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Hi i’m james kennedy from james, and this is my review of video diner. Welcome back so video dyno. It’s actually gonna it’s, more known as video copy dino and i’ll. Tell you what it is um one of the biggest challenges you may have the best product in the world.

The best service, the best whatever. But if you can’t sell it, then you & # 39. Ve got a problem because ultimately um the sales copy is really where um the money & # 39. S made i’m afraid. You know you may have the best product, but you can have a wonderful copyright and they’re 180 of the profits, and sometimes that might actually be worthwhile because um some of these guys can make a fortune.

If you look back to people like gary halbert who were charging like 30 000, 40 000 for a sales letter – something like this, you know so something like a one, two, four six page sales letter. They were challenging thousands because he knew that his copy converted and that’s, a big thing.

So, with that being said, let’s. Take you over and have a look at a coffee diner. So in here it’s. Pretty much it’s designed uh to give ask you simple questions and it will automatically fill out a proper high, converting sales copy, a letter for you, a sales copy script, if you like, so it’s, not seeing much in here.

Just now and let’s, have a quick look at the review and the video here. Every single day there are hundreds of people selling stuff online worth millions simply by using sales videos on their websites or facebook or youtube video ads.

Every single website sales page funnel you see out there has a sales video. Every super affiliate has hundreds of review videos earning them commissions every single day. Bottom line is sales. Videos are everything you could be doing to say: making thousands of dollars every day using high converting sales, videos and video ads join us for the live reveal of our brand new app video dyno, and let me show you how you can easily create high converting video Ads sales, video scripts and more without being a copywriter and convert them into videos ready to bring your sales join us for this live webinar.

Training on the 7th of october 10 a.m: eastern and standard chance to win a free copy of video diner along with 150 dollars in marketplace cash, so that is basically what it’s about. So let me just take you in there’s, not much going on there yet, because, obviously it’s, not went live, but it will be going live today.

So let me just take you into the that’s, where i’m looking for the platform here so pretty much. This is the dashboard, create a video script, save video scripts, and so once you’ve created the video script.

You can actually make a video from here. If you don & # 39, t want to actually read the script or um. Do the video properly, but the sales script is really important: um even down to the level now where, for example, um people are writing scripts very cleverly, with keywords in them for their youtube videos because youtube.

Actually, as you talk is reading, and it is ranking your video um to relevance to the product. So if i’m, saying video dino video dino video dino constantly through this review, video um youtube’s, going to pick up on the fact that uh.

This is a video dino review and because it’s, a video dyno review, i’ll, say: oh god, this guy’s. Talking about video write reviews and creating video lead capture, scripts and facebook and instagram video scripts and long form, sales, videos, youtube, add video scripts, etc, etc.

Youtube will pick up in these and will rank accordingly, so the script is more important than you probably realize. Now. I don’t, usually follow a script. I’m. Just kind of someone who reads: uh looks at things and just gives you my opinion on it.

You know whether you take that opinion or not that’s entirely up to you, but so let’s, have a look at leaks, get captured, uh, let’s, go to a long form script, because this is going to Be the biggest one um okay so highlight that and then continue um.

Well, we don’t have a pre-filled video. So let’s. Call this video dyno video, dino review, okay, so video dino review all right! Sorry! You’ve, got it clicked? No, no! I do apologize. You no need to name it.

Video dino review, sorry review. Okay with an e would be preferable. Uh, okay, continue and then literally, this asks you all the questions that it needs to know. Okay, so what’s, the name of the presenter of this video james kennedy? Okay, so i’ve filled in james kennedy already now your experience level.

This presenter is a fitness expert that has helped hundreds of overweight people lose weight. So remember as the presenter you’re, deeming yourself as the expert on this review, so you would put in a little bit of blood.

There then continue product name service, what you offer, etc, etc, etc. I’ll. Ask you. These questions continue and continue right, okay and then preview. Let’s, see now it’s not going to preview because i’ve, not filled them in, but once you get to the end of the process.

Social proof final step and then write script. Now, if you look at this, it’s. Now writing the script with blank spaces. I might add, because obviously i’ve – not done that, so you can see now that this is pretty much it’s a long sales letter.

Now i can export that right now. I can go in here and edit parts so export export as a document. Okay. So now that document’s done, i’m going to open that document. Okay right. So this is the document that i have now made here right right.

So product benefit, if you can show you almost almost a guaranteed way to save money, make money and get more traffic lose weight. Train your dog, you know, and this full sales letter has all been done now.

Obviously, this sales letter is a long type sales letter. So your content will make that to probably four or five pages, just let this one remember, but not for 20. 40. 60. 80. 000. So this is quite an interesting product, because this is really going to take a lot of the heavy lifting off you.

So back to dashboard and there’s, lots of different ones, so you can create a video script. You want to do a youtube ad script continue and then none and then test video dino review continue. So it’s.

Going to ask you the right questions for let’s review this okay presenter, blah blah blah product details, all right, okay, and now it’s, creating the content right so again, you can then export that um again as a document, so That you can go in and edit it i wouldn’t export it as a pdf.

I would probably prefer to export it as a document, and then i could then go and look at it in a big page and then decide so just before you watch your video blah blah blah. So this is a sales ad before this is like the kind of adverts that just before your video starts.

This is that type of sales letter so um. What do i think of this? I think this is really great, because everything that you need is here the training on how to use it, create videos. So this this is here as well.

So if you wanted to create right, let’s, see this one looks quite arty. So let’s. Let’s, see create a video right. So let’s, create a video copy and paste your content. So let’s. Go back to those word documents all right, so let’s, go to the long one okay, so we’ll open that right and we’ll.

Take this whole content now, even even though this will make absolutely no sense because there’s. No, this is all can motivational um kind of sales type warden here so put the sales content in here, okay, and so that’s.

All there go, this will create the video for you now you can add media in here. You know just like to you know. Obviously this would all be adjusted and then you would publish the video like suspect, successful.

Okay, it’s, rendering as we speak, okay now let’s, see away that and that coming down now, obviously there’s, been no images put in here um. I’m, not going to cut this off, but i’m going to just talk to the camera because you don’t want to be watching that rendering and so um there’s, no content being put In here you can put your own pictures in you obviously adjust words.

You could probably put background music in etc, etc. It’s, it’s, something that’s. If, if you’re happy to talk on screen, i would say that’s, probably a better product, but the good thing about this is.

I believe that if you do this this way i’m. I’m sure there & # 39, ll, be other ways to put inside other languages. So, for example, if you’ve done it this way without your voiceover, and it was obviously all the text, then you could then create another one.

In spanish, japanese, chinese blah blah blah and get them out there and and market this to the world, and obviously, whatever market that you money market is is good. But from my point of view, i think this is something that has got some huge benefits.

It’s not like the regular products are coming out all the time. I think, with some of the regular products that come out all the time you have sales traffic generation um. You know that kind of thing.

So let’s. Go on and i’ll, while we’re waiting on this rendering and we will have a look at it and it’s going to be basic. I’m, going to tell you there’s, been no effort down here. You’ve, seen i put no content and but no images.

I put no effort. I literally just went through the process. So let’s. Go back to here and i will tell you let me see back to this camera. I’m sure i’ve got some information on the pricing of this product.

Bear with me right! Okay, let me see, i did half wait, be with me all right. All right! I’m. Just opening this up just now, guys sorry that’s, the page. I was looking for right there. Sorry, okay, so um front end on this right.

Apologies right! Okay! Now i’ve got. I need to be an ab sorry house struggling to find the information i did have it open and obviously, for some reason, when i opened that the video the dashboard has caused me a problem.

So let’s hear just go through some of the basics. While we’re waiting on that so create video scripts sales. Letters uh ads for facebook create videos for your funnels marketing. Videos create lead, gen videos, uh video, create video, promoting your services, create upsell videos find local local businesses in neither videos, commercial license, included, cloud-based app, nothing to install and it’s.

A stable product, okay for video marketers for affiliate markets for local agency. Marketers for newbie marketers for bloggers and youtubers, it seems to have something for a little bit of a little bit something for everybody.

Okay, now let’s, see now this product. Now i’m, going to tell you right now. This is not the cheapest product out there, but if you look at the platform – and you can see the potential value that this is going to give you over the longevity – and this is – this is quite impressive – it’s only 47 dollars for the Front end for what you’ve, seen there for what i’ve got access to now.

Upsell one is video dyno unlimited, so that is also. It comes with email dyno as well, which i don’t know much about email dyno. I don’t really have access to that um. So let me just tell you: um, unlimited upgrade is possible.

The most powerful upgrade we’ve ever offered in a funnel with the video dyno unlimited users, you will be able to create unlimited video scripts. Unlimited video ads unlimited video sales letters render unlimited videos get access to advanced social sharing features and lifetime access to email, dyno that lets them create profitable email swipes for their email marketing.

This is the most irresistible upgrade offer we have ever created now that’s, a good point. So if you’re thinking about bringing a product out a lot of people that have an email list and work on like sending emails, they don & # 39.

T really want to do any of the work by writing any sales copy to get promoted to the list. So if this allows you then to make email swipes about your products and services, you can then send that to the people that there’s right there’s, two different types of affiliate marketers there’s; the ones like Myself that are small, that really are really hungry to can a try and get custom and try and get business and we were prepared to work for it and then there’s, the guys that are the super gurus that are like.

Well, i’m, a superstar um. If you want me to put my name in this, i even share this with my list. You best do all the work and put my name in it. Why don’t you and sign it? For me as well, we have kiss pretty much and they literally just send out to the list, and obviously the guy that brings the product out is very grateful because it’s, a big list and the person that done it gets a good profit From all the commission, but has done nothing other than share it with his list, so that’s, the trade-off.

So if you’re thinking about sharing stuff with people that have got big lists, i think this would be an exceptional uh. Upgrade because if it makes the email swipes that’s, a good way to sell your product, that’s, providing that you’re thinking about creating any of your own products or promoting somebody else’s product.

As a joint venture, because again you find people get great products, but there might be someone from india that’s, an absolute software genius, but they might not have the best um conversation or communication skills.

Should i say to be on video to promote it, and you might be that person that jumps in and takes over, that side of that business launch for them, and if that’s, something that you’re thinking about doing later on.

I would say i would definitely consider the upsell number one. Let’s. Have a look at the upsell number two with done-for-you dyno upgrade your customers will get access to done-for-you scripts, videos, products, video sales, letters, sales pages, uh and more with complete white label rights.

They can set up and start selling immediately. They can leverage video dyno to create new and improved sales, videos and start selling, these done for new products to make profits and keep 100 of the profit.

So that’s, pretty interesting. The fact that, obviously, they’re going to give you products and they’re, going to give you all the sales letters and all the blog done for you on this, but really something that you probably might want to think about is, If you are thinking about creating a new product, a lot of the products that are new are actually just rehashed versions of something that was out a year ago, two years ago, with a few upgrades so looking at these products, it might be something that you might Want to kind of use on the sales copy for and then get someone a look at the product, a software developer and say listen.

This is a product that i’ve. I’ve, got the rights to sell. I want to recreate something like this, but i want to improve it because i think it’s lacking on this part, or i think, if we could add this or remove that it would make it better or whatever right.

So. You could then take that software and all these sales scripts, and literally just rebrand it with your name and upgrade the new software and obviously add in the new benefits. Obviously, we change the sales copy a bit, obviously obviously, but um – that’s, an option as well.

Now that is quite a hefty upsell. It’s 197. But again, if that’s, something you’re thinking about doing this could probably be um. I’ll. Put it this way. If you had to spend money paying a guru to teach you how to do that process, you pay tens of thousands of dollars for that.

So for a slightly, can i’ve done for your way. It might be a very cheap alternative to paying someday take care. I’ll, literally baby step. You all the way through the process. Okay and upsell three as a video dyno business with video dino business users, will get full business features, including custom done for you, professional, looking youtube business website with a custom.

Checkout uh they’ll, also get a team of virtual assistant access. Client access done for your client contract templates, business, finder feature and 100 plus facebook ad templates, that’s 59. That sounds really good value for money.

If that’s, the direction that you’re thinking about going. Okay and upsell four is voice real, which is another one of the company’s. Products voice real, is a brand new tech that helps anyone create a real human-like voice-over for their videos in multiple different languages.

You and using ai voice reel uh ai virtual lets. You use your users, create tons of voiceovers with full control over how they will sound and easy to use editor to edit merge and change voice tone pitch as they like.

This is perfect for anyone creating sales letters or video ads and that’s 19 dollars and player neos pro player. Nails pro is a cloud-based interactive video creator that helps turn an ordinary video into sales machine using the your customers.

Can your customers can add menus buttons, no, but buy now buttons, etc, etc? That’s. The pro version for the record i’m, going to give you the free version, uh, just the basic version player neos. I believe um, and i think that in a moment i will just go and check that with you for you, okay, so um.

Let me just see, i have got bonuses to share with you. Let me see nope, not the bonuses, you’re, not the bonuses. I’m. Looking for um, let me see, i have them somewhere and let me just go and grab those bonuses.

VideoDyno Bundle

Okay right. So this is the bonuses that i’m, able to give you on this, as well as my own bonuses. Obviously um, okay right so here’s. The bonuses that we’re going to give you from uh from the um. Obviously the video dino team, you’re, going to get reseller rates to vid rank news.

Um, you’re, going to get uh so that’s. Yeah resell of rates uh, you’re, also getting reseller rights to vid videos, um, obviously, standard version um, you’re, also getting uh reseller rights to uh, wp dollar, three and social news and resell our rights to act just uh right.

So this is excellent, so there’s, some really nice bonuses there from them a white label bonus or app spy, pro yeah, so some healthy bonuses there guys um lifetime access to curation neos a lot of good content here.

Okay, so from that point of view, that’s, um, definitely worth considering now, let me get in my bonus page now i’ve got the killer bonus page of all killer bonus pages. I do believe it’s. Probably the biggest bonus uh offer on the internet.

Now, just because i’m working harder, i’m working harder than your average guys. You know i’m kind of want to make sure that you’re. Getting huge value from dealing with me and obviously i’m, hopefully going to uh benefit from you use my link and me being paid the commission for the sale of this product.

So what am i going to give you in value a shed load of value way more than you’ll ever pay for, even if you bought that full funnel um and every single thing in it? I’m still going to 100 exit almost so let me just go into where my stuff is hang on.

Now, as i say my bonus page, it will have the links to the website to actually buy this, so once you get through and you look at my bonuses, which are ridiculous, i’ve, got to say they are no feel free to go and Check everybody else’s bonuses as well um, but again i have got some bonuses that are impossible.

A replicate and i’ll. Tell you why in just a moment? Okay, so let me just right okay, so i’m. Just going to share my screen with you once again, so this is my exclusive bonus page bundle, so this package here alone right the crazy scotsman’s triple a bonus bonanza okay.

So this is plr stuff that i have bought and license rates and reseller rates. Just like you’ve seen those and those ones there that i just shared with you um. So all this content right. So there’s about 86 different programs, there alone, and we’re talking about these aren’t, just all pdfs guys.

These are some of these are filled courses with mind, maps 20, videos in the training and various cheat sheets and quick start guides, etc, etc. A lot of that tied up within here, okay, and also some are actually members only areas you know, so you & # 39.

Ve, also got my exclusive laptop life james money on the move. Course you’ll, get access to that within my members area, and no one else can give you that at all again, some extra bonuses here, um i could go on and on and on and on and on mobley.

I love this one and that’s. John armstrong’s again clones that’s; brandon macy’s; uh john armstrong’s 80z and launch jacking again see like this course here: amazon affiliate products, um profit, sorry that’s like a Lot of the courses in my mega bonus.

Okay, so you & # 39. Ve got all these and you & # 39. Ve got some of my viking uh products as well from stephen alvey. Again, i brought spent hundreds of dollars. I spent three four hundred dollars to get access to, sell these, to be able to give these to you, okay, so that cost me in my own pocket just to buy these to hand them here.

You know um, so a lot of value here, guys um, as well as the bonuses that you’re, getting from uh the guys at video dyno, so uh speaking of video dino, i’m, going to go back to my camera. Just for a second uh, i’m, going to go back to that for a second and minimize this screen and let’s, see if how the the product is coming on right.

It has successfully rendered. Obviously i took it probably took fight. I don’t know it could have been done in a lot less time than what i’d. Take there um. So let’s just go so it’s rendered. So if we just down load the video and let’s, see what it looks like: okay right again, no volume, no, nothing right, but you could have background music there.

You could put all your own images in here. Um again, it was literally thrown together, but obviously the sales copy there. These images are not good for easy detects white, so you’ll, be looking at dark images or whatever it may be, but it’s.

One minute, forty of complete, nothingness, guys remember there’s, no real content being put into the gaps, so it’s, but that’s, a sales video uh one minute for a content without actually doing anything.

Imagine if you just fill in the boxes, how much value that is going to be, and so so there we go. You know for you, you know you’re. Asking help me product, i’ll, tell you blah blah blah so fill filler words and positive language uh patterns just to make you buy the products.

You know this is very clever, very clever indeed, so there you have it all my bonuses um. Now i will put oh: there is a couple of things there that are um quite expensive. You know um, so i’m, going to offer you some added incentives.

If there is some things within the upsell that you are interested in, if you buy make it interesting, okay, if you buy video dino unlimited with email, dino, okay, i will review your first video for free.

Now, you come back to me. This video is evidence for you, so make sure make sure that you & # 39. Ve got this here to prove it, but if you buy email, dyno, unlimited the first time that you bring out a product, i will review.

My list is getting bigger and bigger. Every single day, the harder i’m working to build my audience, the more you will benefit from this. But if you buy video dyno, unlimited with email dyno at 67 dollars, um, obviously front end.

You’re, getting all my crazy bonuses. Already forty seven dollars the product in itself is a bargain at that. If you’re going to use it if it’s, something of value to you and if you don & # 39, t see the value in that the product at all.

Well, the price, the bonuses that you’re going to get access is insane um. As i say, we’ve, probably told them. The the 86 is worth 7 237 or something we counted that at um. But if you get all the other stuff there’s, probably another thousand two thousand dollars worth of products.

Now they’re only good if you use them as well. But if you get the video dyno unlimited, which i believe you really should, because the email swipes alone are worth upgrading just for that alone and that’s, a huge benefit, okay, but if you buy a video dyno done for you, okay.

So if you get access, so you’re, going to get them pretty much a business in the box. They’re, going to give you products to sell, sell where you & # 39. Ve got 100 commission and they’ve done all the sales copy for you, um 197 is, i will do you.

I will design you your own logo and your own intro video and a lower. Third, i’ll. Do three look? Do those three things for you me personally, i will design them and if you don’t believe me, i am branded some of the biggest names in the business these days on their latest projects, so um video, video, animation, graphic design.

That’s, something that i’m, really passionate about and a lot of people are coming for. Coming to me towards that and you’ll, see more and more review review, videos that have come out. I’ll, start to look a bit more like mine, a little bit polish with lower thumbs and intros and outros, and a lot of that’s because of me and that’s great, because i think i’m raising the bar, and i want to raise the bar for you as well.

So if you buy that, i will do you a logo, an intro, video and a lower third for your for your own review videos or your own business. Because if you’re doing any of these video scripts, these are definitely going to be huge benefits to you, um, obviously, on the done-for-you stuff, that’s already done um, but for your own stuff that you’re going To use with the original the front end and the unlimited um, these will be huge assets to you.

Okay, if you decide to go for the video dyno business, not only will, if you again now, this is, if you do that, i will do a testimonial video for you, because if you’re starting to look at businesses, i will then do a Testimonial business uh video for you, but on the proviso that you do something for me promoting this, because i’m, not going to lie for anybody.

I’m, not going to make up a fake testimonial and just to can i, for you buy a product from me. I i work from a place of ethics and honesty. 100. So if you buy video dyno business and you are actually offering a service or a product um, you offer you do that service for me for free and if that service works for me and i’m sure, it will, because i don’t think you’re, going to be a person.

I hope if you’re watching my videos, you’re learning that we are on my business and you’re, going to be an ethical person and you’re, going to give people value. If you do that, i will promise that i will do a testimonial video for you and i will share it on my own youtube channel, which is going to be huge value for 59 okay voice reel okay voice reel.

I’m, a professional voice over artist as well. Okay, i do voiceovers all the time. If you decide to buy voice reel, i will do a professional voiceover for one of your business products or services, because the voice reel is going to be great, but it’s not going to sound as perfect as a real voice.

So if you need somebody can actually do some promotion for voice reel or or any of the any of the services. I will do a voiceover for you if you upgrade to that and if you buy play the last thing in the list, if you buy player neos pro at 49, i will do you a neutral video italian way.

Also, your logo, your intro, your lower third and you will have an outro as well. Okay, now again, if you’re, not buying the full list of things um. Obviously, the video intro, the logo, design and the lower third is only coming with the video dyno done for your package.

I’m, not making anywhere near as much as i would charge for for those services. So if you like those um, but if the other ones can be transferred, if you only buy unlimited, if you buy unlimited, as i say, i will think if you want me to change that for something else, and we can, we can work something out guys.

The reason i’m off on these kind of bonuses is, i have got something in my arsenal that none of the gurus have got and that’s spaced space. In my day, i have got time between me doing my lunch and my little review videos.

I have got time to work on other people’s projects and i’ll work on yours for you. If you buy the bonuses you buy these, and i will give you these custom bonuses. None of the gurus can give you these custom bonuses.

They would have to go and pay somebody to do that because they don’t have time. I will personally do this for you, so thank you so much for watching the video. I do believe this for 47 dollars is exceptional value.

Even on the front end, if you decide you were going to get anyone, i would definitely go for the unlimited to get the email swipes. If you like, the sounds of my additional bonuses and other products in the in the list, check them out and obviously bear in mind that all the bonuses that i’m offering here, are completely custom and nobody else can offer you them.

So thanks for watching please like and subscribe to the channel. Oh you’re, also going to get access to my warrior nation uh within the group as well, where you can actually come in here and that’s. My private members group.

I share all sorts with people in there also um down below the video there’s, going to be a couple of links uh to groove funnels, which is now it’s still free and it’s now launched. So the free pack package might not be here for much longer, so jump on it with my link and again, if you decide to upgrade the bonus i’ve got for that is uh worth a fortune.

Um it’s. Access to my own mastermind circle, where it’s 97 per month for the educational content and everything, and then this is like courses upon courses of high-end quality, trainings, um and obviously it’s.

A proper members area. We do zoom calls. We do networking events etc, is literally a virtual, a networking platform, an educational platform all online for you to access and share your pro. Your offers with other members as well.

So thanks for watching have an amazing day and i’ll talk to you soon. Take care bye,

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