, always a good idea to use a contract, and you do get this with local agency box as well. So once you close the client that’s, where you get paid, and here’s, where you can use the drop services, which is another bonus, you get with local agency box, so you don’t actually have to fulfill The service, if you want to get video clients, you can outsource that to somebody else, sell it to a client for say, fifteen hundred dollars and only pay three hundred dollars for the service, and you profit twelve hundred dollars in your pocket with just very minimal work.

By just being the middleman, i know it sounds crazy, but it definitely is possible once you have the right resource and guidance and if you need any guidance, more in-depth questions with this blueprint, i’ll, also give one-on-one mentoring via whatsapp as another bonus For getting local agency box for my page so now that you know the world map, let’s, get into the done for your assets.

Let me show you everything that you get with local agency box, the agency mega website, the proposals, the email sequence, the telemarketing scripts, the graphics, facebook, ads banners and the construct and let’s, have a look at exactly what it looks like and also How you edit them and open them, even if you don’t, have microsoft, word, microsoft, powerpoint or even if you don’t have photoshop, you can use free resources to use, watch view and edit all these resources.

So let’s. Get into that now all right. So i’m here in the local agency box members area and, as you can see here’s, all the agencies, you can download once you downloaded your niche or your agency pack.

This is what you will get you will get in this case. I’m, demonstrating the video agency. You’ll, have the website the proposals, the email, swipes, telemarketing, scripts, commercial, graphics, web panels, facebook, ad creatives and the contact agreement.

So let me show you first of all the agency mega website that you will be getting. This is all customizable using wordpress and elementor. Elementor is a free page builder that can customize anything. You want, as you can see as we hover over the buttons it’s, a very clean and smooth transition that you get.

You can change anything the colors, the text, anything you want, and here we have each mini site for each service. So, as i’ll scroll through the page, you can get an idea of what you’ll, get. As you can see.

This website looks very, very professional, so what you would want to do is just change your logo, using the elementor page builder, and i’ve used elementor in the past, and i absolutely love it. Many agencies use elementor to design websites, so it’s, absolutely the best one.

In my opinion, if you want to create websites for clients, so that’s, the bonus that you get with local agency box, let me show you how it would look if we go to the video marketing one. You can, of course, use this to close clients, but you can also use the landing page that i will be giving away for free when you send out your emails.

I’m, just showing you what you get here, because that’s. Definitely worth having a look at as you can see, you can change anything you want and it looks very slick. So, aside from this, what you get is proposals, emails, wives, telemarketing, scripts, banners, facebook ads and anything you can anything you can imagine.

So how do you open these for the email swipes? You get a word document now. If you don & # 39, t have microsoft. Word it’s! No problem. All you would have to do is just go to google docs, which is free when you sign up for an email account, and you can simply choose a blank template here and then then you would go to file click on open and then click on upload.

And here is where you take your asset: let’s, use the email swipes and let’s. Just drop this in here, so that’s. How you open all these word documents same goes with the powerpoint presentations. You can use google slides for that and in a second, i’ll.

Show you how to edit the banners using a free, photoshop resource called photop. So now we opened up the email follow-up script that you get with local agency box. So these emails is what you will use to send emails to the leads that you find using the various methods that you will learn about in the program or via my bonuses.

So, as you can see here, this template one. You just fill out the name and your name and your company there’s. Another one number two number three and number: four: it’s. Also fine, and here’s additional emails here, so that’s.

Plenty of emails to choose from plus you also get a timeline of when you want to send these emails, so you’ll know exactly when to send the emails, how long to wait until you follow up, etc, etc. Same goes for the proposals, you open it the same way here.

You will just change this to your company name. If you want to insert an image, you can do that here with your logo. If you want to do that, if you want to change the color of the text, you can do that here, and this is the proposal that you can send.

If you want to um, you can change anything. You like, as you can see here there’s, some filler text. You can change your company name, you can change your name here and you may ask yourself what if i don’t have any testimonials like here.

What have we done? There’s, some testimonial stuff. One of the bonuses that you get with local agency box is the exclusive access to user testimonials that the local agency box provides you with. So you’ll, have a complete business in a box for your local agency when you get this product.

So i really like that the proposals are here in word document. They are also here in powerpoint document right here. If you prefer that it’s, just a matter of preference but as you can see very easy to edit, this is just using google slides and you can change anything you want.

You can see here. You can move stuff around so very easy to use other than that you get the contract here so for the contract you just put in the date here, you put in your company name here, the name of your client.

LocalAgencyBox – Resellify – Unlimited

You’ll just go through this look for anything and, of course, if there’s, anything you want to change, you can change it here, easy to do and easy to edit. So once you have finished editing, you’ll. Just go here to file, and then you’ll, go to download, you can download it as a pdf and have it ready as a pdf document, that you can send your client and he can sign it on that pdf document.

If you want to call clients which i recommend you do is here is a script, you can use to simply get the deal done, so you can go through this again for this one. There’s different scripts. Let me go here.

Exclamation scripts here’s, one when you get a client when you get a call from a client and here’s, one, if you want to call them directly on a cold call other than that we have commercial graphics. We have brochure, business card invoice and letterhead so for an invoice.

If you want to do that, you can change it with. Photoshop same goes for the banners. These are in photoshop files as well. Here’s. How they look so let me show you how to edit them using a resource that i like to use for photoshop called photop photope.

com. You go here, click on open! You select your file, so here we have a photoshop file here. So now it loads the file and you can change anything that you want so for text you go here. You can change the text here.

Customize, you can change your logo here. You can change the text. You can change your url as well right here. So your website will be yourwebsite.com once you’re done finishing, you can just simply click on export ass as a jpeg png or whatever you prefer here’s, some of the facebook ads that you get for the video marketing agency pack.

Now you can choose to use this or you can make your own, that’s up to you. These are just here for you to easily get started and if you want to use the done for your copy, the file is right here – and here you have your facebook ads.

So here’s. The headline for the facebook ad here here’s. The image text and here’s, the ad copy, because if you want to change it, that’s completely up to you, but you have it available. If you want to do facebook ads and also have a bonus on facebook, as if you’re, not sure how to get started with that, so that will make it very easy for you to get clients this way.

If you want to another thing, you’ll, be getting if you do get a local agency box through the page in my review page. Is these four part proof and email sequences specifically designed for four different niches here’s, the one for the real estate here you’ll, have subject lines as you can see.

This subject line on average gets a two. Almost three percent open rate, the subject lines get almost a six percent of the rate in this subject line case almost 14 percent overrate. So here’s, the emails you just fill in the blanks, your name, your city, your the client’s, first name and your phone number your website, everything that you have available here and, as you can see, you can just put them Into your lead machine and send these emails – and these are proven to convert proven to make code leads, be interested in your services and that’s, where you send them to your landing page to schedule.

A strategy call with you and you close the client. If you have any questions on how to close the client on a strategy. Call again, i’ll, be available to help you exactly how to get clients on a recurring basis and make money with your agency, even if you’re brand new from scratch.

So i hope that made sense. I hope this quick walkthrough made your eyes open on how you can start your agency and get the clients that you need as soon as possible with minimal effort. And if you have any questions, you can go to my review page at the link below in the video description.

You can click on any of these buttons here on facebook, on instagram to get in touch with me, or you can simply look through the upsells and pricing here’s, detailed information on the main product there’s.

Also, some upgrades with local agency box – and you can see all the details here now you don’t need the upgrades to be successful and make money. These are just here to help you shortcut your success in certain areas.

If you want to do video that’s, an upgrade for that, if you want to do apps that’s, an upgrade for that, if you want to sell software, others are not great for that or if you simply want extra stuff There’s, an upgrade for that again.

There’s, also stuff on pros and cons the conclusion, and there’s, also some additional bonuses that you can get completely free just for getting a local agency box through my page. One of the bonuses is this: one: exclusive agency training that me and my mentor created for agency owners.

There’s. Some really neat training, especially this one, using some check to get super target, at least for your agency. My mentor used this website and she got flooded with emails from different businesses who begged him to listen to what they needed, so he could sell them on their service and you’ll, get exclusive training on that.

You’ll, get the strategy template that i talked about earlier. You’ll, get the exclusive access to the drop services, so you don’t even have to fulfill the service yourself. You can just use these freelancers to simply outsource what you will be selling and be the middle man, and that’ll mean that you can run a part-time business but make a full-time income.

With your agency, there’s, also 101 mentoring with me. If you have any questions on how to use this blueprint and make money with your agency, i’m here for you and you can use all the testimonials from local agency box to sell your services very easily.

There’s. Many other bonuses, like i said, with the emails and many other things that you can check, but this video is getting long. So i don’t want to take much more. Your time simply click the link below in the video description, to check out this full written review.

If you have any questions, let me know either for facebook, instagram, my email or in the comment section below in this youtube. Video with that being said, thank you for watching this video. I’m, looking forward to seeing you on the inside or in another video bye for now.


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