CB PassiveIncomeReview

CB Passive Income REview

CB PassiveIncomeReview

Hey, my name is Jones. Welcome to my CB passive income review. I’ll. Show you the D members area, I’ll show you the upsell or how much it will cost. On top of that, I ‘ Ve got a really cool bonus for you.

Let me just quickly go through now before we go back to the member’s area and the bonus is basically me teaching you how to rank videos on Google and YouTube, and this is something that I’ve – been doing full-time myself for the last two years and there’s, actually a module inside CB, passive income as well, which is about YouTube, except that my module is a lot easier and honestly a lot better as well – and this is something that I’m doing.

I’m working roughly two to four hours per week and it makes me $ 1500 or more every single month and it’s. Just a super easy method to get started with. This is yours. If you purchase CB passive income from the link in the description below this video, and if you want you to know in order to get the actual bonus, just send me an email, so that would be Jonas underscore Lindgren at Hotmail.

com and that’s. All you have to do just comment on the YouTube video and I’ll explain further how to get the extra bonus, but that’s. That’s. Really all you have to do so. Cb, passive income SS take a super quick look at his sales pages wall, and it says this here’s, your opportunity to clone my entire proven internet business system.

Today, you’ll have to read the rest of the sales page yourself because it might change by the time you’re watching this video. But again, if you click the link in the description below you should come to a page.

That looks something like this or if I decide to make me put up a bonus page where you can see all of my bonuses. I haven’t decided yet, but most likely to come to this page and that’s. What you’re, going to see, so what is CB passive income all about, and this is something that I think you should get now.

It depends. If you’re just getting started online, you haven’t made your first. All yet, and you don’t, really know where to get started like do you want to do Facebook ads, Bing, ads or just free traffic with you or SEO? This is probably a pretty good system for you, but let me show you what I like and what I don’t like and just in short what this is.

Patrick Chan is going to give you a couple. Pre-Made pages squeeze pages: sorry that’s, going to look something like this and your affiliate link is going to be on this page. Basically, what happens there? Are you’re, going to send people to this page or a page? That looks something like this.

I’ll. Show you some of the exams a bit and what happens after that. If you send them in there, going to see something like okay, the free discovery, three powerful strategies I’ve been using to become a super affiliate secretly and people be like okay.

Well, this sounds pretty cool. If you scroll down you’ll see that this is a three-part, video and overall, I think it looks pretty professional. So if someone were to go here that’s, a click here for instant access, they would then enter their email.

Address. Click get instant access now and what happens then is these guys are going to get this person on their list and then they’re going to market their products and other products too, with your affiliate link, so basically they might promote the same products.

You’d be passive income or other products on Clickbank. There are currently selling really well and converting both for them, and you will get the Commission, so you don’t actually have to do any emailing or anything yourself.

CB PassiveIncomeReview

However, that’s also kind of I’m, seeing as a problem, because the first UPS actually left the offices later on confused. Let me keep explaining what this is, so the training module, first of all, it’s, going to be paid traffic, free traffic, and promotion.

I’m sorry and traffic training for version 4.0. This is CB passive income 4.0, which was released not too long ago, and I’m, actually not sure if this is just like another paid course, because he goes to a webinar page and if it does, I don’t know it’s up to you, it’s.

If it’s about Bing ads – and I know the Bing ads can be super powerful. But if you don’t want na spend any more money for now. Yeah anyway, paid traffics. Let’s, see what they have as paid traffic in the first one is going to be solo ads.

A solo ad, in short, is when you pain someone that already has an email list to send out an email. Would you really get it so, for example, you can go to someone and say hello. I’d like to buy 200 clicks.

So what 200 clicks mean is 200 people clicking their email and going to your page. So if you send 200 people to this page, for example, you can assume I’m guessing roughly thirty to forty-five percent of those people would opt-in.

So it to other people we got, I’d, say something like just blow 100 people like 70 or 110 people. It varies a lot, but the bullet is safer. For sake of simplicity, let’s. Just say 50 % of the people up there.

That means that 50, as are a hundred people, will now be onto their list and they can mark it for you and promote new promotions for you, and that means you can make much your only job really is to get traffic to your squeeze pages and they’ll do the rest of the job, which is pretty cool, and I’ll address what I said earlier, as well, with the absolute being a little bit like yeah.

I don’t really like that, but that’s, so lads and there’s, also going to be some Bing ads training, as instead, previously Bing ads, is something that I’ve made decent money with myself. I know for a fact that it works really well.

I had done it a little bit to make money online niche, but actually not a ton. I was in way other niches myself, but there’s. Some pretty detailed training here, which is cool. You’re, actually going to get a big bonus from me as well.

That’s, going to cover it. Some things that weren’t quite covered in this course. I’m going to cover it in the bonus course there’s, not actually. My bonus course on Bing, but it’s. A big bonus course now, as well, see advanced Bing ads and then why SEO for Bing matters your master guide to SEO for Bayon just a couple cool things.

Then there’s, a conclusion as well, but some pretty decent training in here and that’s the paid bit. So if we go back to the training we’ll see, we got free traffic as well. There’s, actually quite a lot of free traffic places here.

So if we start off, we’ll see, then you can use Pinterest traffic and I’m, going to be completely honest with you. I’ve. Never used Pinterest myself as a traffic source. I do have a couple of friends, though they’re chilling Airport Pinterest are getting a ton of traffic every day and it seems to work really well so watch this video see what it & #.

39, s about and again it’s completely free, so worst case scenario you spend an hour and you don’t, make a return, but you didn’t, lose any money which is pretty cool. After now, we got Twitter trapped, icky Twitter, it’s, actually something that I’m gonna use for traffic myself, where you sit for some kind of backlinks to rank higher in the search engines.

But I’ve. Never actually used Twitter to get traffic, but I’m. It kind of makes sense that if you have a lot of, if you have a big following for example, then yeah it makes sense to people who trick you link suppose that, but I’ve, no use myself forum traffic is something I have used And it can work really well, but this is very important, as you can see here, make sure not to spam the forum.

So do this in a nice way and says you can only include your unique link in this signature slot. So just have a compelling headline. I’m, sorry well about your signature and how people click it. Then, in this post, don’t spam them just go to a forum, has posted, are just people with your signature, contribute a little bit or just ask questions or something and people will see your link and you can absolutely get some traffic that way.

Guest blogging traffic can be super powerful as well infographics traffic ‘ S is something that I this actually is something that I first heard of a little while ago, and apparently a lot of people love this kind of infographics.

If you make something like that and put it on Pinterest, for example, you might get a lot more traffic than you think, which is pretty cool after that we’re going to get. This is my favorite part of free youtube traffic training.

Now, as I said, that’s, what you’re going to get here, you then to get a lot of cool things related to YouTube me about my own bonus will enhance. The lazy method is something I’ve been doing for over two years, and you’re, going to get that for free when you purchase CB passive income through my link.

So I’ll teach you everything that I’m, doing to rank it, video both free and there’s, a paid method as well, which would cost you, somewhere from five to twenty dollars, to rank. One video is pretty cool, so I’ve got a case study in this course, where I show you how I made over a thousand dollars from a video to Iraq for fifteen dollars.

So this can be super powerful, and that bonus is yours. You can’t love it. You may just want to watch. I haven’t watched all the videos in here and, if, for me, YouTube traffic training, but I just watched my own honest and it’s more than enough for you to start ranking, so that’s, pretty much it.

When it comes to the training and again, this system is very easy. The only thing you need to do again is you need to send traffic to your page, but let me show you down actually typically your unique link.

We can see that there’s. Quite a lot of different ways you can choose is, I think I’d, pick yeah. This was the one I can see from the name, so it’s going to look like that, and if we go back to let’s, take the CPA cash machine.

Let’s. Take a look at that. One looks like and but yeah basically, you’ll, get like five or ten different squeeze pages that you can choose to send traffic to so this one looks like this. I’m, pretty sure this will convert well as well.

This looks professional, I like it well, I think this sounds cool, so I mean again. The only thing you need to do is send traffic here and you’re, going to learn how inside of the course, and they will do the rest of the job for you, which is pretty cool.

So I think that pretty much concludes the front. End course, and now I want to talk about the upsells, and this is something that I’m – not really a fan of basically having your own list is super powerful, and when you’re getting the front end and you’re just sending traffic to the pages like this.

If you don’t get the upsell only the guys behind CB, passive Patrick Chan and his team will get access to the leads where you actually will get access to it, but you can’t import it on to, for example, Aweber Or another autoresponder, so you can manually import them, which is fine.

When you gain like five to ten leads per day. It’s, not gonna be a problem. But if you decide to scale this up and you get fifty to a hundred leads per day – you’re, going to want it to automatically come to your Aweber, which is basically what the upsell is.

While I don’t like the fact that they didn’t just allow you to get the leads right from the start and that they actually need you need to actually buy the upsells North Platte to work. I still actually think you should get the upsell because let me show you here so this is what happens if you just get the front end.

You don’t, get your own list, they get added into the CB passive income system, our email system, and you can then, as I said, you can manually import them onto yours. It can speak to your autoresponder if you are, but if you get the pro version, you can build your own list as well, so not only will they get the leads and they can promote for you, but you can also build your own list and promote completely Different offers that what they’re promoting and that way you can double your profits as it says here, and that’s actually really true, because if you personally build the relationship with your list and you send them some value and you Just you just a cool guy or gal, and they like you that, knowing that they know like and trust you, you’re, going to get a lot more sales.

I mean I would personally get this the upsell it’s, I think, is $ 97. Yes, it’s, not free, unfortunately, which I would kind of, I kind of think it should be, but at the same time, it’s, no monthly fee.

It’s, a one-time $ 97, and the problem or the thing is, you can actually get this later on. So if you just want to get started with the CB passive income for now – and you just want to see what it is, you can do that and you can get the upsell later on.

However, if you get the upsell later on, and let’s, say you send like two thousand leads to CB passive for them to email. You won’t, be able to import those leads into your autoresponder later on. So I would probably get it right away there so that you’re ready and you get deletes yourself, but again it’s completely up to you but yeah.

So, as I said, I like this upsell in a way because it’s, really cool that you can get your own lease, but I actually think this probably maybe not free, but it should be a little bit cheaper. I know, but I still think this would be way worth if you, because you’re, going to regret it.

If six months from now you’ve sent them like 10,000 or 20,000 leaves, and then you’ll realize that damn with this 10 or 20,000 leads, I could have made a lot more money. So, in my opinion, get this.

But again, if you want, you can get this first, you can take a look at the training area, and then once you realize that okay, this is pretty cool, get it afterward. That’s completely fine, okay, so um! Okay.

I need to show this, but this is basically a tutorial on how to get your link and things like that, but you can get that as well, so it’s going to be very straightforward: how to actually do it, but as we can see here, after you click your you, you see a page click click here to get your link and then so sending traffic.

Basically, that’s. All you need to do, but yeah that’s, that’s it for the remaining upsells. We can see, and first of all, I actually don’t know what they are. We can see a CB passive income license program’4.

0. It’s, either 47 dollars a month or a $ 97 one-time fee. There’s, also a $ 1 trial and then 97 one-time after 14 days, embossed pro version. This is one where you can set up your own autoresponder after that is the fast cash series membership 47 dollars per month or the fast cash series lifetime membership of 97 dollars.

One time there’s also a trial to one dollar and they have 47 dollars. After 14 minutes and those are the upsells – and that is pretty much my review – I already know what else to say, but my bonus as I said you can get corporate bonuses, and yeah.

Sorry I had to change room for a bit, but that’s, pretty much it so get CB passive income through the link in the description below you’ll get my bonuses where I ‘ Ll. Show you how to rank videos and a lot more bonuses as well, and that is it.

So if you have any questions, just let me know you can drop a comment here on youtube or you can send me an email if you want to get a quick answer as well, so that’s, Jonas underscores linger and at Hotmail.

com and That is two underscores and that’s it. So I hope you like this CB passive income review have a great day. I will talk to you soon. Yeah

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