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Name Hero Reseller Hosting

Hi everyone and welcome to named hero dot-com in today’s. Video tutorial I want to talk about our reseller hosting here named hero and how you can make money with it. So this is a common question that we get and we try to address it almost every year.

You know, can you make money? Can you still make money resell their hosting? So let’s. Talk really quick about the history of reseller, hosting back in the late 90s / early 2000s and kind of mid 2000s reseller hosting it blew up because back in the late 90s and early 2000s.

You know the dot-com boom began happening, meaning that companies that had never heard of a website or a domain, they started hearing about coms and it became all the jazz that you know you have to have a dot-com.

I remember my dad owns a local storage facility at the time also had a local hardware, /, lumber business and he went went to one of the trade shows. I think this is about 98 and they told him that domain names are the future and you need to register as many of them as you can now and of course he.

You know he listened to the details of the conference and he did, and so he registers company name and a bunch of other different domains, and you know 10 years later he still had a lot of those names which would have been registered.

Otherwise, so it this blew up now. During this time, companies began to release what’s called reseller hosting, and you know we saw this in the early 2000s, actually, the mid-2000s 2002 to 2005 Hostgator.

They really blew up accommodating to resellers because they offered a cheap reseller package with the WHMCS license, I think back. Then there was maybe another piece of software cuffing else. Besides WHMCS then WHMCS came about later on, but companies such as this, they started to release these packages, to where you could, basically you you buy space and bulk than you resell it to other customers.

So, for example, if you’re a reseller back in the mid-2000s, you might go to Hostgator, buy a reseller package and then you resell it to your sub clients, and so it’s a another way to for you to offer this And make money from it? Well here at name here: oh we got started up in late 2014 early fifteen and we’ve grown quite the large reseller hosting business since then, and the reason being is our reseller products when we came out with them.

Rather than just offering like the single reseller package, which is just space and bandwidth pretty much, instead, we combined a lot of new features that we didn’t see within the industry, the first being reselling our high-speed cloud cloud hosting that’S all the Jazz nowadays, but really, if you look behind the technical aspects of it, you know the websites not using cloud hosting nowadays.

You know they’re, pretty much falling behind the times because they’re still using. You know traditional dedicated servers with many moving parts, and you know a lot of room for stuff to fail and downtime.

So a name Hiro when we released our reseller packages is based on our cloud with this high redundancy fast performance, secure as well as scalable, meaning that you know is your business reseller hosting business grows.

You can easily scale to the the next package or you could also scale to a VPS and as well as your customers, you know a lot of customers, they smae sign up with you and, and their website might blow up – and we see this all the time In our support, desk resellers will be working with a customer and then something goes viral on Facebook or some of the customers will have.

You know special events during the holiday shopping season. We’re that specific customer, not everyone needs to upgrade and, of course, we can easily move them over to VPS and scale them up quickly, and so that’s.

How name hero we started to set our site, our selves, different from the rest of the reseller hosting industry? In addition to this, we wanted to offer all the all the bells and whistles with our reseller hosting packages, and let me explain that so within the web hosting industry, you know it’s.

A common thing to have upsells and cross-sells mean that if website needs a secure certificate, you might upsell them one. When let’s, encrypt came out, which is a free, Mississauga thority we integrated directly with them.

So not only do we provide the resourcing packages on our high-speed cloud, we also had the free SSL certificates, so a lot of resellers came out to with men because they wanted to save money because obviously their customers needed SSL certificates.

They didn’t want to pay for it. It was just an added expense, so they wanted to come over to us for that. We also only use solid-state drives, which are different than traditional hard drives, because a traditional, hard drive has a lot of moving pieces, and you know as Chancellor.

His luck has it here. I’ve got one here on my desk. This is like your traditional SATA, hard drive. You know it’s, big, it ‘ S got a lot of moving parts inside of it and it’s slower. So these inside a web server.

When you put website files on them and you go to the website, they don’t respond as quickly as a solid state drive, and these are also known to fail because there’s, a lot of pieces in here. You know if I take apart these six screws and got in here there’s, a lot of pieces, whereas a solid-state drive.

It looks like this here. This is a solid-state drive. It’s, much smaller! You can see it does. It does have the six screws still, but if I open it up there’s, not a bunch of moving pieces inside of it and it’s.

A lot faster, a lot faster reads and writes on it. So when a customer uploads their files and they go to their website, it responds faster. So we have the high speed cloud, our infrastructure, it’s, built to scale the free SSL, the free SSD, and we also start adding in features like the WHMCS license with our corporate package.

This is billing, an automation, software, and this allows your everyday everyday Joe, every day, Nikki every day, whatever become a reseller a web host, because you don’t have to be technical to install and setup WHMCS.

We have tons of tutorials on our blog and YouTube channel to show you how to set up and install this within an hour and really anyone out there can set up and install WHMCS configure it really quickly, and I will say really quickly but fairly quickly.

In terms of what it used to be, and by the end of the tutorial, they can have a website that your customers and go to sign up and have web hosting it’s not as complicated or as Tentacles it used to be.

We also have free domain reseller accounts. If your customers want to register the domain or transfer your domain as they would have GoDaddy, as well as adding cloud flares, railgun cloud, flares, content, content, delivery network, all free and included.

Now these are extra perks. You can give your customers and you can use as well, which all this combined into our reseller hosting packages, got them to be quite popular here over the last four years, and you know we show no signs of slowing down, but the question still exists every single Year we get this, you know, can you still make money with reseller hosting? So I’ve typed up a pretty decent sized blog here and I actually cut it shorter than I wanted it, because I don’t to make it too long, and I’m gonna follow it up with some Additional posts, because there’s, a couple points that I didn’t hit, but in this video I just want to talk a little bit more about you know: can you still make money off reseller hosting in 2019 and where, as a Whole as the industry heading, so let’s kind of jump down here now, if you want to follow along as you watch this video, you can go to name hero, com, slash, startup, and if it’s, not one of the top Posts, you can just search this string here, you can put in this box here and it will come up.

So can you still make money on 3 Saros in 2019? Put it in here or just search. Google, for you know, make money resourcing 2019 named euro, and this post should come up. So if you want to follow along, you can do that.

It ‘ Ll, also link this blog post inside the video. So if you go to this link, you can see a post that I wrote in 2018 and put why 2018 is the best year to start a web hosting business, and you’re, not kind of outlined in my early years, and back when I Got back in to the hosting industry and 2014, when you know we started named hero and where we were in 2018 about where we’re heading it as the industry as a whole.

So again – and I try to update this every single year – and you know where the whole industry’s heading, so you can better tailor your reseller hosting business. In addition to this three years ago, almost this day, I wrote a post on where I see the web hosting industry in five years.

So you can see this is April 16th, 2017, and this post here is April. 19Th. 2019. So this is, you know about seven. Eight nine is this a two years old? Sorry, not three. I need to edit that but anyways.

This is where I said the industry was heading and I was actually asked on Quora. It was someone asked you know. Where do you see the hosting us for next? Five years is there any future for traditional hosting it’s, that kind of went through one.

You know where it’s heading, and you know what I see in my thoughts and you know. Some people in the industry gave me a little backlash from this post because they didn’t necessarily agree where I said I thought it was heading, so why not follow it up two years later, not three again.

I wanted that typo. So we are about 50 ish percents, not 60 percent through there being two years later, so we’re, not, I guess quite 50 %, but pretty close to the 2.5 ish out of the five years that we talked about.

So let’s, go down here and talk about it. First, I want to talk about the Google Trends data, so I’ve, always used Google Trends and let’s see here. Let me pull it back here. It’s this window, so just you got a trends.

Google calm and it brings up this and I ‘ Ve used this in all my businesses, when I’m, doing planning for a marketing campaigns so prior to name hero. I got involved in online marketing for other companies, so we were a marketing agency and other companies would come to us and we’d help market their products.

So we always use Google Trends to kind of see what people were typing into Google and what the search history look like and you can see you know. Google always highlights what’s, the some popular searches, Taylor, Swift, Kim Kardashian, the World Cup football.

American football, you know they try to they put some of the top stuff out there, so I start off my post by looking at web hosting, so let’s type in web host. You know this is trans from Google on who are typing the term web hosting into Google.

Now this is the United States for the past twelve months. You know nothing too crazy, nothing, really up or down. You know there’s, some spikes and dips, but really you know it’s kind of staying pretty consistent, but let’s change this to worldwide because we are the world wide web.

So if we look at it on a worldwide scale over 12 months, you know again it’s pretty flat. Now we go to all data, so let ‘ S go to 2014 to present because Google is a they came about and you know 2003 and they start recording this stuff in January of 28, 2004.

So look at the line that are the trend here of web hosting 2004 after the late 90s initial calm, calm burst in 20 2001 and it really spiked out here and then since then, we’ve, seen this downward trend, and they have a note Said they improvement to our data collection system? I always wonder what that is, but anyways you can see the line went way big.

Then it went almost flat, so it’s. Pretty common. We have a big trend to have a big jump. You know it was all the friggin buzz in. You know two thousand two, three: four: it’s all web posting web hosting web hosting, but over time it’s really decreased.

Now, if we just look at the last, we looked at twelve months last five, let’s, bring that one up. Okay, the Google Trends takes just a little bit time to load here. Okay, over five years, you can see kind of steady kind of steady.

You big jump here in 2016 and you know, ironically, that was a second year of named hero and then we kind of came back down here a little bit. So you know kind of a consistent line, but if I have some ups and downs now, if we go back to my post here, I show this and it’s kind of steady.

You know you can see the trend that spiked spiked upward then downward, and if we go down here to the big post you can see it looks like a dying trend. So as a whole, if we look at this data on a home, it looks like it’s dying five years, doesn’t.

Look that bad! So how do we interpret this data? So I like to go a little bit deeper. You know, and I’m searching for web hosting, if I was doing this for a client that was looking to you know, rank for a term or bid on a term in Google.

We look at the terms, and you know we’d – try to find ones that are, you know, spiking more emerging where there’s, a lot, a lot of competitors. Now you know if you go by pay per click ads for web hosting it’s really expensive, mostly because large companies such as GoDaddy, the EIG companies, have kind of overtaken that keyword.

And if you’re gonna go, buy a click on there. You have to pay a lot for it because they ‘ Ve got billions of dollars. So if we get a little bit more specific, then we talk about WordPress hosting.

Let’s, take a look. What we have there so, instead of web hosting, we’re, going to go to WordPress hosting so WordPress hosting the past five years and once again, google trends, for whatever reason it goes a little slow here.

So it’s kind of the same. You know, kind of within the fifty two hundredth range you know kind of middle align. If we look at it from the past to 2004 to a present, we can see a whole different trend.

You can see up up up up now. We kind of you know we start to hover a little bit here, but you know from 2004 really no one was searching for web or for WordPress hosting they were searching for web hosting.

So this tells me that the searching on google for web hosting became more specific people began to use WordPress on their website and they started looking specifically for a web host. It was optimized for WordPress, so instead of just web hosting, and they want WordPress hosting they become more specific and in their needs.

What they’re. Looking for so let’s go back over here so from most part in five years. It stayed steady and a longer time. You know we see the upward trend, so this brings us to the question: is web hosting dying and just WordPress hosting taking off? Well, I like to address this question so if web hosting is dying, this means that everyone quit making websites and everything’s going back to paper and print that’s ignorant to say, because that’s, of course, not Happening it’s, an ignorant statement, so I put on my post here.

I want you to do a quick exercise and anyone watching this it’s interested in making money with the reseller hosting. I want you to do an exercise now. I say pull out your smartphone, because this is important because me personally, when I’m searching for common terms such as I’ve got here.

I’m, almost Mart phone a lot of times it’s. Sitting in the recliner in the evening or kind of laying in bed or maybe in the car – and I wanted to do some research now, the point being with the smartphone is – it goes with this everywhere here’s, my iPhones right Simon, during this Video, it’s most the time, always in my pocket.

I don’t, really necessarily like that. That’s just the way the times know before I do anything. I bought my phone and research it. My wife and I are going out to dinner tonight with another couple, and I’ve already typed in the restaurants into Google and see what comes up.

What’s? The menu look like what do people say about it? Where is it, you know, I’m trying to find out all this information. Do my own research. So if we type in a couple of these so like I say to search for the phrases and adding your city to the query, so instead of Kansas City put your local city, I’m in Kansas City, so that’s.

So I’m gonna put let’s. Go over to Google paediatricians. Kansas City enter alright, so we have our Google listings. So this came about you know, and sometime in the 2000s Google started putting there.

The places that have registered with them, where they could have their reviews and all that now look the site each one of them they linked out to the website. So when I first type this in, I’ve got my traditional search results, but at the top here I’ve kind of got the feature – Google ones, that you know they verified of Google.

If I go to more places, I see I can see them on a map. So let’s just go back here, but each one of these first three website website website. So each one so pediatric associates. I click it. They’ve got a website.

I go back here. Children’s, Mercy pediatric! I’m, not sure how to pronounce that. So I’m. Not gon. Na try click website. Now they ‘ Ve got one taking a little bit to load, and here we are so I’m, not seeing you know Facebook profile Google+.

They tried that that didn’t work out. I see a website, so I see the name of the name of the business. I see the reviews which people love those the address and phone number the hours in the website as well as directions.

So if I going down here just a little bit more of them, I see Yelp, you know Yelp, they are kind of like a Yellow Pages of the internet. They’ve got an article on the ten best pediatrician. So this is content marketing.

They have their own sponsored results and then they ‘ Ve got the organic results, so kind of leave this pediatric associates. Look. They’re number one here and number one here, so they’ve done their work, but you can see here they ‘

Ve got the reviews. This page is not claimed. If we go down here is it should have the website listed here somewhere? Well, let’s, see it’s unclaimed. I’m, not sure where I clicked to get to their site and I’m sure.

It’s on here those somewhere and if not, then that’s too bad but anyways. My point being is that I can go through these results. Like pediatric Associates boy, they ‘ Ve got their stuff together, sunflower amid Casey peds pediatric here North Doctor tinnie, tinnie pediatrics.

So what I’m saying is all these pediatricians have websites it’s, not just Facebook. It’s, not just Google, plus they’ve got websites. If we go back here to my list, if I type in something different, then you know pedia pediatricians, best, dentists, lawyers.

All of these come up with businesses. If I go into something different and say I want to have a hamburger for dinner, so I type in hamburger, restaurants, Kansas City, so let’s put that in there paste enter and same type of deal.

We have all the local results by Google, which you can see they’ve got rating. I can search by food, the price and the hours I’ve got some restaurants here, account topic rock star, burgers Fritz’s. Now I don’t have a website beside these, but if I click it, I get them up here on a map, but then here’s, the link to a website website, directions and save so it’s.

You know on a mat, so I can see where I am in KC and how far it is. I can also go to their website, so you can see, look they’ve got a website and this is not a chain. It’s, a local burger place, and I’m.

Assuming that’s, gonna be the same for a lot of these click this one here they have a website now I can get it through and I’m sure the other ones do too I go down here. You can see. I got the big Trip Advisor.

They’ve got their the results. They’re content, marketing for squares, doing it now, KC org knows our content marketing. So there’s, a lot of content, marketing or review websites. The town topic restaurant there’s.

Their website, we’ve, got a news website news article. You can see calm. So it looks like you know. A lot of reviews review based content marketing websites, as well as the Google listings, all have websites attached to them.

Let’s. Just go one more here, Kansas City daycare. So again I’m looking for services mainly and in this search, and I’m talking about services, we could do one for products as well, because you know there is your Home Depot’s and lows, but there’s also your local hardware stores for more specific items, but I like to talk about the service industry, because you know we’re, always going to need pediatricians.

We’re, always going to need dentists. We’re. Always gonna lawyers we always have to eat, our plumbing is always gonna be plumbing. Hvac is always there. I am listed Methodist Church, Kansas City, you know religious denominations, they have websites gems.

You know people want to work out and, of course, the daycares people always need daycare. So what I, what my point being is you know local hardware, businesses, retail shops? They come and go especially with the big chains but service based businesses specifically to your local area.

They’re, always around there’s, always tons of them. They make a lot of money. Most of these companies do because there’s, a big demand for it, so expectrum station website, cotton, candy daycare, no website children’s; choice to daycare no website.

If I click these, you can see no website there, but you can see a couple of these do now. You can see here no website see. For me this would be an opportunity because I know being a parent daycares make a lot of money.

So if I was developing websites, I would potentially want to go reach out to these people and say hey: why don’t, you do you have a website or just not listed on Google, and you can see, add missing if you’Re and website, and so see this right here, you could take this print.

This out, go to them and say: hey you’re missing a website. Do you not have one? Do you need one developed and there boom there’s? Your one customer now, if I click one of these, I can go to their website spectrum station and you can see they ‘

Ve got all the information about their day. Care here, philosophy, the location. Look they ‘ Ve got one two. Three. Four locations – man – they’re, probably really making the money their forms, employment opportunities – I’ve – got a blog.

This is all local stuff. Here they’ve got a website. So let’s. Go back here. Go back to our post now, so I think you get my point here and again. I could spend all day doing this, but I asking the exercise how many small business websites have you pulled up? Well, my quick exercise, I mean I’ve, pulled up all kinds of local ones, so Kay again sure you get the Google listings, you get your help and homeadvisor type websites, your content marketing, but the majority of the businesses that we just found they Have web sites attached to them? So now I’m in Kansas City, small flyover, not very small, but kind of a small metropolitan city.

Most people call it a flyover City. It’s, not Chicago it’s, not New York. It’s, not Los Angeles, so think about those cities. Think about all the cities in the United States and think about those services.

You know: doctors, dentists, lawyers, restaurants, plumbers, HVAC, churches, gems and daycares, and that stuff’s, never going away so think about all the cities and multiply it that’s. A lot of websites now, though, think outside of the United States.

Think of other countries again that’s, a lot of websites. You know, regardless of where you live. A lot of these services right here, are needed and are going to be here to stay. They’ve got websites attached to and I would go out to say that those that don’t – probably you know, haven’t been in business very long or maybe they’ve, been in business so long That they’re, not gonna be in business too much longer, because nowadays a website is just standard.

You know I don’t think the name one can deny that you know I address. A phone number is good, but a website is just as much if not more important, especially with this in everyone’s pocket, because when people are going to do their research, you know they’re.

Looking up these, they’re researching these services in real time now, and if you don’t come up. If you have a business and you’re, not coming up that you’re gonna miss out in so much business, I mean gosh.

You could put all the radio and TV and newspaper and magazine ads out there, but if people can’t Google you if they can’t look you up. I mean how much business are you going to get so with that said that’s, a ton of websites, so this doesn’t make sense now: okay, WordPress hosting that’s growing, but these small businesses.

Why are they not typing in web, hosting, obviously, all of those businesses they have to have a web post in some capacity or another? So let’s. Think about it. Let’s. Think about think about this daycare.

Here. Let’s. Go back to this one. These guys have a good website. Okay, so this website here do you think that the business owners of spectrum station – and we already said they’ve – got four locations.

Four five locations? Do you think those business owners set up the website? They know servers and they did all that nope. You can actually look down right here website hosted by we do local com, we do local com boom.

This is a local. This is a local search and reputation management solutions for agencies, so this is a online marketing and web design firms Kansas City and nationwide. So this is a digital marketing agency, and so this is kind of what we’re going to be talking about.

Today and again that’s just coincidence that I saw their link on there and I guess it is important in this video I’m, not endorsing or anything on this video. I’m just speaking here on to get your brain turning on about web hosting.

So, okay, let’s! Talk about this now, so why aren’t they typing in web hosting. Obviously there’s websites everywhere. Nowadays, this is not 2002. When you put or your name, calm the people like what’s, that everyone knows what that is.

They’re, looking for you, they got the internet in their pocket. So what are they searching for? So I said this is a fair question: let’s, look at the trends now of digital marketing. So let’s say if I owned this spectrum station and I wanted web hosting for it.

Why am I not typing web hosting into Google, and I think we just answered our question by looking the link at the bottom right if I owned spectrum station here and obviously five different daycares. So there again, they’re, making money, probably a good bit of money, and they know they ‘

Ve got a really good website here. So how did they get to it if they didn’t do web hosting? If the owner doesn’t know how to put on a web site. Doesn’t want to mess with it. What are they searching for? So let’s, look at did Marketing.

So if I go back to my Google Trends – and I was typing – digital marketing enter look at that this is since 2004. So this is, since Google got started. Look at this look at this graph. I mean gosh that’s, going straight up yeah.

If I look at over the past five years, it’s, probably gonna be more level, but we’ll, see what what it looks like here. So this would be since 2014 here. So look here up up up, so since 2014, digital marketing has exploded.

So let’s. Go back to my post here, let’s, look at social media management and you say in one second: I’m gonna tie it all in here together. I’m just gonna copy and paste this, so it’s. Someone types in social media management enter past five years and Google transfer and slower than daylight.

Sorry about that, and you can see it up here. Let’s. Look at ten years or let’s. Look since Google started because social media really started to boom about 2006 2007. I guess 2008 really, but look at that social media management once again straight up.

So let’s, go back to our posts again, so now, digital marketing, social media management. This is what people are typing into Google. Now it’s, not just these two terms: it’s. Just these are two terms that I’m, throwing out there to kind of set your perspective websites we know are huge.

Now there, everyone’s, got a website. It’s. The web hosting isn’t dying, web hosting is around, but the people that are looking for this type of service. They’re typing in different things and once again, I answer a question with this day care they didn’t type in web hosting this specific organization they didn’t want a web host.

They wanted someone to do it. All for them, they didn’t want develop the site they just wanted. It done, and you know when I clicked this bottom right link. We see they have an agency that’s, doing that for them, so it’s gone here and let’s.

Get to our point here. Business owners are looking for. More website is like a phone number. It’s like an address. Everyone’s, going to have one and if they don’t – and so this is an hour good point, a lot of local and small businesses.

They already have a website because they know now in 2019 they have to have one as we solved. Some of those daycare results there wasn’t a website attached to it. So one there’s, a good opportunity to reach out.

Why don’t? You have one, you know, because there’s, something I can do to do it for you, my company. Does this I’m local. Let’s set up a meeting. You know that’s, one way to get customers. If you’re, going to be a reseller, but another thing is here: business owners they want more again, the owner of this daycare.

They don’t want to go, find a web host and have a make them a website and all that no, they want it all done formula with website design developed and they want their social media likely their social medias handled too.

So, as I put in here websites, those were the thing in the early 2000s that was a new shiny object. That was the new thing, so web hosting trended up, but now having a website is the bare minimum. You know that’s, just like nowadays having a phone number.

You know if you start a business, you go get your young phone connected back in the old days. You know you’d, call AT & amp T or Sprint or whoever it was back in in the 90s, and you can get a telephone line connected.

They come out and wire it in, and you’d, have a phone connected and you had to have that to have your business open. So people could call you and you could call out, but now we all have phones in our hands and we have physical addresses for physical businesses, but we also have websites so that’s.

The bare minimum, if you don’t, have one of those you know you’re, most likely, not gonna succeed and that’s, not me trying to hate. I’m just saying. If I’m looking for a daycare service, I’m checking my phone first, they don’t, have a website.

I’m, probably not gonna use them, because I found I know their legitimate business. I’m, not gonna steal, my kids, you know it’s, just kind of how I think so let’s. Talk about the rise of social media, because this is important.

Google is now not only the is not the sole resource. Google, if you type in, if you type in anything into Google, the search results very, not personal right, I mean you, give you results, but doesn ‘

T give you like there was. It might not give you the results that you’re looking for so let’s. Just talk about social media. Really quick! Almost everyone, I know, has a facebook profile. Doctors loggers small business owners.

You know, friends, colleagues, everyone! You know pretty people I don’t know, have a social media profile a Facebook profile. I’m saying Facebook here, but also remember there’s. Twitter. There’s. Linkedin there’s YouTube.

You know there’s. Other social media outlets out there there’s, a snapchat. You can consider a social media profile. So pretty much. Everyone I know, has some form of social media profile. Now maybe someone doesn’t.

Have Facebook but they have LinkedIn and maybe they don’t have LinkedIn, but they have Facebook, and so I could get what I’m saying here: almost everyone out. There has some form of social media nowadays, and you know if you don’t if they don’t, they’re, probably on their spouses.

You know. So if you know, if I wouldn’t have a social media profile, I’d, probably have a wife, but I have one. Of course I mean she has one, and my kids have one that are old enough about my younger kids but anyways.

A lot of my point being is people to get information now from social media. The majority of a Facebook feed is, you know, pictures of kids vacations foods day-to-day happenings, but it’s. Also one people sharing their experience of stuff, so they’re, sharing their experience with products and services sharing their news.

So recently the Notre Dame Notre Dame Notre Dom Notre Dom Mets. I said Cathedral burned in and I found out about it by looking at Facebook. I simply was waking up one morning and you know I was checking out the happenings of named hero and just you know, kind of chilling.

My my facebook feed, which I would assume a lot of people out there can relate with and I kept seeing all these links. I clicked them and I found out about it. I didn’t even know it. I didn’t even turn on the TV, and you know again.

People will say whatever, but I pretty much check my phone before I turn on the TV but and I don’t get a newspaper. You know that’s, just what I do, that’s, that’s. How I’ve done it for several years now, so I’m, getting information from social media, not just not just seeing pictures, not just seeing people’s experiences.

I’m. Seeing news I’m, seeing content so likewise, if someone shares a piece of content and they’re on my friends list and it’s, something I’m interested in. I’m, more likely to read, interact or engage with it because it’s, a more of an intimate experience.

It’s more personalized, I put in a post. It’s human nature. To like what our friends like and – and I think you know, I’m – not a psychologist, but if you talk to a licensed psychology studied psychology, you know there’s theory and science to back all that stuff up and I’ve studied some of it for the marketing purpose of it, but you know we like to create homophony.

You know the stuff that’s similar around us with our friends. So when our friends, our loved ones, family, that we’re close to they’ll, get they go out and buy something a lot of times. We want to go, buy the same thing if they have a good experience with it, and you know I saw this recently.

You know getting ready to buy a grill and my brother-in-law’s got this kind of grill. He told me his experience. He likes it, don’t worry, bought it and I kind of liked it. I start looking trying to find the best price and you know then a purchase decisions made rather than getting on Google typing in grills gas, grills, propane, propane gas, grills, natural gas grills, and instead of doing that and starting my search just from the bare minimum.

Nowadays. I can you know, look on facebook at my brother-in-law’s dinner. He’s just made on his and he’s posting it on Facebook. I say: well man, those look like good burgers. What kind of grill is that? Oh, it’s, a new one, you know so my point being it’s, a more of an intimate experience, because now, when I go buy the same grill he has because I liked what I saw you know I’Ve got this emotion attached to it and there’s.

One thing in marketing, then this this isn’t a home marketing spill or lesson, but the thing in marketing is humans. Make our part we make our purchasing decisions based off our emotions, so we am. I have somewhat of an emotional feeling because I see that grill I see that it looks good to me and it arouses his certain emotion in my head boom.

I’m gonna go, buy that I’m gonna make that purchasing decision based on no emotion and that’s. A little way of a lot of stuff out there too. On that and for a little bit and see what you think about it, but so Google searches are still beneficial, but social media is out there and Google searches lack that intimacy.

Lack that personal experience, so social media is another area. So again, just because people aren’t typing in web hosting they’re, not that doesn’t mean they’re, not buying web hosting. They’re, also not just going to Google to get it and again.

If I go to Google here and I type in let’s, see let’s go over here. If I type in web hosting it’s, a very you know: generic response, generic term generic response. So I got hostgator EIG GoDaddy. You know this is a AG cutting a billion dollars.

Godaddy billion dollars, we’ve, got an affiliate website and I would say yeah he might on this one. I don’t know if they do or not Squarespace, and then I ‘ Ve got the organic results, PCMag Marketing, Hosting facts that’s.

Marketing based sites Bluehost website comm, so you can see. I’ve got web hosting and hangout. I’m gonna talk about this. Google results here a second so but these are very impersonal results. You know these are just the big companies pretty much if you have enough money to bid on web hosting, which here named hero, we do great, but I’m, not gonna spend.

However much these guys are spinning on clicks. You know if I had AI DS capital. I wanted all day long, but you know they’re. Not I’m, not gonna spend it that they are so it’s. It’s very impersonal. You know it’s to the masses for the search engine results.

You know these companies have lots of money to build backlinks and they’ve, been around for a long time to establish themselves to have these base of of listings. So once again it’s, not a personal experience so but more ads.

If I see this on social media, if I see a web hosting in my feed, if I see my friends like it, if I see my friends are talking about it, I’m more an apt to go towards that company versus just something generic Off of Google going a little bit deeper here, I’m on Facebook and I’m a founder and CEO of a web hosting company, so my newsfeed is primarily full of family and friends.

I probably err. Sorry I don’t. Add work, acquaint acquaintance it’s, my personal profile, so I don’t. Add people to Facebook that I don’t personally know, so my feed is stories of things of people that I personally know and interact with on a you know, pretty regular basis.

However, I’m, a member of a different number of Facebook groups that deal with WordPress development and other business resources, so WordPress developments, one. You know there’s like investing groups that I’ve, been part of there’s.

Some domain groups – I’m part of that talks about like buying and selling domains, and so this is another way I can socially interact on a day to day basis with people in the industry, and these people, you know, will typically ask stuff in The group for suggestions and other people answer with with their so, though I ask questions and people will share their experience to give the suggestion, and I also see what tools they recommend and again.

This doesn’t mean I don’t, go in and post about named hero. Hardly ever, but I’ll. Go look at you know advanced WordPress. As a group member of and some people post – hey, I can’t, get this theme to upload or something’s.

Going on with this PHP query and someone that has experience will post well here’s. The here’s, the solution to it and someone say might say: well, yes, use this company here to buy a certain plugin or buy a theme that fixes the problem you’re having so that’s, its interaction that I’m getting and for me that’s, much more personal than if I just go to Google.

Looking for you know whatever I’m trying to find I have submitted here. If I’m looking for a wordpress developer, if I go to Google and I just type in WordPress developer, you know, I know that that’s, a pretty good search term, so the largest ones will probably be at the top or The company with the most money, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the best quality.

But if I see it on Facebook, if I see someone recommending a developer over and over again in a group, I’m, more likely to contact them versus going to Google. So social media has been a huge game-changer since, since 2008, 2009 and social media really started to catapult forward, where it used to just be Google before Google was Yahoo was and all the other search engines that are now gone.

But now it’s. You know it’s, Google, you have Facebook and MySpace that you know did what it did, but there’s. Linkedin there’s. Twitter. There’s a snapchat, so there’s. All this other stuff now to where I can get my information even being a founder and CEO of a web hosting company, I’m, getting suggestions and recommendations and ideas throughout social media.

Not just Google’s, so those are around two big points to remember about web hosting. So let’s go back now. I know this got off a little bit on topic about making money or three seller hosting. So but now we know, if I were at this point, that website still exists.

A lot of websites still exists. Local websites, and my point talking about local websites is yes, you’re, always gonna have Emmas on com these big companies. Yes, they’re, going to have huge websites, but they’re.

Not looking for web hosting. They’ve got their own team, they’ve got their own servers around data centers, you know dirt. They’re doing their own thing. Amazon’s with their whole hosting division, their whole cloud division.

You know, so you’re. If you’re reciting hosting. Obviously you’re, not go pitch walmart, where you’re gonna look at making your money. Is these local businesses that are popping up that’s? Where you make your money, that’s like our target customer here at named hero as well, so we know always serve resellers.

But we do have many local businesses that come to us and we see a lot of it in forms of developers and marketing agencies that come right to us say hey. You know my clients is this: some of them are resellers and they have a reseller package.

Others just want the affiliate Commission, some don’t even want that they just recommend this. So there’s many ways, but now we’re talking about making money of reseller hosting. Can you still make money with it? Absolutely the time has never been better, and I know I say this every year, but it just keeps growing and we see this @ name hero.

Our growth here named Heroes, one hundred and ten percent. More than was this time last year last year it was one hundred and ten percent from the previous year or an even more than that. You know it’s.

It’s. His continued growth that we’re, seeing here at named hero – and you can still do this as well with reseller hosting, because we wouldn’t, be selling as much reseller hosting. If we were, if it wasn’t working and so that’s, important to notice reseller hosting, is not just something that was really big in the 2000s and early 2000s and went away it’s still going up, but It’s changing and we’ll get to more in the change here shortly.

But I want to talk about this digital marketing agency. I’m, actually working on a huge tutorial, and this is gonna be on our youtube channel and I have it on our blog as well. That shows people how to create a digital marketing agency with WordPress and and WHMCS.

So this is a little bit of a different approach to reseller hosting so again. In the early 2000s, mid-2000s reseller hosting wise entrepreneur wants to sell reseller hosting entrepreneur goes to a hosting company, buys bulk space sets up billing system and then start saying: hey need web hosting come to me.

Well, it doesn’t work like that anymore because, as we saw so many people, aren’t searching just web hosting, they’re searching for digital marketing. They’re searching for social media management so where resellers are really really making it right now is with digital marketing agencies, specifically local digital marketing agencies, Kansas City, I just showed some great a great example.

You know all of those categories. I list all those service categories I listed above. Those are full of companies that are looking for website development services. They want some social media profiles created, they went there website, updated and managed.

Overall they went there. Social media profiles managed over all my dad in his local business. He’s, not a huge social media person. Yeah, he’s got an account, but does he really get active? No, he. Hopefully he finds someone to do that for him.

So if you’re gonna be, if, if you’re wanting to resell web hosting, I recommend using that as another piece to your arsenal, another tool that you’re selling to your customers. So it’s, not just web hosting it’s, not just website development.

You know if you specialize in just website development you make the website and then you’re done, but that person needs updates to their website if they’re using WordPress, which that’s gonna be a whole other Post tutorial that I’m working on, but if they’re using WordPress, which is the most popular content management system, which I would say that a good bit of the sites I just showed – you probably use the WordPress, then it &

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