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What is going on guys, nate fanger here with the super affiliate, show if you’re watching this on youtube. This is a live stream that i’m. Doing for a launch that’s going on today called frugal. Frugal is basically a cloud-based application that lets you create really fast coupon sites.

Okay, if you click beneath this video, you’ll see. My review page looks like this right here. If you click on these yellow buttons, it’ll. Take you to the sales page which looks like this and as it says here on the sales page, new cloud-based software builds beginner friendly 100 done for you automated coupon and deal sites in 90 seconds, and i’ve done this.

I’ve tried it out it’s actually really fast. I was like looking around like did. I miss something um unless i’m missing, something it’s, pretty straightforward, so uh, but click on this video click on the link in the description of this video below and you’ll, see this review page and uh In the review page, i go over some details on what this is.

There’s, a short demo of frugal from the guy that created it and then also what the cost is and what’s included in your purchase of frugal. I have the entire funnel right here, as you can see, every upgrade everything is here and then also, of course, my bonuses, if you choose to get frugal through my link, click on win any one of these yellow buttons and you’re locked in At least while this clock is still ticking, you know if this clock is zero, the page will redirect and you’re, not gonna be able to access my bonuses, you won’t, be locked in for that and so really really Important for you to uh get this before.

It hits zero. That’s, the point: okay, so um frugal again, uh cloud-based software looks like this right here. I’m, going to actually go to the dashboard. I’ve, already gone ahead and done a site, but i’m, going to walk you through what it looks like to do a site.

So the site that i’ve created is uh, just a tech review site and some other things, and you can just simply click on it right here to see what your site would look like and pretty straightforward it’s already done It literally is built and it’s, pulling in all these coupon codes from different uh different sites and stuff that you can be an affiliate for and then make commissions on those purchases.

If someone uh gets the coupon code and if they go and make any purchases on those sites, you’re, going to get credited with those those purchases as an affiliate. So here’s, how this works! We’re, going to go back to the application here.

I’m, going to click on, add a site. Oh i’ve already done. I have to upgrade to get unlimited sites, so they give you one site on the front end. Let me come in here and just edit this and you can see what this looks like.

Basically, you you would see this same screen. You give the site a name. I said tech talk like tick tock get it tech talk whatever um one of the annoying things that i did not like that, maybe they will change is that all of these boxes were checked and i didn’t want to have all these boxes Checked but you have to pick at least three of those niches, so i kind of wanted to have a niche, because if all these boxes are checked, then obviously your your site is way too broad um.

Now you could say that you could make the argument that well it’s, a deal and coupon site in every niche, so you could basically build that as a brand. But anyway let’s. Just say you picked um family uh, you just pick at least three of these niches.

So let’s. Just do family books and media and then uh. I don’t know what’s, something that goes with those things. Family, recreation and leisure, so save and back you click on that and then um. Basically it’s created here and that’s.

It literally that’s. It um – and you can see here that the contents changed so that’s, really cool. You also get a blog here and it’s. It’s, pulling in um some content from somewhere. I really quite frankly, i don’t know how that’s working it’s.

They’re, probably pulling that from some sort of article spinning thing that’s, pulling in some curated content, but you get that content there. The stores here, the stores tab, is basically the different stores where you are an affiliate for and then i’ll show you in the members area here also basically under affiliate settings on the left side, you’ll, put in an amazon Affiliate amazon associate id commission junction, you can see everything here share a sale, um instant approvals is basically a whole other list of different platforms that offer these deals and things, and you can basically join their affiliate program here where you can join their network.

These are affiliate programs with instant approvals that’s. What that is uh my account. Basically, your your account settings, your name, your email, your password. All of that logging out – and this is the login screen – looks like right here.

So it’s, pretty straightforward, pretty basic and um pretty cool. So, however, unless i’m missing something there really isn’t much help with regard to traffic, i mean you’re gonna have to get people to see the site right it’s.

One thing to have a site: it’s, one thing to have a website, but there’s, not really like anyone going to see your site unless you are ranking on search engines or you’re running traffic to it. From paid advertising that’s, really the only way business works online.

You got to have traffic right. This is a great looking website. It’s done for you. It took me literally, not even a minute or two to get set up. I just click a few buttons so anyway, so anyway, that’s, um that’s.

What you need, though, you need to have traffic, and so that’s. What i’m uh, letting you have in my bonuses here, i’ve – got a lot of traffic training. Okay, i’m, giving you this bonus here. Quora quora is a very, very, very humongous website.

As you probably know, you can siphon some of their 500 million monthly website visits with this hack right here. Um you could. You could basically be using this method to get website traffic to your website that you create inside of frugal okay.

So these bonuses here are gonna disappear. Again click beneath this video – and you will see my review page of frugal and you can come in and check out my bonuses. Okay, exclusive bonus, number two is about list building.

Now they do have inside of um. Oto number one i believe, yeah uh, the upgrade for 37 bucks. You can um get an autoresponder built in and automated emails that’s, basically coming through your website.

It’s built into it, so you’re, not having to use your own like aweber or whatever else. However, i really believe that you need to have more control over that and so um in this bonus, i’m. Giving you a good training, a really solid training on the difference between regular affiliates and super affiliates, and it’s, not just having an email list that’s.

What people will tell you that the money is in the list, but it’s more complex than that um people will tell you things like that and you’ll. You’ll. Think, okay, i just need to go and buy an email list, for example, or i need to just build a humongous email list, and just you know whatever you need to understand how this works so that’s.

What this bonus is about. Okay, uh bonus, number three shocking, funnel truth. Bonus number four expired domains. Uh goldmine, you can find really amazing expired domains, uh that are actually um already aged and they have tons of backlinks to them and you can use them to rank traffic over to your frugal sites.

Exclusive bonus number five: this is done for you domain name, research. The reason i’m, giving you these bonuses is simply because, yes, you’re, going to get this site right here, but, as you can tell, it is a subdomain of dealjab.

com. Now i’m. Assuming is his domain. The software developers domain, so i don’t, know a lot about that. When i i tried to go and look for what that was – and i just got a 404 page right here um.

So i don’t know what that is, but uh point is, is you can get great domains that are aged uh, build up a little content blog or something like that? Hire some people at fiverr and and drive traffic to these deal sites that you create uh for more affiliate commissions.

Okay, so you’ll, learn how to do that, but um. These uh bonuses here are about finding those domains. Okay, so some great domains bonus number six. If you choose to do that method, you would want to get some people that you could trust to do some of the work for you.

If you’re, hiring content, writers or running paid ads, or anything like that, that’s exclusive bonus number six. I’m, giving you my rolodex of contractors service providers. This is the little black book that helps you solve the e-myth.

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the e-myth, but the e-myth is basically this idea that ex that entrepreneurs can just go and start businesses, because they have some knowledge around some topic. What they fail to tell you in in school is that entrepreneurship is about leadership and about leading teams of people, and this bonus is about that.

It’s, really about being able to leverage other people’s time in order to get more work done, because you simply cannot do it all. You are not superman. I don’t care. What you’ve, been told you can’t.

Do it all, and so this is a really really valuable bonus on uh, just a list of people that i use and how you’ll uh, how you & # 39! Ll get more done with these guys. Okay, guys, these exclusive bonuses will disappear at the end of this launch.

So get him now lock in your bonuses, with those yellow buttons come to the sales page, looks like this and go ahead and make your purchase today. The purchase of the front end is only 17 bucks right now at launch.

It will be going up to 30 bucks uh again, you can see all of the funnel details, all the upgrades. All these things are on my review page, underneath this video all right. I’m, not stopping there, though i have other bonuses for you.

You can get these other ones on blogging. Blogging is going to be helpful for you if you want to get organic traffic, so all these bonuses are right there below as well. You can see those guys you can try out frugal risk free and if you’re, not happy get a refund.

I’m, not going to hound you for my bonuses, but um yeah. You’re, going to be able to get a lot of value out of my bonuses. They’re, my gift to you when you try out frugal frugal, is available at warrior, plus pretty sure, not jvzoo.

I just suddenly got a little bit nervous about that. Yes, warrior, plus and uh, you can find those bonuses underneath your purchase area if you’re, not sure what that looks like it looks something like this right here.

I’m going to log into my warrior, plus account and show you so that you know exactly where to get your bonuses and um. By the way when i, when i uh, tell people about my bonuses um, i’m. I’m entering you into my world.

You know this is the super affiliate show universe right inside of here this little blue button underneath the access, your purchase area. When you click on that, you will see how to get my bonuses. I do make you jump through a few more hoops and some people get annoyed at me for that.

But here’s, the thing i there’s, so much fraud and there’s, so many people that just want to just take advantage of you and i’m, giving you such value here that i’m not gonna just um anyway, i’m, not gonna talk too much right now, i feel, like i’m, saying too much.

I will give you your bonuses. Do do not worry. They are right here behind this blue button. You’re gonna enter into the universe of the super affiliate show um anyway, warrior plus right there lock in those bonuses before that clock hits zero guys.

Thank you for checking out this review of frugal. I hope you have a wonderful day and we’ll, see you next time here on the super affiliate show adios

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